8 free or extremely inexpensive ideas for showing dad some love on Father's Day.

Hey Y’all!

I am so excited to celebrate my wonderful dad and the awesome father of my children! This year I will get to be with both of them so I am looking so forward to the day! 766 more words


Looking For A Great Gift Idea That Is Inexpensive?

I recently wrote about a website with Good Luck charms that actually work… well, while perusing their website, I found a fabulous gift idea, and here’s one of their customers with a testimonial to explain this wonderful idea!

Good Luck

10 Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

If you took some of the suggestions I offered a while back or worked on making and purchasing Christmas gifts throughout the year, then you may be all done with your gifts and have no need for quick, easy, inexpensive last-minute Christmas gift ideas. 855 more words


Snow Covered Pine Tree Gallery Board

Decorate your living spaces with this affordable gallery board, featuring a winter snow-covered pine tree on a hill. Easily applied to walls with 3M velcro dots (4 supplied per board – please apply and remove with care). 23 more words


Christmas Gifts With A Wow - Not An Ow!

Big-Hearted Gifts on a Small-Sized Budget

There is satisfaction in settling on the perfect gift – something that shows how well you know the recipient and how much you care about your relationship with them. 519 more words


The magical, minimalist Christmas gift my kids clamor for {excerpt}

{Excerpt from my guest article at Her View From Home}

Grandma loved to tell the story, and I loved to hear it. The one of the (singular) Christmas gift her parents would give her and her 7 siblings. 225 more words

In My Kids