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Home Study Finalized!

It’s official!! We are Home Study approved!!!

The last few months have been very busy for us not only with the home study process but also by working on getting everything in order for after being approved. 134 more words

The Home Study has Arrived!

Hi Everyone!

Well we have been assigned to our social worker, Mykelti, and have officially started our final steps to completing our Home Study!  It is hard to believe that we are at this point in the process but we both are so excited to be this far.  70 more words


The Wait.

I understand that I’ve been approved for only a bit over three months, but I’ve been waiting for years. You don’t wake up one day and decide to adopt. 227 more words


Piece By Piece Puzzle fundraiser

***Update! You have claimed over $4,000 in puzzle pieces! We are so excited!

David and I are doing a fundraiser right now on Facebook to help with the cost of our adoption. 389 more words

We're baaaaack!!!!

Hi everyone! The last time you heard from us was in November and Andrew had just lost his job completely unexpectedly. We were totally blindsided but trusted God that it was happening for a reason. 230 more words


Adoption is Not the Answer to Abortion. I am Pro Life and Anti Out of Family Infant Adoption. Here's How It Works.

I am adopted and I am also pro-life unless there is a medical emergency where the mother would die or has a high chance of dying, that’s it and that’s only for early in the pregnancy. 1,766 more words

Adoption Exposed

#FrancisPartyof4: MATCHED!!!!

#francispartyof4 UPDATE!!!!! This is us!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!.

We are adopting a baby GIRL 🎀 this July from Utah! Please continue to pray for our brave birth mama and this sweet baby in her womb! 💝

Substance Over Shadows