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Documenting my Experience - Post One

I received a tip from my mentor teacher from my final internship to create a blog documenting my experiences as a teacher. This will be my first year teaching so I am sure veteran teachers will find this refreshing to reflect on their first year as well. 54 more words


The Ugly

So far, in my three months of newly singleness, I had one awful date.
We had a drink, midtown.

He was alright, looks-wise.  But he was slow. 245 more words


Camping With Goldilocks

You boys will want to get into a sleeping bag.

I’m fine, Dad. It’s a very warm night.

Okay, but it might not be so warm in the morning.

764 more words
Personal Development

Teen(inexperienced) Driving Issues

Many adults complain about teen drivers. These adults are experienced drivers who, for the most part, have broken the law at some point in time. From what I have seen, teen drivers are more cautious than experienced drivers that I know – hint hint that I know. 103 more words

A Break

After working at the hospital for going on two months, I can honestly say I like it. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still hard at times. 361 more words

In the Beginning

In 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from a great college. In 2011, I decided to go back.

Three years later, I graduated with an AASN and passed boards…I was a Registered Nurse. 600 more words


What's love? 

Everyone’s always like ‘fuck love’ but they don’t even know what love is. A crush is not love, it’s just infatuation. Love is something half the people talking about love haven’t even experienced yet. 137 more words