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If you don’t have diabetes (and you speak a little Spanish), you might think I’ve come up with a new intention for how I want to live my life, sort of a ‘take it easy’ non-attachment type attitude. 963 more words

Diabetes Daily

An apology for my indifference

I grew up in an India where privilege is often cloaked as being a part of India’s ‘middle class.’ While privilege is relative, you can figure out which end of the spectrum you fall into here: … 550 more words


How Addiction is a Syndrome (Rather Than a Disease) & How We Might Save Life on Earth

Explore with me the idea that addiction as a syndrome occurs with the basic need for escape. Escape from life, or work, or death, financial troubles, relationships, or the lack thereof, pain or all of the above. 536 more words

Women get worse care after a heart attack than men – must they shout louder?

Women are getting worse medical care than men after a heart attack, resulting in unnecessary deaths, according to a new analysis of 180,368 Swedish patients, followed up for 10 years after a heart attack. 107 more words


We should make it illegal to pay women less than men. Progress is too slow in Australia

Iceland started 2018 with a bold statement. The Nordic country made it illegal to pay women less than men for similar work. The first thought that popped into my head on hearing the news was: bravo. 164 more words


They start you off early

7th grade they say, ‘No shorts above your fingertips’
they say, ‘Tank tops- 2 finger width.’
They teach you
that your thighs and your shoulders are provocative spaces. 911 more words


Volunteering doesn't make the world a better place

[D]oes volunteering really help, or does it simply prop up broken systems? Is there a better way?

“It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the air force has to hold a cake stall to buy a bomber.” This is as true now as it was in the 1970s. 176 more words