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Trips and Travel

Travel through the air
Over land and over sea
Airplanes, trains, and cars

I was a few weeks old when I boarded my first airplane. Until recently planes were the only major public transport system I’ve used. 248 more words

Summer Weather

Unfortunately there were not that many people at Tamar Park yesterday, maybe because it was so hot! It would be nice to have more shaded areas at the park hehe. 325 more words



There are so many beautiful and interesting things in the world around us. I think it is a shame that so many people walk around looking down at a little screen in their hands, missing it all, instead of enjoying and seeing the things that are within reach. 73 more words

Waffles anyone?

I’ve been meaning to make waffles for the longest time and I finally got around to it the other day. Years ago we used to make waffles quite a lot– we have a nice waffle iron and a whole cookbook dedicated to different recipes, plus they’re super easy and versatile. 67 more words

Artwork || Ines Gomes

(Ines Gomes setting up the objects to be photographed)

It was weird! When I first received the call from Ines, I thought “yayyy” a photoshoot! I enjoy photographing people, however the challenge was different! 179 more words


I am a full-blown OCD and I don't intend to get treated

This morning, I woke up slightly early, as I thought I was gonna do a little bit of brisk walking, sweat it out a little bit and hopefully someday I will look like I am in my 30’s again. 759 more words