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Internship opportunity at Louvel startup

Internship position available at a start-up based in Pyrmont. We are launching a new product in the next few months and we are looking for an intern to join our team. 123 more words


Японд үйлдвэрлэв (Exedy Corporation)

Японы авто машины үйлдвэрлэлийг тойрсон олон жижиг дунд үйлдвэрүүд байдаг. Toyota, Nissan, Mazda зэрэг тэргүүлэх үйлдвэрлэгчид хүртэл бүх сэлбэг тоног төхөөрөмжөө 100% өөрсдөө хийдэггүй. Тэд адилхан сэлбэгийн хувьд ч тогтвортой ханган нийлүүлэлтээ харгалзан олон газраас авдаг. 9 more words


Demo-Graphics: Facebook US Users

With San Diego Comic-Con kicking off this week, I’ll be looking at a whole bunch of data crunched from mining Facebook. To kick this off, I thought it’d be good to look at how Facebook itself might have changed. 390 more words


Lead Poisoning

Lead is a heavy metal with a high toxicity. It can be easily moulded and shaped and can easily form alloys with other metals. Hence, it is widely used in industries. 274 more words


Here's How Russia's New ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Compares to Europe's

Russia took a major step toward introducing its own “right to be forgotten” today, as the parliament’s lower house passed the final draft of legislation that would make it possible for individuals to force Internet search engines to delete links to certain kinds of information about them. 92 more words