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who is my brother?

a boy
from a ruined

where is my sister?

being seen
by a ghost

am I alone? 37 more words

7 Months Old!

Our little love bugs are definitely developing their own personalities! Norah enjoys snuggling mommy and daddy or just sitting in a chair and soaking in the world. 303 more words

Inside the little ones.

Babies are always dumbstruck. They have the mininum amount of understanding about what’s going. I was going home on the elevator where there was this woman with a child on her arms. 524 more words

SRCD 2017

Here are my abstract and poster for SRCD 2017.

We recently submitted this work for publication, so stay tuned!


Chapter XIX. Growth During Infancy.

IN this diagram B is the spiritual mind in three degrees answering to the angelic heavens the highest or celestial degree of which is a; C is the natural mind in three degrees answering to the world of spirits, the lowest degree of which is b. 3,255 more words


< Chapter XVIII. Man at Birth. ^ Discrete Degrees ^ Chapter XIX. Growth During Infancy. >

As a Supplement to the foregoing and a Preliminary to childhood preparation for regeneration we add that even at birth the very initial of this preparation has already been taken, by influx of innocence and peace from the LORD through heaven into the infant during the entire period of gestation. 594 more words


Looking back,

I have a vague sense of remembrance

Of one specific memory – of a memory.


This so-called memory is just myself

Recognizing a photo of my three-year-old self. 96 more words