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Towards a Better Understanding of "Progress"

This post relates back to a previous one titled Priveledge, Desperation, and Gratitude In the aforementioned essay, I mention that civilians have a preconceived notion that bringing industrial society and the dominant culture to various tribal communities (especially those that are currently uncontacted) is a sort of heroic deed. 747 more words


Quote for the day - January 9

“Our critique of science, technology and the industrial system is a critique of progress. And in the same way it is a critique of the ideologies of science and progress, not least the workerist ideology, in both reformist and revolutionary guise, which is based on taking over, in the name of the proletariat, the bourgeois industrial system and its technology”. 25 more words


Mechanical Habitat

Long distances.
So very long distances.
Unnecessarily long distances.
Traversing the car park alone takes minutes.
Nobody lives close to the grocery store.
There’s no convenience stores anymore. 161 more words