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What's Missing With Big Data? Human Filters | Stan McChrystal

Editor’s Note: In this article Gen. McChrytstal offers :”Data or intelligence without context isn’t useful.” 

My version is “How do you connect the dots when you don’t know what the ‘dots’ mean?” and it’s something I convey to government contractors in the spirit of competitive intelligence.  100 more words


GAO Protests (And Effectiveness) Rise in 2015 - SmallGovCon

In its Annual Report to Congress on its bid protest function, the GAO provided a look at how protesters fared during FY 2015, as well as the most… 13 more words


Unpaid Federal Taxes Will Mean "No Contracts" Under New FAR Provision - SmallGovCon

Under a new FAR provision effective in February 2016, the Government typically will not enter into a contract with any corporation that has an unpaid Federal tax liability that is not being contested or timely repaid. 13 more words


GAO To Protesters: Check Your (Spam) Email - SmallGovCon

GAO’s filing deadlines are strict, and a protest that does not abide by them generally will be dismissed. In All Native, Inc., B-411693 et al. (Oct. 59 more words


Ostensible Subcontractor Rule: Hiring Sub's PM Didn't Create Affiliation

Ostensible subcontractor affiliation was not created when the small prime contractor proposed to hire its subcontractor’s current employee to serve as the prime contractor’s project manager. 13 more words


GAO: Out-Of-Scope Modification Was Improper - SmallGovCon

In a recent decision, Onix Networking Corp., B-411841 (Nov. 9, 2015), the GAO sustained a protest where the agency acquired a new type of software by modifying an existing delivery order for software license extensions because the acquisition exceeded the scope of the initial delivery order. 22 more words