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David's Census Disproves Biblical Inerrancy Theory

I love the Bible.  I love it so much!  I love it flaws and all…

But whenever people try to tell me that it is flawless and inerrant, I feel like they have taken away from the book I love.   1,400 more words

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Christ: filter or lens? Is Steve Chalke's hermeneutic right?

Steve Chalke argues that because Jesus is the infallible Word of God and the one to whom Scripture points, we must read Scripture in the light of his life and teaching. 438 more words


..but the Bible doesn't claim to be the Word of God does it? - more on the Steve Chalke debate

One of the oddest arguments by professing Christians in the most recent Steve Chalke dispute is “The Bible doesn’ claim to be the Word of God.” It’s an odd claim because: 476 more words


Steve Chalke Responds: Is the Bible the Word of God? Is it infallible?

Following David Robertson’s robust critique of his position, Premier Christianity invited Steve Chalke to respond and explain more about how he understood Scripture.

You can read Steve’s article… 1,895 more words


Are Catholic marriage annulments infallible?

Q. I already knew that in the Catholic Church marriage is forever, but I only recently learned that that also includes in instances of infidelity. I’m aware there’s such a thing as annulment declaring the marriage as not valid in the first place but only some are “granted” this. 1,123 more words

Canon Law

R. C. Sproul on the Bible

Holy Scripture, as the inspired Word of God witnessing authoritatively to Jesus Christ, may properly be called infallible and inerrant.  These negative terms have a special value, for they explicitly safeguard crucial positive truths. 235 more words

Biblical Authority

Making Sense of Papal Infallibility

“The church, to survive, needed a visible principle of unity, viz., the papacy. For the papacy to function effectively as the visible principle of unity however, the office needed to be endowed with the gift of infallibility. 44 more words