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Lingering Light of Liberty

The statue of liberty is the one of the most iconic landmark the US has to offer its people. Not only that it became a tourist action but rather a historical reminder of the freedom that the American has so long desired. 798 more words


Georges Friedmann Bibliography

Books by Georges Friedmann 

  • Ville qui n’a pas de fin!… (Paris: Gallimard, 1931).
  • Problèmes du machinisme en U.R.S.S. et dans les pays capitalistes (Paris: Éditions Sociales Internationales, 1934).
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Industrial Society

Marcuse vs. Mid-Century Sociology: Two Approaches to “Industrial Society”

Herbert Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man (1964) was one of the books I almost randomly brought with me to Paris, where I’m researching my dissertation on social theory and “industrial society” in mid-century Europe and America. 1,844 more words

Industrial Society

The Politics of Identity in Industrialized Society


It is fascinating to observe when the most extreme and polarized political movements within a single society have basic attitudes in common, and we see this today in the industrialized world in the opposition of the far right and the far left. 1,516 more words


The Virtue of Industry

In the modern era, we hear the word “industry” and tend to think of large brick buildings, chimneys billowing smoke, workers trudging in through large iron gates to manipulate gears and cogs to produce… something. 1,260 more words