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Can passion and love for information technology of Hong Kong be to bear fruits? in other words, will mainland China & world recgonize the leadership and superiority of Hongkong as a information technology hub and cradle?: The case of Cyberport, Hongkong.

홍콩의 정보기술에 대한 열정과 애정은 보상받을 수 있을 것인가? 다시말해 중국본토와 세계가 정보통신기술의 허브이자 요람으로서 홍콩의 리더쉽과 우위를 인정할 것인가? : 홍콩 Cyberport 사례.

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Sunshine State Industrial Park, 1956

This industrial area is located south of the Palmetto Expressway and along Northwest 12th Avenue.

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Duisburg and surroundings (no filter!)

Here you will find more details on the Landshaftspark and some current info. Enjoy!

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Culture and Industry in Duisburg

Today the spotlight will be cast on the city of Duisburg, a location in the industrial heart of Germany. Cities like Duisburg, Bochum, Essen and so on have earned themselves a reputation of cultureless and dull dwelling areas for the workers of the numerous factories of the Ruhrgebiet where the only possible pastime apart from work is shopping. 679 more words

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