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Christianity vs. Biblicism - Brian Zahnd

While pretending to “take the Bible as it is,” the fundamentalist biblicist reads the Bible through thick lenses of cultural, linguistic, political, and theological assumptions—interpretive lenses they are unaware of wearing…

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Athanasius' Canon

Some have referred to Christianity as Pauline Christianity, tempered by the comparison of the gospels and Paul the Apostle’s epistles.  While Fundamentalists derive progressive revelation, and Christian orthodoxy, at point of Genesis to Revelation, some scholars argue that Jesus’ didactic moralism is divergent, if not, contrary to Pauline theology.  1,082 more words

Sola Scriptura...sometimes?

All denomination’s doctrinal views differ somewhat. Since most modern churches base their views on the sayings of men rather than on the commands of God, we ought to expect this. 879 more words


Review of 'The Divine Authenticity of Scripture' by A. T. B. McGowan - Extended Article

A. T. B. McGowan’s The Divine Authenticity of Scripture: Retrieving an Evangelical Heritage contributes to evangelical discussions on the doctrine of Scripture (9). According to McGowan, evangelicals are in need of renewed examination of our theological language so that we might “clarify precisely what we mean when we speak about Scripture as the Word of God” (9). 3,996 more words

Doctrine Of Scripture

Part 2: How Do We Know the Bible Is the Word of God?

In Part One of this two part article we asked the question, “How can we know the Bible is true.” That was a theological question.  The question we will address here, “How and where did we get our Bible?” is a historical question, so it gets a historical answer. 4,774 more words


How Did Jesus' Original Listeners Remember and Share What Jesus Said and Did?

How did Jesus’ listeners remember what Jesus said and did? They didn’t take notes, and Jesus didn’t leave any writings. There were no current newspaper accounts for them to check to refresh their memories. 996 more words


Douglas Wilson, Slavery, and Evangelical Opposition to Gay Lives (and the gospel)

A few days ago Pastor Kevin DeYoung wrote a blog post for the Gospel Coalition entitled “40 Questions for Those Now Waving Rainbow Flags.” DeYoung is a conservative Evangelical and the questions were meant to put Evangelicals who affirm marriage equality on the spot. 1,174 more words