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Messed Up

I’ve been physically sick the last few days.

When my father passed away last year, it sadly happened when he was traveling in a small town in Haryana, a couple of hours drive from Delhi. 1,068 more words


Accept Our Existence

“We must accept our existence as far as ever it is possible; everything, even the unheard of, must be possible there. That is fundamentally the only courage which is demanded of us: to be brave in the face of the strangest, most singular and most inexplicable things that can befall us. 73 more words


What is Love?

What is Love? as Haddaway once sang (over a rather catchy electro-funk backing track which, in case you’re unfamiliar with it, I’ve linked at the bottom of this post a version of it with some natty street dancing licks.) 145 more words

Life Stuff

Old Man Yells At Streetlight

The SJW Illuminati New World Order NPC Soy Boy Triple-Bracket Bugman Antifa Supersoldier Normie Virtue Signaler Soros-funded Cultural Marxist Cuck plot to forever plunge western civilization – that totally unified society that’s always shared values and heritage, even when at war with each other for 90% of human history – into degeneracy and an age of ceaseless hypersensitivity has unveiled its latest plan, and the only person brave enough to speak out against hypersensitivity is some dweebus screaming at a traffic light because it hurt his feelings. 473 more words

Incredible Imagery


i didn’t fall in love with you


it wasn’t a fall

it was more being pushed


sucked in

a tornado came from out of nowhere and grabbed me and launched me through the air… 191 more words


How to get over a toxic relationship



It is something that is poisonous. Something that is harmful, unsafe and hideous. A toxic relationship can be with anyone. Not necessarily your partner but also friends, colleagues or even your well-wishers. 516 more words


Kids were better at almost dying, and they were also better at incorporating the inexplicable into their lives. They believed implicitly in the invisible world. Miracles both bright and dark were to be taken into consideration, oh yes, most certainly, but they by no means stopped the world. – It, Stephen King

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