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2015 Panelists Announced!

Want to start planning which panels are a must see?  Check out this fantastic lineup!

The panels are geared toward reader interests while the workshops are focused on craft and industry topics. 444 more words

Penned Con 2015

2015 Car Wash Show Europe Welcomes Industry Professionals Worldwide

A manufacturer of high-pressure, sealless pumps headquartered in Minnesota, Wanner Engineering is a member of the International Carwash Association (ICA), a nonprofit trade group that represents the professional car wash industry’s retailers and suppliers. 239 more words

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What is the role of the builder?

Builders are responsible for physically constructing the building. They often manage the entire construction process from excavation to completion. This includes ordering materials and liaising with other contractors such as plumbers, electricians and bricklayers to do specialist work at appropriate times. 69 more words

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What services do land surveyors provide?

Land surveyors map the topography of a site. They check the accuracy of lot boundaries and locate the correct position of the proposed building within the lot. 61 more words

Industry Professionals

Who Has the "Authority" to Review Books?

Kathleen Hale’s recent Guardian article has generated a lot of commentary, most of it judgments of whether or not Hale was right to take the actions she chronicles.  816 more words

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Building surveyors and building inspectors

Building surveyors and building inspectors are responsible for ensuring that a structure complies with building regulations and standards. Building inspectors act on behalf of building surveyors. 129 more words

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What does a planning officer do?

A planning officer works on behalf of the local council to provide an initial assessment of the building plans. The officer checks that the proposed structure conforms to the planning guidelines laid out by state and local authorities. 114 more words

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