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Editor's Pick: N. T. Wright on Biblical Authourity

I read something this morning that I would like to share with you all.  I hope you will take the time to read it and be blessed by it.   186 more words


June 22: What is Theology Saying? X: Papal Infallibility II.

So, what about Humanae Vitae? The German bishops, advised by Rahner, issued a statement telling the people the importance of the encyclical and its primary aim to protect the person and the sanctity of marriage. 418 more words

Daily Reflections

Infallibility clarifications

Class date: 6/3/18

  1. The qualities of infallibility, authority, and indefectibility are closely intertwined.
    • Authority means __? (Christ gives Church power to act in His name to teach, govern, and sanctify.)
  2. 672 more words
2017 Class

9 May: What is Theology Saying? IV: Every believer has a part to play.

According to the ordinary knowledge of the universe current at the time, it could not have occurred to the theologians or Church authority that when Genesis speaks of the six days of creation, and itemises what happened on each day, that this was poetic rather than literal. 460 more words

Daily Reflections

Numbers 14:12 A Contradiction or Troublesome Translation?

The following is mainly a commentary on a couple particular verses in Numbers 14. They had long plagued the author because he could not reconcile their ideas to the rest of Scripture, but the kind Lord has finally lead him to make sense of what the issues are and what the answers are to understand how the verses in the original language do not contradict the rest of Scripture. 2,172 more words

Did Apostle Paul write against women?

Here is an article where I deal with the ignorant atheists, #feminists and liberals who question and condemn the writings of #ApostlePaul claiming that He was against women. 1,359 more words

"Come Sunday" asks: what about hell?

If there’s one movie that I have to recommend watching this year, it’s “Come Sunday” (premiered on Netflix just last Friday): the real-life story of the crisis-of-faith experienced by Carlton Pearson, a highly successful Pentecostal Bishop and preacher, and which asks some really important questions for the church/believers today. 1,778 more words