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Photo of the Day: Nido

“The studies which have been made of early infancy leave no room for doubt: the first two years are important for ever, because in that period, one passes from being nothing into being something.” (San Remo Lectures, 1949) 11 more words


So hungry!

Gosh it’s been ages since I’ve updated, hasn’t it?! I don’t remember what all I wrote before, so here’s a short re-cap of things:

A couple of weeks ago you came down with a pretty awful bout of projectile vomiting. 495 more words


What to watch for while choosing a breast pump

The first time I ever heard of expressing breast milk was when my own children were babies. Back then I was awe struck by my friend N’s tales of her American friend from the ashram who had so much milk that she would express her milk and freeze it in packets to give to other nursing mothers who had difficulty in producing their own breast milk. 321 more words


How to quieten a crying baby.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been pretty lax this month. This is because I’ve literally had my hands full – of babies that is. 335 more words


Alter Ego

So I was procrastinating today and I stumbled across a link on The Facebook. A friend of a friend had written something about some game called  340 more words

Through the first week!

Hello love!

Well, we made it through the first week of me being at work and you going to daycare (or “preschool-prep” as we’re calling it). 341 more words


6 Signs You Are in Denial Over Your Child's Problem

When our kids have problems, it’s the worst feeling in the world as a parent. All we want to do is solve the problem, but sometimes we can’t. 157 more words