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New Year, Same Story: More Record Debt

We make it a point to regularly recap for our clients the state of consumer debt in our country.  This recap is based on the “Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit” as it is reported by the New York Federal Reserve.  602 more words

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More About Credit Scores. How Do You Compare?

Last week’s blog focused on why keeping watch on your credit score is important. This week we want to share with you some more facts and data about credit scores and consumer debt. 633 more words

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What’s Left in Your Wallet After the Holidays?

We have been tracking trends in consumer debt for our clients for some time now. As a licensed debt collection agency, we feel it important to pass along information regarding the state of consumer credit so our clients can remain vigilant and proactive in the timely pursuit of their debts. 666 more words

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Consumer Debt: How High Can It Go?

No doubt the economy is strong and perhaps getting even stronger. Consumers are feeling their oats, too, and (good news for business) spending trends are continuing to be strong right into the teeth of the best season for spending ever:  the Christmas season! 485 more words

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To Tell the Truth: CFPB Edition

Have you ever heard of or watched To Tell the Truth? It’s a TV gameshow where three people claim to be the same person. Panelists take turns asking questions about their subject or occupation and then try to guess who is telling the truth. 465 more words

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Top 10 Performance Metrics Investors Want to Know

Venture360’s platform helps thousands of investors all over the world to track the performance of their portfolios.

The equity in private companies isn’t currently traded on an open market (more on that later), so here are the most common metrics investors on Venture360 are using to track and understand overall company performance. 531 more words