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6 Things You Need To Know About Nursing

My nursing relationship with my daughter was wonderful. Did I leak sometimes in not-so optimal places? Yes. Did I sometimes feel like a glorified cow? Oui. 217 more words


Throwback Thursday - Little Brothers

Sometimes looking back at old photos from when the kids were really little makes me super happy and I laugh, and other times I just want to cry. 37 more words


Another Perspective

Last evening I called my friend who works at legal aid, and also serves as a GAL for family court.  My therapist and my boss both asked me if there was not someone with experience I could talk to, someone who knows foster kids and the system. 299 more words

Attachment Styles in Adult Relationships

Reading about attachment styles and therapy today and pondering on a few things. There are 4 main types of attachment styles: secure, anxious/preoccupied/resistant, avoidant and disorganized.  361 more words


Developmental Milestones

Recently the Child Growth and Development students have discussed the developmental milestones of infants. As we move through our curriculum, the students are currently learning about the physical, intellectual, and social/emotional development throughout the infancy stage. 106 more words


Writing About Generations, New Life.....My poem Comforter


Wrapped in eiderdown

nest, a contented fledgling,

my child dreams of flight.

Creative Writing

Societal stability during upbringing

How important is it that a child in the clutches of infancy maintains a connectedness to the nation and society to which they were born into? 496 more words