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Q&A: Inexplicable

The one hundred-fourteenth question for the Q&A section of this blog is: “What is the most inexplicable thing you’ve ever witnessed?”

At first, I wasn’t sure I had an answer to this, because I have a terrible memory…now, I’m pretty sure I do have an answer, but I don’t think I’m going to give it. 121 more words


An Apology to All the Things I Never Said

There’s something about silence. Just, just stopping for a minute and not saying anything or preaching anything or relaying anything. It hits me hard from time to time—sometimes several times in a day; mid-conversation my lips close down for a while, just like that. 726 more words


Heart Has No Rules (Trimeric)

Awhile back I learned of the Trimeric form from Jules, and like it rather a lot.  There are no rules for syllable count, or rhyme and meter—the interesting format goes like this:  there are… 199 more words


Flashback Friday: RIP Time Cube

Time Cube, one of the great weird websites, one of the great oddities of the early-00s, a beloved icon until it turned randomly racist, is no more. 26 more words

Incredible Imagery

Obama Just Had His Hand Slapped Hard By Fed Judge Who Blocks This ‘Inexplicable’ Overreach

Source: Western Journalism

Calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest effort to extend its control over virtually all U.S. waterways “inexplicable, arbitrary and devoid of reasoned process,” a federal judge has just blocked another attempt by President Obama to bypass Congress. 142 more words


19 Celebrities With Inexplicable Food And Booze Brands

1. Katy Perry now has a personal flavor of Popchips. View this image › Getty Images / popchips.com Why are they called kettle corn if they’re chips? 133 more words


At school we are taught that the world is round.

That the brain we have, and the heart that beats,

Are just certain things which someone has found. 15 more words

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