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Steps to Starting Solids

Hello beautiful ladies!

My DMs have been going crazy with questions regarding how I started solids with Scarlett. I post little clips on Instagram Stories of how I prep or purée her meals, but honestly the videos are too short for me to chit chat about all the steps or how I started. 802 more words


10 Months Old and Adventures in Brasil!

In the past month, we have visited Avenida Paulista, Liberdade, and Casa de Francisca in São Paulo and have taken weekend trips to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. 1,039 more words

Reading books to infants, and how I adapt the experience for them.

BOOK TIPS FOR THE YOUNGER INFANT (non-crawling to 18 months)

Infants, both immobile (can’t yet move their body around a space independently) and mobile (army crawling, crawling, cruising, and walking) LOVE to have books read to them.   645 more words

Early experiences in childhood

Humans have the adaptive potential to be able to survive and live in sub-zero conditions, in oxygen-deprived altitudes and in blistering desert conditions. Humans can also survive and develop while receiving diverse nurturing inputs: loving empathetic care, strict and regimented care, or even abuse and neglect. 777 more words

Child Development


Remember the first time you were scared, but not really…

Sometime around that time, your infancy left.

Remember the last time it all felt so easy, but not really… 43 more words


9 Months Old & Adventures in Brasil!

Naomi & Norah



Uncle Pat, Norah, & Naomi

Naomi & Norah


Norah & Naomi. One of our last few days nannying.

Norah & Naomi… 1,494 more words