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MY initial plans with this project involved steel, my favourite material to work with is rusty steel. If i am to go into the public realm community this would be my preferred medium at the moment. 174 more words


home: favourite thing [ shelf ]

home: favourite thing [ shelf ]

A brand that marries quirky and practical perfectly is Urban Outfitters and this shelf is no exception. The perforated metal finish will bring an industrial edge to any room, with the curved shape adding extra interested.

Available now on urbanoutfitters.com [ £40 ]

Favourite Thing

Device Control - Most People [LIES031.5]

Device Control is Jake Reif’s new solo production outlet which draws equally from the pools of early Wax Trax and Medusa’s with the hybrid pit jack of early Farris or Rush. 98 more words


Cosimo Damiano / Luciano Lamanna - LB019 [LB019]

Luciano Lamanna & Cosimo Damiano, known together as Assalti Industriali, release a split EP on Love Blast. Four tracks of heavy acid techno, an assault to the dancefloor on 4/4 to put your head into the speakers.



Kissey - Unplug

Kissey – Unplug

This has the Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack feel to it!  <3!!!!!


Gnaw Their Tongues – Hymns For The Broken, Swollen and Silent

Consouling Sounds – 9th December 2016

Christopher Nosnibor

Listening to Gnaw Their Tongues always feels like a dubious pleasure, something that’s almost masochistic. You listen to GNT to channel dark energy, to release bad vibes, for the letting of anguish and pain and anger, for an experience akin to a sonic exorcism. 442 more words