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WOSB Sole Source Contracts: One Step Closer - SmallGovCon

Today, the SBA issued a proposed rule implementing the WOSB sole source authority contained in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. The relative speed with which the proposed rule was issued suggests that WOSBs could begin receiving sole source awards later this year. 9 more words

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WOSB Self-Certification Elimination: The SBA Weighs In - SmallGovCon

In a proposed rule released today, the SBA adopts a pragmatic approach that nonetheless may be legally problematic given that Congress did not authorize a continuation of WOSB self-certification pending SBA regulatory action. 9 more words

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8(a) Program: Follow-On Contracts Can Be Sole Sourced - SmallGovCon

In a recent decision, the GAO deferred to the SBA’s interpretation of the 8(a) program regulations–which, according to the SBA, allow such sole source awards. 10 more words

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Agencies May Evaluate Proposals During GAO Bid Protests - SmallGovCon

According to a recent federal court decision, CICA merely prohibits the award of a contract during the course of a GAO protest, but does not prevent an agency from continuing to evaluate proposals. 10 more words

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Who Wins in GSA Schedules vs Simplified Acquisitions at $250K? More Small Businesses!

My last blog post about the Federal Supply Schedule versus Simplified Acquisitions, and which one had greater economic impact on small businesses sparked some great online and offline conversations to include an astute comment on LinkedIn from… 472 more words

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Who Wins in GSA Schedules vs Simplified Acquisitions? (Pt. 1)

In this particular competition of federal agency procurement methods, small business does.

I recently analyzed agency obligations from FY2010 through FY2014 to identify areas of greater opportunity for small federal contractors. 1,149 more words

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