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Mom and Thad's first non-doctor adventure!

(Don’t mind the crazy hair — it’s been raining for ages lately and this humidity isn’t doing me any favours!)

So the title’s a smidge misleading — we¬† 117 more words


Pump it, pump it!

Okay little guy, it’s official: I will now only feed you on the right side and pump the left for the next few days until this nipple heals up a bit. 184 more words


Diagnosis: more antibiotics and a breast surgeon appointment

Yeah, you read that properly. I’m now on my fourth antibiotic in as many weeks with this bloody mastitis (the breastmilk culture came back as responsive to even just plain ol’ penicillin, so it’s not MRSA-related, thankfully) and the doctor wants me to see a breast surgeon on the chance that there’s a pocket of infection that keeps reinfecting the entire breast. 465 more words


Once more, with feeling: the return of the bright-red boob

So, last Friday I finished my third antibiotic. I was so hopeful that, while my breast was still a pale pink and it still burned after a feeding if I didn’t take ibuprofen regularly, that maybe that was just how it was supposed to be, that maybe this was all part of the healing process. 1,060 more words


Growth spurt

Omg Thad plz, for the love of all that’s holy or assumed holy, plz go to sleep. You have been awake for more than six hours now and the majority of that has been spent at my breasts — or screaming at them, because you’ve drained them and they have nothing more to give and you don’t mind whatsoever in telling me that this is a completely unacceptable state of affairs. 248 more words


Hiatus and frequency of posts

So, updating this regularly is a bit harder than I had anticipated, son. All the thoughts and revelations I have on a daily basis end up seeming so tawdry when put into text here. 223 more words


Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction...

Nothing worried me more as an expectant mom than the possibility of not being able to breastfeed my baby. Having dreams of cradling her close, feeling her warmth, and inhaling her intoxicating scent while providing her what she needs is all wanted most. 602 more words

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