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Training Log - Weeks 1,2

Comment: As I’ve done many times in recent years, I counted weeks backward from the next Indy 500 Festival Mini-Marathon until I got to sixteen, and then declared on the first day of the first week of the sixteen that I was in-training for my next goal race. 341 more words


A Return to Running

I ran a marathon in 2012. It was one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever undertaken. It chewed me up and spit me out. I was injured before I got to the starting line and frankly shouldn’t have attempted to run, but a combination of stubbornness, the fact that it was ON my 25th birthday, and the sheer amount of cash I had spent on the weekend (hotel, food, transportation…even with the $150 race fee gifted to me, it was an expensive trip) worked together and I did it. 401 more words


Race Recaps

Since I never got around to it during the spring or summer, here are some race recaps!

Race for Roofs 5K – April

The Race for Roofs 5k was our first 5k of the year.  874 more words


Training Log - 2016 Half 11,12

Comments: Runners World compiled and published an ordered list of what they consider the fifty best running cities in the United States. While my opinion is that most such lists of cities are just publicity stunts with no value other than to increase attention on the entity publishing the list, I have a passion for running and I subscribe to both Runners World magazine and their syndicated news feed, so I studied the list. 497 more words


Indy Mini Marathon 2016 Race Recap

This year’s Mini Marathon was much different than the last 2 I’ve registered for.

In 2014, I was injured literally weeks before, and gave my registration away. 847 more words

Running And Fitness

Photo: Revisiting the Track

When I moved my home to Indiana, I found myself undecided about what sports to pay attention to and which teams to root for.  In time, my interests changed to long-distance running as a participation sport and IndyCar racing as a spectator sport.   94 more words


Meeting in the Midwest

Whew – what a weekend!  The Midwest Half & Half Challenge started out on Thursday morning as I (Sue) drove the 450 miles to Battle Creek, MI where high school friends, Cathy and Dana, graciously offered me a resting place for the first night.  732 more words