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Roll the dice?

Pick a card?

Cherry pick?

Pin the tail on the donkey?

Eny-Meeny-Miny-MOE? (pun intended)

Exactly how does the MOE(CC) identify a conflict of interest?  917 more words

I Spy With My Little FOI

FOI A-2017-06823

Since the day I was dragged unwillingly into this rats nest, the rumour mill has been loaded with assumptions that Part D (I audit) of the MOECC’s Compliance Protocol For Wind Turbine Noise is impossible,  can’t be done, na-da, no-can-do and not one has been completed to date. 294 more words

Your Silence Is Your Consent

Whether you are seasoned or just beginning to sort your way through the web of lies and corruption in Ontario’s Green Energy Act, you most likely have had it suggested to you several times, the importance of documenting and reporting to the Ministry of the Environment Climate Change.   293 more words

"This threat was the equivalent of a gun to our heads."

In my relatively short experience with my investigative approach to the not-so-green, Green Energy Act, this open letter stands out in defiance against the suspected  1,511 more words

"Scientific Experimentation"

North Kent 1.

Owned and developed by Samsung & Pattern Energy.
Project home page:  http://northkentwind.com/

Well destruction.  The last update that I have is 14 spoiled wells of non-potable water which affects 16 families. 930 more words

When The Wind Blows In The Wrong Direction

My first post is the release of a document found that clearly shows the Ontario Government is very well aware of the right thing to do; 223 more words