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Baby Sign Language: The 6 Signs We Found Most Useful

 I’ll admit I was a little skeptical towards baby sign language at first. I thought it’d be one of those things that’s cool in theory… 612 more words


Super rainy weekend; talking tennis, memory, your awesome dad, and my health

Hey Lucas!

Well it is a very rainy weekend.  We had some strong storms with a lot of thunder and lightening that woke you up early.  2,479 more words

10 Things that make me feel like a mom...

Motherhood is hands down the hardest job I’ve ever had. And adjusting to this season of life has been by far the most difficult adjustment I have faced thus far in my 27 years of life. 788 more words


Like a Rainbow

Your true colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

True Colors – Cindy Lauper

I might have written about this before. I don’t know. I don’t care.

87 more words

13th months old & 2nd Mother's Day

Hey Lucas!

Today is Mother’s Day, which is a day after your 13th month birthday.  I can’t believe how fast time is moving.  It really puts me into a head spin trying to capture memories before they fade as there are so many and time is a cruel metronome.  2,703 more words

In Which Pooh and Piglet go Digital...

Every now and again we ‘olds’ get a signal that we have lived for long enough.

There is a ‘trial’ (appropriate word) happening in Manchester, England which weighs children annually from the age of three, informing parents through a website if their little darlings are ‘obese’. 257 more words

Your 1st birthday...this took me forever to write.

Hey Lucas!

You turned one yesterday.  I was holding you at 2:26 a.m., which is when you were born, and even though I slept through that time I was so happy to have you in my arms as we crossed the one year milestone.  1,926 more words