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The Absurd Reality of Every Believer

There’s a truth seeking to intrude the everyday moments of life – both the mundane and the monumental. A truth I let slip into the daily drama every once in awhile but would do well to let drench the difficulties and decisions and dilemmas that arrive on my doorstep each morning. 1,048 more words


Messages Unwritten

I miss the sound of your voice.

It is the message of a Rose,

Velvety and resilient,

Water forms pearls on soft petals.

And when I look close enough, 18 more words

Faith Hope And Love

The Crumb That Turns Stale With Time


Why are we capable of ugly thoughts?  Clearly such thoughts are safely tucked inside our own minds, never to broach the physical reality that can cause suffering in others.  80 more words

Faith Hope And Love

The Task Manager

I stood in cue before a counter jeweled with pastry and incensed with coffee.  I was followed by a family of three, and to my own perception, the infant and toddler seemed quiet and without misbehavior.  75 more words

Faith Hope And Love

What if Praying for More Isn't the Answer

Key Verse: “Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.” (1 John 4:15, ESV)

More of you Jesus, I want more of you. 898 more words


Wish 3

One wish, for all those I love, that they always be kept safe from harm.

Second wish, for those I do not know, they might know peace. 15 more words

Faith Hope And Love

Vertical Horizon

Journaling can only receive the full benefit of awareness if it is done with pen and paper.  Creating the words with our hand and handwriting allows our heart to freely express our individual thoughts and emotions more intimately. 44 more words

Faith Hope And Love