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  1. To be full of grass, trees, plants, vegetation
  2. Of the color green
  3. Amateur; inexperienced; unsophisticated


  1. The Count led us into his 
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A Word A Day

Wind Jammer

The character is stuck in his car with no brakes.

I averted ramming the car ahead of me but an Evil Canevil jump would be my only escape for the other one. 901 more words


The importance of travel (Sir 34:9-34:13)

“A traveled educated person

Knows many things.

One with much experience

Knows what he is talking about.

An inexperienced person

Knows few things.

But he that has traveled… 120 more words

The Inexperienced Mom

Heres my first post on a blog i’ve been thinking about making for a very long time. It took me a while to actually create this because I thought I had a voice so small that it wouldn’t boost anyones interest to actually take the time out to read, and I am also no professional writer what so ever. 255 more words


2016, March 8 - 1327 - love 24

where’s the line between (5)
intimacy and respect? (7)
i don’t really know (5)