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Single Parent Adoption : A New Outlook

ADOPTION OF CHILDREN had been prevailing in our society from quite centuries. Adoption offers a wonderful opportunity for a child in need of a family. One must keep in mind the main goal is to place a child by considering what is in the child’s best interest and to place other assumptions aside. 473 more words

Adoption Of Children

Can Jupiter Start Mankind Thinking as One?

The Earth probe Juno is still sending out wonderfully detailed images of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. If you are like myself, you are awed by its beauty. 129 more words


Happy 2018 Little Man!

Hey Lucas!

We are celebrating New Year’s Eve! And I never finished that. Here we go again!

I wrote on your 8th month Birthday last month, so I’ll try to be ahead of the curve here. 3,727 more words

Separation anxiety

Many of us feel anxious to get out of our Comfort Zone- Be it our houses or the place we grew up or our work places when we have spent for quite sometime. 255 more words


8 Months Old - A Time Blitz

Hey Lucas! It is November 9th and this week has been a little hard. I think we will be saying goodbye to your Dad’s longtime, super sweet kitty, Ivy. 3,896 more words

The Continuum Concept - the book that might very possibly change your life (and your baby's)

While I was translating a very comprehensive, highly readable and positive book by Katy Elphinstone “Autism and Asperger’s, Advice for Parents and Carers” into German, I also came across some other very helpful and inspiring titles. 379 more words


You hear it time and time again: “Children are just too expensive!” You need new furniture, all the clothing, a complete sterilising system for the bottles (breastfeeding seems not such a bad idea), bucket loads of pampers (ever heard of old fashioned cloth nappies?), decorate the nursery (coupled with a lot of anxiety if it should be pink or blue, while in the current “genderophobic” climate it is best left in white), the list goes on….

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