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Hello, I must be going...for now

Both loyal readers of A Measured Spirit may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since … um, spring? Yes, that’s about right.

I’m sad and annoyed — dis-spirited! 295 more words

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“We tolerate the unexplained but not the inexplicable”

Erving Goffman



You came into my life

Last year

April to May

Then you were gone

After Mother’s Day

Now like an annual

Birthday gift

You appeared… 110 more words


Day 1590: The inexplicable

Lately, I’ve been encountering lots of human behavior I find inexplicable. Indeed, I’ve been inexplicably signing emails

Confused and confusing,


If “inexplicable” is inexplicable to you, let’s explain it:

169 more words
Personal Growth

Annals of rookie bartenders, Vol. XXVI.a.77: La Nariz Congelada 

Placed before me at a random mezcaleria in Healdsburg, California:


“Maybe that should be served up, without the ice cube?” said I.

The waitress baby-sitting the bar this early afternoon referred to the handwritten guide the head bartender had left behind the counter. 230 more words


I Danced with a Man with No Legs (and Other Inexplicable Moments)

Coincidences? I like to think that things happen for a reason and if you take the time to analyze each situation, you will come up with its rationale. 520 more words


Twinsies or Nah? Mila Kunis & Valerie Harper

You know when you notice that two celebrities look really similar and then you cannot unsee the similarities? I’ve got a major case of the Time Travel Twinsies right now and I need to get this off my chest so that I can think about something else. 178 more words