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Hospital Bag Must-Haves (as a second time mom)

As I mentioned in my daughter’s birth story article, when I was preparing for my first birthing experience (over two years ago now), I packed way too much and brought too many unnecessary items in my hospital bag (like reading material…HA, ha-ha, hahahahah). 999 more words


The Melbourne homes fit for a PM

We’ve taken a look at the real estate treasures occupied by the nation’s leaders that are currently on the market or have sold in recent times. 604 more words


Oh Poopy-Dukes

Raising a blog is sort of like raising a kid.

When you begin it has no teeth, no voice, makes messes that you have to clean up, and it is with you 24/7. 24 more words


We go from inside to outside.

Crying constantly- can’t talk at all.

The opposite of the sex you are is icky, to:

I want to touch- I love them all. 64 more words



You’re sick. I hate it when you’re sick. The doctor thinks you have a touch of croup — just enough to have some wheezing and to cough, but not enough to sound like a seal. 640 more words



A word by way of introduction.

This afternoon I have embarked upon the beginning of what might be expected to be somewhat straightforward – spring cleaning.   530 more words


Half the Set

Oboe spent an entire day at Grandma’s house this week while his brother went to daycare. It was the first time they had been so far apart. 645 more words