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Inspiration of Scriptures

This doctrine (article faith) is basic to all others, for what do we know about God, ourselves, salvation, etc. apart from the Bible?  And if the Bible is not infallible (contains error), then “the game is up”.   489 more words

Tightrope Walking

I heard one Christian ask: isn’t it possible to believe in the historical Jesus, even in his miracles and divinity, without believing in the inspiration of Paul? 2,748 more words

Biblical Inerrancy

Internet commenter obtains Papal Infallibilty

A proud Wexford man was the talk of Gorey today, when it was discovered that he had obtained papal infallibility which, in layman’s terms, means that he cannot do or say any wrong. 147 more words

Social Media

On Infallibility: The Holy Spirit speaking through men

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines infallible to mean not capable of being wrong or making mistakes. So to be infallible means that proposition or information produced is always correct and true and cannot be otherwise. 957 more words


Objectivity, Sanctity, Infallibility : Church Administration

Time immemorial, different civilizations have established certain  cultures. This culture encompasses a vast array of norms and beliefs. Undeniably, each one of these civilizations has a defined set of deities, doctrines, and rules. 585 more words

Infallibility and the Sensus Fidelium

After Vatican I, Newman suggests that a condition, in the order of knowing, for the reception of a magisterial dogmatic definition — conciliar in this case, but applying equally to papal  263 more words

John Henry Newman

Theopneustos: How Scriptural Understanding Influences Application

Why is it that individuals who begin on the right path in ministry fall from their theological foundation? From my studies in ecclesiastical history, I have found a common thread. 1,163 more words