How To Bleach Dye a T-shirt To Make a Custom Graphic T

A few years ago my son’s academic team wanted a set of inexpensive shirts to wear for summer tournament season. Ordering custom printed t-shirts gets cost-prohibitive and the kids wanted to look coordinated, but not like clones. 980 more words


Writing with Style: Embellished Pens & Pencils

Yes, we are still working on the house. During one of my many trips to the hardware store I noticed a display of fancy-dancy pens. They had feathers and sequins, the sort of blingy things that my daughter would enjoy. 614 more words


Friday Finds, Jan. 29, 2016

Valentine’s Day is at our throats around the corner.  There’s a lot of marketing effort to get you to part with cash to show your loved one how much they mean to you.   293 more words

Gift Guide

Editor’s note: This story first published in 2014.

Warning: You have exactly three days to buy and wrap all of your Christmas gifts! But don’t worry — because we live in a nation full of procrastinators, you are far from alone if you haven’t finished your shopping. 524 more words


Inexpensive Gifts You Can Make

As the calendar keeps inching, or perhaps sprinting, toward Christmas, we all want to be ready to bless our family and friends with wonderful gifts. We understand that Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth and we like to bring a present to the party. 756 more words


DIY Candy Bouquet

I am so excited to share this DIY! Last week I was at the grocery store and spotted some fun candy bouquets in the floral department. 1,705 more words


Customized Etched Glasses

Hi all,

As you all know, craft is my first love and Pinterest is my best friend.

DIY ideas in Pinterest in a must check out, incase none of you have come across it. 241 more words

Craft Corner