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Ha! No Wonder

I see someone bragging about the vast experience they’ve have in life and then about how they were born in 1994, and I proceed to laugh out loud. 14 more words

My Thoughts on Romance

I guess the timing for this post is quite good, as Valentine’s day is tomorrow. Are you as alone as I am? I hope not. If you my dear readers, are anything like me, you are once again spending this Valentine‚Äôs day alone. 563 more words


I was brought up under strict rules at home and I didn’t rebel against my parents until I was 18. During that year, I frequently ran away from home after a fall out with my parents and stayed over at friend’s house.

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Three Ultra-Basic Ways To Come Up With Story Ideas In Genres You Don't Normally Write In

During a random conversation a while before I originally wrote this article, I was asked by someone to come up with random ideas for romance novels. 642 more words



Although I have been writing since I was small, I feel like I’m technology challenged when it comes to blog sites. I use to have a blog on Blogger, and even with that I didn’t quite know how to reach out to people or make my blog organized. 72 more words


Thuja Green Big Spacing

Specialists will have delphinium seeds obtainable at this time of the year. Very quickly, you have a pleasant covering of Creeping Daisy with yellow flowers across the giant leaves of the Elephant Ears. 1,039 more words

Vital Variations You Need To Know about Kratom Alkaloids

Whenever you ingest Kratom leaves, dietary supplements or powder, it reaches to stomach. Alkaloids of Kratom are absorbed and change into part of the blood stream. 511 more words

Kratom Alkaloids