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6 Months In

Well this last week marked the halfway point of my second maternity leave (yes I know how lucky Canadians are). I have finally rounded the corner of my least favourite parenting time…4-6 months. 305 more words

Cry Baby

It is very true to me that when I leave my baby for a while, a constant sound of his cry keeps ringing on my head. 477 more words

God's Love

Why do you need a pram????

We were sitting in the garden the other day and I was discussing with the other newly minted grannies the merits and demerits of the different prams available in the market. 648 more words


Flashback To Infancy

I m actually pleased that I could come out of it enough to label it a flashback, to tell myself terrible things happened when I was a baby but that was a long time ago, to remember to go to the freezer for ice, to tell myself I am in an adult body now standing in my kitchen putting ice on my face, that I have options and one of them is to reach out to people. 33 more words

#SoftestforBabySkin - Pampers new pants

The pamper got soaked through in two hours. He woke up howling now still not ready to sleep on the bed. Stuffy nose n lots of farts…

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The Pamper secret to a Happy Baby

In the beginning

Being a two and a half year old grandmother ( the half is VERY important) I can proudly say that I’ve become pretty much an expert on baby poo. 912 more words



One of my very close friends, A,  has recently stopped breastfeeding her two year-old boy. Her Son was born prematurely and with tongue-tie, which made the initial breastfeeding stages a struggle. 500 more words