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Green tea, the virtuous

It’s worse than hot water I think. It’s bitter. It’s thinner than water, if that were possible. Can anything which tastes so vile and also sort of pointless, really have any substance? 723 more words

Womanly Woes

The Second Car?

A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation.

When I first heard this, I went Yes! 620 more words

Being Mommy

Come guys, lets take a photo

I’m not photogenic. I am also pudgy and often far too hairy. I have frequent bad hair days. And with all of this, I also have busy days, where vanity takes a back seat to naps, quality kiddy time, reading, day dreaming and what not. 311 more words

Being Mommy

That inexplicable Noise

Cuba, Nov 28 – The science has warned that mankind will gradually go deaf slowly as the increasing and uncontrolled technological development and noise continues, and it is stated that the related danger increases for those ones who violate the acceptable decibels norms or keep abusing of that vital and a sensible organ: the human ear. 445 more words


Distant Encounters: the Delightful Stupidity of Skinwalker Ranch's Bulletproof Wolf

Nessie, Area 51, Roswell: names like this define UFO and paranormal lore. This is not a series about them. In Distant Encounters, we tour the strangest, most isolated tales of encounters with the unknown.

499 more words
Incredible Imagery

Happy Endings?

Here I am, I know after a long time. It feels good to be here again. I hope all my readers are doing good and even if you are not, don’t worry, things will be good eventually. 429 more words


May the real Eminem clone please stand up?

A thread about Lindsey Lohan’s reaction to Harvey Weinstein produces this utter gem:

…right then!

The joy of this is how it doesn’t really evolve, but just… 117 more words