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My Heart Is Too Small

I don’t know if it was the glow of the salt lamp radiating off your cherub cheeks or the way the air escaped your sweet lips as I cradled your tiny body in my arms, rocking gently in the dark of night. 104 more words

British PM defends Brexit views

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BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May said overnight it was wrong to say a \u201chard Brexit\u201d was inevitable, after sterling fell to a 10-week low following comments interpreted as a signal she would prioritise border controls over EU market access. 5,240 more words

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Who Really Influences Your Child's Eating Habits?

In the article Childhood Diet Habits Set in Infancy, Studies Suggest by Catherine Saint Louis, there were 11 studies done that showed the importance of introducing healthy diet foods such as fruits and veggies into a child’s infant years. 657 more words



Dear child  you will fall while you walk,

You will cry when you talk.

Mummy may sing you the lullaby.

Father may name you “Cutie pie”. 75 more words


Six Month Update

Boxing Day is Elizabeth’s half birthday! She is now six months old. ^_^ Here is a little update on what she is like and what she’s been up to lately. 379 more words


One More, Even Better Question for Christmas Eve

Where was Jesus born?

Answer:  Bethlehem, maybe.  Nazareth, maybe.

Either way, we cool.

Food For Thought

3 Months Old!

We are liking 3 months – more smiles, more sleep, more cooing, and no getting into mischief yet! It has been so much fun to watch the babies gain more awareness of the world around them. 889 more words