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Improving Your Collections Success by Enhancing the Customer Experience

I hope it is no surprise that the experience your patients/customers/clients have with your organization can significantly impact your bottom line.

The cost of dissatisfied consumers is very high.  717 more words

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Divorce Might Separate Doctors from Timely Payment

Not every couple is happy this Valentine’s Day.  In fact, many couples are unhappy enough to be separated or divorced.  Half of all marriages end in divorce, at least that’s what I seem to hear at all the weddings I attend. 661 more words

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Text Me About: Zika Virus

Traveling soon? You may want to check the risk of Zika. The Center for Disease Control just made this uber-easy with, you guessed it: texting! 164 more words


Are Your Accounts Receivable on Fleek?

I’m the first to admit, I’m usually behind the eight ball when it comes to pop culture slang and acronyms. This is no exception.The first time I saw “on fleek” was a couple of weeks ago while reading a blog post. 442 more words

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Batgirl: Where It All Started

I owe the idea of Sphynx entirely to Batgirl.  If I had not picked up Batgirl Vol. 1: The of Burnside, I never would have created this character that has become so important to me so quickly.   705 more words

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Libraries Haunted by Missing Items Seek Collection Agencies for Help

I think Dr. Eleanor Twitty, the grey Librarian Ghost from the Ghostbusters movie must be very proud of Wisconsin.  If you recall, Dr. Twitty slimed Peter Venkman for simply whispering in the library halls.  499 more words

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Ron Garney: It Runs in the Family

This past week, I finally got the chance to meet with Ron Garney, an artist for Marvel Comics. He also happens to be my mom’s cousin. 588 more words

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