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El Rancho Grande in Providence, RI

For the longest time Mark has been telling me about El Rancho Grande, a hidden gem of a Mexican restaurant located on the edge of Providence. 339 more words


Thrifted DIY - Add a Little Paint

I am amazed at what a coat or two of paint can do to anything you apply it to.  I have changed rooms, large pieces of furniture, gifts, and home decor with just a little time and paint. 564 more words

Review - Piccadilly Sketch Book

There are quite a few sketchbooks out there, and it can be hard to choose. If one isn’t the “pick one and stick with it forever”, or the “grab the nearest one off the shelf when a new one is needed” type of person, it can be overwhelming. 346 more words


Why I can’t live without Epsom salt baths…

Everyone looks forward to taking a bath whether it is to clean off after a hard day, play in the bubbles or just to relax. But taking a bath in Epsom salts can offer many health benefits. 212 more words

Pasta Bar

Let me just start by saying we’ve been here twice in two days..Hubby got the same thing the (Basil, Potato Pasta and I tried something different each time).. 236 more words

Green Power!

What better way to start the day, then a smoothie?  Looks weird though, don’t it?  It’s okay, I was very skeptical trying out a smoothie as well.  391 more words