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Why is the new LG commercial with Jason Statham so enjoyable?

You’ve probably seen it. It’s on all the time. If not, here it is:

Here’s the thing: I really don’t like Jason Statham’s acting. Crank  193 more words


To a somewhere-lover - A Poem

Please introduce me to myself.
When I pass you in some hall,
let our eyes meet.
And when you see me in the street,
let me know you. 95 more words


Imagen Misteriosa en Querétaro

Nombre, no se tú, pero esto si es cañon. Dijo en una nota publicada por tvnotas.com, apareció una silueta con alas en el Pueblo Mágico de Bernal en Querétaro. 75 more words


Cocktails, built to federal standards

I’ve picked up some curious artifacts in my reckless cocktail expeditioning. One of the most curious curios so far is this: A 1974 engineering diagram issued by the U.S. 438 more words

Cocktail History

Just One Day Closer to the Apocalypse ...

No seriously, thanks a lot rubberheads … see you in hell …. 


Clown Hitting Condoms With Bat

This here thing, it’s pure poetry. It’s fine art. You cannot argue with it.

I have no clue about the divine inspiration behind this bit of creativity. 33 more words

The Disappearance of Owen Parfitt: Is it Better to Burn Out or Fade Away?

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away” – Douglas MacArthur

Before Neil Young sang Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black), and frankly before Rock ‘n Roll even existed, the question of whether it is better to burn out than to fade away had existential significance.  1,385 more words