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Sí a las vacunas

Creo que soy una persona de mente abierta, por eso escribo este post, para que me expliquen, si quieren, ciertas cosas.
No entiendo que haya gente en contra de las vacunas, es más, me parece extremadamente peligroso que haya niños sin vacunar porque eso pone en riesgo al resto de la población. 216 more words


Strawberry Moon 2016

A good friend of mine sent me a link a few days ago to let me know about the Strawberry Moon this year. What makes this moon special (from what I read) is that it’s the first time in about 70 years that the full moon coincides with the summer solstice. 247 more words

[Mujeres en la historia] Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Juana Inés de Asbaje y Ramírez  nació en San Miguel de Nepantla el 12 de noviembre de 1651.
Niña prodigio, aprendió a leer y escribir a los tres años, y a los ocho escribió su primera loa. 492 more words


Apologize: Rocky - Song of the Week

This week’s Song of the Week is Apologize by the French band Rocky. Ahead of the European Championships starting in the country on Friday, here’s a lesser known example of why France is still the home of electro/disco music. 307 more words


Trips and Travel

Travel through the air
Over land and over sea
Airplanes, trains, and cars

I was a few weeks old when I boarded my first airplane. Until recently planes were the only major public transport system I’ve used. 248 more words

Summer Weather

Unfortunately there were not that many people at Tamar Park yesterday, maybe because it was so hot! It would be nice to have more shaded areas at the park hehe. 325 more words