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There is a small verse in Acts 1 that is most likely skipped over in preparation for the anticipated “acts” pf the apostles, but is nonetheless strikingly odd. 1,383 more words

Why I No Longer Hold to Inerrancy & The Need For A New Model of Inspiration.

As a Christian student in New & Old Testament Studies approaching the end of his time at university, I have discovered a number conflicts between conservative, fundamentalist Christian views of biblical inspiration (of which we will refer to as “classical inerrancy” or “inerrancy”) and what I have come to deem, more often than not, sound biblical scholarship. 2,219 more words

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Podcast - Biblical Inerrancy & Idolatry

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Dr. James White on the transmission of Scripture – https://youtu.be/BqcwcxoxoUo

Jesus is the Word of God –  25 more words


Does the Bible require a woman to marry her rapist?

One of the reasons why people like Steve Chalke are asking us to re-evaluate the nature and role of Scripture is because of some of the challenging texts that seem to go against our contemporary cultural ethics and even against Christian morality. 2,180 more words

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A Brief Look at Textual Criticism

I’m currently doing some research into the issues surrounding the reliability of the Bible. What I mean by this is I’m exploring whether or not it matters that there are different Bible versions with different translations of certain words, phrases, and passages. 147 more words


What Do We Really Mean by "Inerrancy"?

Much of our discussion about the doctrine of the scriptures centers around the doctrine of inerrancy. This is usually in reaction to those who would say that the scriptures are unreliable and unfaithful sometimes theologically, but also with respect to matters of science and history. 1,914 more words


11 Ways to Avoid Wasting Time in Useless Religious Arguments

At the beginning of a new year many people draw up a list of New Year’s resolutions or at least consider how to make the year better in some way. 963 more words