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Consequences of the Original Sin

Cardinal Manning explains: “Man, as God made him, had three perfections. First, he was perfect in body and soul. Secondly, he had the higher perfection of the Holy Spirit dwelling in his heart, whereby his soul was ordered and sanctified, and the passions were held in perfect subjection to the reason and the will. 295 more words




You cannot receive the Spirit of God without receiving a revelation of who Jesus is and a desire to yeild to His Lordship.

The indwelling Spirit of God is holy and His presence will call the natural man to be holy and to yield to His leading. 98 more words


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total darkness

the only reflection

cast from within


The Holy Spirit in John 14:16-31

The Holy Spirit in John 14:16-31

While not comprehensive, John 14:16-31 teaches many things about the Holy Spirit. I have identified eight truths that I hope will prove edifying for us to understand. 3,179 more words


The Fourth Dimension 2/5

Now, as we watch this work, we watch what happens to the individuals who are partaking in the meditation. When we meditate with you, you may not notice any change in your life the first day or the first week or the first month. 1,086 more words


Children of God Led by His Spirit

“Sanctifying grace makes us children of God; as such we may rightly expect from our heavenly Father the help of His Holy Spirit to develop and foster our supernatural life and guide us in all our ways. 349 more words


Toward a New Epistemology Beyond the Postmodern - Chapter 2

Toward a New Epistemology Beyond the Postmodern

By Lee Karl Palo, © 2005 Lee Karl Palo



Chapter 2

An Ontology of Knowledge

The Thought of… 2,798 more words