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Societal stability during upbringing

How important is it that a child in the clutches of infancy maintains a connectedness to the nation and society to which they were born into? 496 more words

The "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...With a New Baby" List

When I brought my first baby home from the hospital, I had about a million expectations that were soon blown out of the water by reality. 1,324 more words

28 Day Challenge

A Year Older

When I was born at day break

I cried to let them know

I arrived

Felt the slap and I wailed louder

I am alive and healthy… 126 more words

Poems (Tulaan)

Spirit duct

Confronting legions afresh,
Smoldered on a rusty lane,
Of shadows thumping numb,
Alive in despair,
Wretched more forgotten,
The eyes none shame…

Underneath mellow sanctions, 109 more words


Poem: First Memory

Sitting in his chair watching the man with big pockets
he slaps the wooden tabletop, high, dry, and cool.
Brown shiny wood, very good for his hands to slap… 99 more words

Louis William Rose

Summer's back!

We aren’t the most frequent of swimmers in our family. So little so, that these Ouch trunks have been in action for over a year – this photo was taken in the New Year of 2014.  136 more words

Kids Style

9 Witty Comebacks For the Nursing Mom Who's Insulted in Public

Nursing my daughter was one of the most blissful times in my life.

Yet when I first started to nurse her in public, I was nervous about criticism. 31 more words