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What's Missing With Big Data? Human Filters | Stan McChrystal

Editor’s Note: In this article Gen. McChrytstal offers :”Data or intelligence without context isn’t useful.” 

My version is “How do you connect the dots when you don’t know what the ‘dots’ mean?” and it’s something I convey to government contractors in the spirit of competitive intelligence.  100 more words


GAO Protests (And Effectiveness) Rise in 2015 - SmallGovCon

In its Annual Report to Congress on its bid protest function, the GAO provided a look at how protesters fared during FY 2015, as well as the most… 13 more words


Unpaid Federal Taxes Will Mean "No Contracts" Under New FAR Provision - SmallGovCon

Under a new FAR provision effective in February 2016, the Government typically will not enter into a contract with any corporation that has an unpaid Federal tax liability that is not being contested or timely repaid. 13 more words