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"Come Sunday" asks: what about hell?

If there’s one movie that I have to recommend watching this year, it’s “Come Sunday” (premiered on Netflix just last Friday): the real-life story of the crisis-of-faith experienced by Carlton Pearson, a highly successful Pentecostal Bishop and preacher, and which asks some really important questions for the church/believers today. 1,778 more words


Do we really believe in Sola Scriptura?

I’m Reformed Baptist in belief. I embrace the Five Solas. I cling to TULIP. I believe in the absolute authority and sovereignty of God and the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture. 640 more words


PSALMS 59 & 60


Background. A lament with political overtones, maybe from a king, focused on the “nations” (goyim) that are creating problems for “the city” of the Hebrews. 2,731 more words

Roman Catholicism

If God Doesn’t Speak through the Bible then How Does God Speak?

Recently, I published an article titled The Bible Clearly Says’ is Always a Seriously Misguided Statement in which I contended that the Bible does not speak in one voice (the voice of God) but in the many voices of the various authors. 1,294 more words


Daily Devotional Acts 1:15-26

  1. Pray, lifting your requests before God and praising Him for His goodness. Be sure to ask Him to speak to your heart during your devotional time.
  2. 554 more words


I only dream

that the first time is the only time

to do something.

I only dream

that no one can find complaint

omission or regret. 30 more words


"Thou shalt not ..." Period. End of story.

I’ve heard all kinds of arguments raised against Christian faith. These can range from the really difficult (the problem of evil —“theodicy”—is perhaps the toughest) to the really quite juvenile, such as “can God make a rock so big that even he can’t lift it?” Imagine my surprise when I heard a rock-too-big argument being made by Christians themselves. 2,242 more words