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Industrial Plumbing Shelves - Easier than you think

Lately, I’ve been seeing industrial style shelves made from plumbing pipes everywhere – DIY television shows, design shows, design magazines, blogs, Pinterest… everywhere.

I’d already decided that my kitchen renovation was going to lean more towards the industrial look – a look not existent anywhere else in the house. 341 more words


What Is Wide Span Shelving?

Wide span shelving is used for medium to heavy loads that are hand-loaded.  It is classified as being between conventional shelving and pallet rack.  Wide span is great for storing a large variety of product types, and is ideal for storing high, wide, or bulky items as well. 362 more words

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The Flexibility of Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is another storage system for hand loaded items.  It is useful in many different applications, mainly because it is so adaptable.  If you need an easily changeable shelving unit or a mobile shelving cart, look no further than to wire shelving. 370 more words

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Versatile, Yet Strong Storage Units: Industrial Steel Shelving

Industrial steel shelving is a versatile and useful system for your facility.  It can be used in many different applications, and store multiple inventory items.  Read on to find out if steel shelving would work for you. 454 more words

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A Guide to Rivet Shelving

Now that I am finished introducing the major pallet rack systems, we can move on to the different shelving systems.  These storage systems are different than rack because they are generally used for smaller and non-palletized items that would be accessed by hand, not with machinery.  554 more words

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All About Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving has become one of the most popular pallet-racking shelving solutions in all contemporary industries where highly organized working space and storage area are of the utmost importance. 380 more words