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Is the Pope really infallible?

Yes. But the Pope speaks infallibly only when he defines a dogma in a solemn ecclesiastical act (“ex cathedra”), in other words, makes an authoritative decision in doctrinal questions of faith and morals. 798 more words


Poll: Authority of the Bible vs. the Church's Teachings

Here’s a poll for you.  Have we gone too far in rejecting the authority in the church, or not far enough?  Find out where your church or congregation stands on authority–on the bible alone, or also on the teachings and traditions of the church? 271 more words


Of Replay Review, Criminal Justice, and Human Fallibility

Last Saturday evening, in the rematch of all rematches here in the Badger state, the Wisconsin basketball team played and beat Kentucky in the national semifinal. 1,442 more words

Day 18: Blind faith in my own cognitive faculties

Numerous studies in psychology and neuroscience have shown that our cognitive faculties are unreliable. Yet I am here, realizing again and again that my unbelief in God is grounded on my belief in the reliability of my cognitive faculties. 311 more words

Do the Gospels contradict each other?

I’ve sometimes heard this asked by someone experiencing a crisis-of-faith. More often, it’s turned around into an emphatic statement by someone who’s antagonistic to the Christian faith. 2,539 more words


Biblical Infallability

This particular post is quite different from all the other posts of this series. It tackles a question regarding factual truth, not functional truth.

The reason that I am doing this is to paint a picture of why this doctrine is rather a poor position to take. 3,048 more words


Authority and Knowledge

Authority and Knowledge

By Rousas John Rushdoony

 When men discuss epistemology, it is their desire to be as “objective” and “scientific” as possible, and to convey the impression that theirs is a concern with conclusions open to all men by any fair standards. 3,005 more words