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Your LinkedIn Approach Doesn't Work For Me (and Vice Versa I'm Sure)

How you choose to use LinkedIn is your business and your choice, but your ‘system’ probably won’t work for me. That doesn’t make your tactics right and mine wrong, and it shouldn’t make one better or worse than the other. 1,780 more words


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Now that LinkedIn has created a way for mobile users to personalize invites, what excuse is there for sending generic invitations? -GT

CO Bill proposal would give communities green light to ban drilling

Colorado House Bill 1355 is currently being contested, which would displace the state as the ultimate authority on oil and gas drilling and give crucial authority over oil and gas facilities to local governments. 210 more words

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How serious is the SEC about disclosure reform?


As you will “dramatically” see (and hear) in this video, the SEC is VERY serious about modernizing corporate disclosure. 341 pages worth of serious to be exact. 57 more words

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Gannett bids for Tribune

All newspaper industry eyes are watching to see what will happen next with Gannett and Tribune.  On vacation or taking a digital hiatus and miss the news of Gannett’s bid to buy Tribune earlier this week?  298 more words


Mobile payment news & views, April 9 – April 29

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular look at the top news and views from the world of mobile payments, with items selected because of unique content, or because their source makes them notable. 149 more words

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Glycerin (glycerol/glycerin), also known as glycerol, is used widely. It can be used to produce synthetic resins, plastics, paints, nitroglycerin, oil and beeswax, etc. as well as used as emulsifier, softener and plasticizer in pharmacy, perfume, cosmetics, sanitary products and other industries. 59 more words

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Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

Fatty acid methyl ester is yellow clear transparent liquid (colorless after rectification), with a mild characteristic odor, structural stability and no corrosion.

Fatty acid methyl ester is the raw material of widely-used surface active agents (SAA). 133 more words

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