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#France: State Repression Against #Indymedia #Grenoble and #Indymedia #Nantes

Following the publication of a communiqué claiming responsibility for a fire in a garage at a Grenoble police depot (gendarmerie) during the night of September 20th/21st, … 835 more words

Report #Freiburg: 800 People Took the Streets in Solidarity With #Linksunten

In Freiburg, Germany about 800 people took part in an unregistered demonstration in solidarity with Linksunten Indymedia on Saturday. Linksunten Indymedia was banned on August 25 in Germany. 672 more words

Greek Anarchists: Solidarity With #Linksunten #Indymedia

Solidarity statement about Linksunten by the Greek section of the Anarchist Federation. 813 more words

#NoG20 Police Violence Projected on German Consulate in #Amsterdam

Activists projected the excessive police violence during the NoG20 protests on the German consulate in Amsterdam last night. Meanwhile repression is growing in Germany. After the ban on Linksunten on August 25, authorities deployed SEK squads with automatic riffles against a peaceful antifa demonstration in Wurzen, Germany yesterday. 730 more words

#Linksunten: Not in #Germany, Not Anywhere Else : Repression Can’t Silence Us !

Press release from the Coordination des Groupes Anarchistes, an organization member of Anarkismo in France about the recent shut down and ban on the German-speaking website Linksunten Indymedia and the house raids that followed. 852 more words

Hands Off #Linksunten #Indymedia! Call for International Demo at September 9

After the raids in Freiburg, Germany on August 25, there will be a demonstration on September 9. The demonstration will start at 07:00pm (19:00) at Bertoldsbrunnen in Freiburg, Germany. 434 more words