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Vertical Horizon

Journaling can only receive the full benefit of awareness if it is done with pen and paper.  Creating the words with our hand and handwriting allows our heart to freely express our individual thoughts and emotions more intimately. 44 more words

Faith Hope And Love

Sustainable Query

I thought I was a poet;

Maybe that was my first problem.

Faith Hope And Love

The Life-Driven Purpose

Jesus has been emphasizing His indwelling.  He is relating more and more of spiritual life to this reality.  Lately, the Lord has been defining purpose by His indwelling.   136 more words

New Testament

An Expanded Theory

Illustrated Poet Robert Montgomery wrote in lights “The people you love, become ghosts inside of you, and like this, you keep them alive.”  (robertmontgomery.org) I like this, and I do believe love has the strength to do keep alive the proponent that actually constitutes living; organic life in concert with spiritual life. 50 more words

Faith Hope And Love

Extemporaneous Splendor

If one relies upon paper and words to create a marriage then, not only will the marriage fail from lacking the component that makes a marriage before it is a marriage, but also two are missing out on all the wonderful ways marriage exceeds human words on paper. Even these words.

Faith Hope And Love

Falls Church

A place I could return to but a place that could never retrieved. A precious actualization of time that will never return and therefore cherished.

Faith Hope And Love

(07/24/2016) An Habitation of GOD

Today, Scripture points are shared on how the living are to exist as depositories and vessels for spirit content from the makeup of divinity.  Believers are the living stones, and members of the sacred body that are the house of GOD, the Church.  931 more words

The Holy Spirit