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Homemade Cleaning the Frugal Way

In my last post The True Costs of Cleaning Services, I wrote about the frugal benefits of cleaning for yourself.  As promised, I stated I would write an article on how to make homemade organic cleaning products on the cheap. 416 more words


Let's play dress up

In exactly one month I’m heading to a formal event/fundraiser for our local zoo. Okay, fine. I’m heading to Waltz on the Wild Side for the… 255 more words


Where to get cheap but good beauty products?

So there are a lot of places out there to buy makeup, skin care, hair care, and other beauty products. I thought I’d share some places you can get inexpensive/cheap makeup with recommendations if I have them. 978 more words


Vitamin C deficiency discovered in critically ill patients, researchers reveal in a recent NZ study

Remember the man dying in Waikato Hospital, where the authorities wanted to switch off his life support? His family suggested Vit C (IV) – no go. 191 more words


Dessert cups

I was at a store recently and I was walking around the bakery and dessert aisle. I saw something pretty interesting. It’s a dessert cup. If there was a cake or cheesecake you wanted you would want the slice but in this type of container you get the sweet treat for a slightly less quantity size. 22 more words

Sweet Delights

Taking an Inexpensive Trip to NYC

Many people want to take a trip to New York at some point in their lives. The Big Apple is enticing for people of all walks of life, but a significant amount of people think a trip to NYC is outside of their budget. 348 more words

An Inexpensive Way To Make Money Using E-Books

E-Books are a fascinating tool to profit off of and learn from. Saying that, I will be using this insightful video, created by GoldenGato, to fill you in on an inexpensive method to help you make money using E-Books. 1,064 more words

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