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Industrial Workers of the World (Aberdeen) (c.2007)

The Industrial Workers of the World is an international labour union, that was founded in Chicago in 1905. The union is organised industrially, rather than, by trade. 46 more words


The IWW union supports the Women's Strike!

The Industrial Workers of the World are a radical union with a long history of working class, feminist and anti-racist struggle. We have recently involved in organising Deliveroo and Uber Eats in Bristol and Leeds and carrying out radical casework and direct action to defend our members. 427 more words

Trump's Administration has Once and for All Proven that Capitalism has Destroyed America

Trump entered Washington with a dream; to end democracy and establish an extreme capitalist society known as a ‘plutocracy.’ His goal is to return our nation to the drastic and criminal conditions suffered by workers during the first quarter of the 20th century. 570 more words

Call-in in support of Florida prison strike, Monday 22nd Jan

From the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee:

Flood the Florida Department of Corrections Phone Lines – Respect the Demands!

A call-in campaign is happening in support of #OperationPUSH Monday, January 22nd. 282 more words


Longtime Wobbly in Need of Solidarity

by NYC General Defense Committee / Take Action

Mike Pesa is a longtime member of the Industrial Workers of the World, currently belonging to the Baltimore General Membership Branch and previously the New York City GMB. 284 more words