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I don’t understand
What that word’s supposed to mean
No one will explain


Inexplicable (adj):

Yo no te puedo decir si siempre voy a sentir así
Aunque pueda resultar que no eres el amor de mi vida
Tu eres el gran amor en este instante
Quiero perderme en tu momento

You happened.

“The One That God Allowed.”
I read this phrase today on a post by a famous singer who recently got engaged.
The phrase seemed to bring attention to romantic epiphanies and momentous meant-to-bes. 418 more words

Little Things

Unnoticed Inexplicables.

Have you ever been chased by rain,
running to catch up with you,
roaring right behind, never out of breath,
the roof just three steps away. 236 more words

Poetry Or Something.

Prometheus a Hero?

Prometheus a Hero?

Is the Promethean outcry of atheists against the gods actually heroic? Back when I was somewhat agnostic, I thought so, especially when reading science-fiction. 386 more words

Religion And Philosophy

Hell: Don't go there 

Sometimes the most valuable public service we can render here at A Measured Spirit Global Headquarters is harm reduction.

And so:

Do. Not. Make. This. Drink. 225 more words


Green tea, the virtuous

It’s worse than hot water I think. It’s bitter. It’s thinner than water, if that were possible. Can anything which tastes so vile and also sort of pointless, really have any substance? 723 more words

Womanly Woes