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Buenos Aires

Our flight to Buenos Aires was our third delayed flight (out of 3 on our post-Brazil adventures). The babies did pretty well considering that the flight was during their bedtime. 624 more words

Iguazu Falls

We were excited that we got to sit together on the plane! We learned that in July many South American schools have off, so it is high season for traveling. 546 more words


We flew to Salta after our adventure in Iguazu. The Puerto Iguazú airport was tiny and security opened 45 minutes before the flight. Derek and I both had rows to ourselves, so the babies were able to take their morning nap. 607 more words

Let's talk about the tragedy of teen suicide...because it has happened again here in your hometown


Hey Lucas!

You are just over 5 months old now.  I have been working a lot!  I feel bad missing so many of your bedtimes.  3,590 more words

Still Face

I don’t know if I read it into my memory.

She would sit at the table, sorting receipts or reading, or clearing out the accumulated contents of her purse. 435 more words

What could a baby possibly learn from Attending a Montessori program? How an AMI Montessori guide (teacher) supports a babies' development

I had a realization the other day that I have written a number of posts on the blog at this point while completely neglecting to explain to the world what an AMI Montessori guide for infants and toddlers actually does.   1,194 more words

20 weeks tomorrow and time is flying!

Hey Lucas!

It is a nice Tuesday morning and we just got back from a quiet walk outside.  You fell asleep and continue to nap in your carrier.  2,781 more words