Top 7 Inexpensive Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching and couples start reaching into their pockets. But Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be expensive to be meaningful. Below are 7 inexpensive ways to show your loved one how much you care. 313 more words


What if Christmas doesn't come from a store: Thoughtful, Creative and Relatively Cheap Gift Ideas- Blogmas #5

Today I have some creative gift ideas. Finding gifts for people in your life can be challenging but remember that it’s like the cliche “it’s the thought that counts.” These are gift ideas that can be used for any occasion; most of these are not just limited to just Christmas. 1,549 more words


A Simple Christmas

Getting back to a simpler time. When Christmas wasn’t about getting the latest and greatest gadgets. What used to be a time to celebrate family, and to appreciate the little things, now seems to have almost become forgotten. 1,389 more words

christmas gifting ~ ideas

Last time I shared some wrapping ideas.  Today, I’d like to share some creative and inexpensive ideas for what’s on the inside.

A couple of years ago, we were expecting our first grandchildren (twin boys). 796 more words


Hello Everyone!!

Welcome to Divine Lioness Designs’ blog. I am super excited to have this page to share with all of you. My ultimate goal is to share my website with you as well as Crafting ideas, how to make inexpensive gifts and Shop Talk.


Awesome and Inexpensive Gift Idea for Friends, Neighbors, and Co-workers!

If you need an Awesome and Inexpensive Gift Idea for Friends, Neighbors, Co-Workers, and Acquaintances, then here’s really great news!

I recently wrote about a website with Good Luck charms that… 46 more words

Awesome Gifts