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It's been quite some time...

I realize that it’s been quite some time since I updated.  Four months, actually…which seems like forever, and yet seems like yesterday, all at the same time. 771 more words


The Moment I Met You

The moment I met you, I forgot about everything else.

As I walked in the room my eyes went straight to you in the arms of your birth mother. 134 more words


What IDoes It Really Feel Like when your Child Reunifies With Their Birth Mom (For Me)

   To take on the legal responsibilities as parent of (a child that is not one’s biological child). That’s the legal definition of adoption..which is so far from the feelings I have as a mom. 1,320 more words

Adoption is part of my 2016 New Year’s Resolution! How do I start the process? Where do I begin?

By Jessica Hartwig, Adoption Recruitment Specialist

Adoption is a journey that is often referred to as a “roller coaster” ride.  I’ve taken the ride and it’s worth the ups and downs!   626 more words


Adoption Choices: Why Infant Adoption?

Following up on my posts last week on the key adoption choices we’ve made, the last significant adoption decision we had to make was:

Infant vs Older Child… 267 more words


Adoption Choices: Why Open?

Following up from my recent post on why we chose international adoption, today I’ll discuss why we chose open adoption.

When it comes to the amount of contact adoptive family will have with the birth mother/family, there is essentially one choice to be made. 650 more words


Adoption Choices: Why International Adoption?

I’ve received some questions about why we chose what we chose when we decided to adopt.  The number of decisions you have to make in the adoption world is borderline insane.  807 more words