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Ok so now that we have the wood paneling off the walls and the carpet gone it is time to take the cabinets out! The kitchens small so we do not have much to take out but it is still labor intensive especially for 1 girl who has no idea what she’s doing but luckily Justin knows where to start. 211 more words


If I died a virgin tomorrow

I hate my life. He doesn’t want me like I want him. Then there’s her. The wife. I despise the woman although I should be grateful that she cheated on him and their marriage kinda fell apart and he hates her, tho they’re still together, so I really can’t be grateful yet. 686 more words


I refuse to be his mistress

A mistress isn’t a bad thing. But if after a few months into a strong relationship, one person starts developing strong feelings for the other and yearns for these feelings to be mutual, and desires a long lasting real relationship, being a mistress just isn’t enough. 606 more words



Is it bad that I lay in bed at night and crave his touch? I, the queen of saying no to everything, because everything they did to me either hurt or threw me off, have now tasted a bit of this sweet fruit with him and can’t get enough. 524 more words


Wanting love, getting sex in return

After having said no several times and not being able to “open up” physically, he asked me what the problem is, suggesting that perhaps I was abused or went through some sexual trauma. 685 more words


What I'm afraid of

Shy and inexperienced, my fears have encompassed my personal life, preventing me from enjoying these acts of pleasure. A plus side to starting a sexual life at a teenage age means doing things with the wrong people but knowing how to do them, and having it all behind you. 313 more words


Waking up at 5

He told me a while back that the time best for him is in the wee hours of the day. I’ve never been a morning person. 644 more words