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James Connolly: Irish Republican Leader and International Socialist by Patrick L. Quinlan

Quinlan’s appreciation of Connolly was first published in the Buffalo New York Socialist Party-supporting newspaper The New Age on 26 January 1922. 

In this brief sketch of James Connolly, I avoided the present-day developments in Ireland. 2,048 more words

Bristol Set for a VERY active couple of weeks

We were just about to bang away on the keyboard listing all of the demonstrations, festivities and events coming up in the fortnight. However, we spotted that our friends over at Bristol IWW had just done the same, and we hope they won’t mind us coping their homework. 382 more words

Actions & Demos

​"On the guest list for Charlottesville."

Oh libertarian!

Do they know something we only suspected?

Oh libertarian!

They asked us not to come, it was in the names.

And yet, nazis and skins and the klan. 149 more words

Book: Patrick Renshaw - "The Wobblies: The Story of the IWW & Syndicalism in the United States" (1999)

Description: “Does anyone save historians remember the Wobblies? This nickname for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the revolutionary labor union founded in Chicago in 1905, not so long ago was part of the vocabulary of labor and socialist movements everywhere. 91 more words


1917: Wobblies, War, and Walkouts

By mid-March 1917, as the winter snow melted gradually into spring, the people of Sandpoint opened their weekly newspaper to find a few glimmers of good news. 2,196 more words