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People and investors have been asking about some serious issues in the industry. I did some research for you and put together a few reports so far. 622 more words


Reminder - USDA Cotton Ginnings

As a quick reminder, the USDA will be releasing its next Cotton Ginnings report this Thursday, January 12th here. There will be a second January release on the 23rd as well. 32 more words

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Music & Journalism: Playing Too Rough


Music shares tension with journalism.

Lust, too.

Their relationship is a symbiotic one, at best, but it has a tendency to start licking and then biting its own tail just a bit too hard. 1,660 more words

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Reporting the Underworld: A Cross-Platform Analysis of Crime in Journalism


In recent years journalism has seen a dramatic shift in the way content is sourced, produced and received. The rapid growth and expansion of the internet can be largely credited for the diversification of journalism; growing one step ahead of a cultural shift that would force the industry to change and meet its demands. 1,882 more words

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Breaking The News: Foreign Correspondents in South-East Asia & China


In its purest form journalism is a vessel through which citizens are made aware of pertinent information. Journalists act as pokers and prodders of government and, often, canaries in the coal mine. 1,819 more words

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