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Ines Helene - She Has Been Found

The day has brightened up with the discovery of Ines Helene.  It would take many words to describe this beauty so we will skip the description and go straight to the pics. 61 more words

strum lines

strings  of the knowing

and where it was the keeping

and  how it acted

and  its own knowing

and where it was the task

and how it felt… 44 more words


Parisian Chic A Style Guide by Ines de la

The next thing to consider for a shabby chic bedroom is the bed. A large ornate headboard for the bed is one popular shabby chic… 384 more words

The Eater of Worlds

Before we begin I want your undivided attention. Take a moment to turn off the television, cut the music, and shut down that second page of your web browser. 1,270 more words


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Basically as soon as I made this blog I found people willing to support me--strangers that have never spoken to or met me in real life, people that may never come face to face with me in the future. What brought us together (aside from the obvious answer: this site) was a shared interest and perhaps a desire to learn something new from someone far away, or an interest in art or self-improvement. I know personally how important it is for myself to know that what I am writing has an audience-- at least one reader (aside from myself) that has a vested interest in my work. A good friend of mine was that inspiration, that driving force, which helped me complete the first draft of my manuscript titled "The Scar." I sent him the new sections as I finished them and had a little burst of success each time that urged me to work on the next part right away. One of the people who I am very thankful to have found through this blog is Chris Nicholas and his site Renegade Press. I have to say that each of his pieces that I have read so far have touched me on quite a personal level, both because I wish to be able to write things as affecting and because some of the expressed sentiments mirror my own almost a bit too closely for comfort. In other words: his words cut deep and I mean that in the best way possible. I've wanted to mention, respond to and reference Renegade Press (because as you can see from my previous posts I enjoy using my work as a sort of dialogue or conversation between artists and creators) to highlight which bits specifically spoke to me and why. I will do that in time, but for now I want to share the entirety of the post entitled "The Eater of Worlds" because it is immensely powerful and I doubt whether any artist at some time or another hasn't felt similar emotions. A big thank you and lots of support to you Chris of Renegade Press. Cheers! ~Ines

*Glitter* Ines for Designer Showcase

Ines is a fresh summer mesh dress featured in the August round of Designer Showcase.   Ines is available in 5 colors, or you may purchase it with a texture-changing HUD. 26 more words

Second Life

Um poema para Inês

a revolta de Inês se traduzia em seus cabelos
cobrindo um rosto de expressões cruas
como as suas
mas latinas e revoltadas… 118 more words