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Would you like the Yellow Mustang or the Jetta?

Recently I made arrangements to rent a car for a trip, reserving a “full-size” car. When I went to pick up my car the attendant said, “Oh good, we have a new Jetta available.” Then she said with a little surprise, “but I also see that we have our yellow 2015 Mustang available.” Which would you prefer? 673 more words

Indwelt: The Presence of God In Us

Biblical scholar Alfred Edersheim said this about the indwelling of the Spirit. “The absolutely highest stage of intercourse with God is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church, when man’s individuality is not superseded nor suppressed, but transformed, and thus conformed to Him in spiritual fellowship.” 67 more words


Do You Identify with Christ?

As he was approaching Damascus on this mission, a light from heaven suddenly shone down around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul! 321 more words

Aphrahat the Persian: “Thou, Lord, hast been our dwelling-place for generations”

David says:—Thou, Lord, hast been our dwelling-place for generations, before the mountains were conceived and before the earth travailed, and before the world was framed. 438 more words


Should Christians be searching for further Experiences of the Holy Spirit? (Weekly Word)

This summer I am going to dedicate each Friday to questions that students have asked me about God, faith and such.  Some of these questions come were forwarded to me from Christian students or their skeptical friends.   890 more words

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What is your spiritual temperature?

So often, running a fever is thought of as a bad thing. It can sometimes be one of the first symptoms of an illness. However throughout the years, we’ve come to learn that a fever is actually an important part of the process of… 914 more words


Round 2: Why does God's Indwelling Presence Matter?

We explored some of the implications of indwelling in the past post. We talked about reframing our discussions and thinking on the presence of God, increasing our appreciation for the cross and resurrection, and heigtening our worship of the Triune God. 674 more words