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It's only halftime.

I lost my job on November 12th. No warning. Out of the blue. No good reason. With the holidays staring me square in the eyes, mortgage payments and bills to be payed, I got a stock email alerting me that my services as a sports writer with were no longer needed. 1,155 more words


Adoption: Bridging the gap between 'us' and 'them'

It’s November! Happy National Adoption month, y’all! Lately, I’ve been going through a whirlwind of emotion.

My mom recently brought it to my attention that not everyone understands and/or agrees with adoption, and that in fact a lot of people do everything in their power to avoid adoption. 674 more words


The Big Question: Why Adopt?

Eleven days ago we publicly announced that we are going to follow our hearts and pursue adoption. Since then we have been met with support, but we have also had a lot of people ask questions about our intentions. 1,042 more words


Step 1: Take a step

It was a simple email and most likely just a stock email automatically sent to us, but I already have a feeling that it’s a message that’s going to change the rest of our lives. 840 more words


The Wait...Month Five

We are officially five months into our wait for baby J.  It’s been hard at times, worrying if we’re going with the right agency, if we should sign with two agencies at the same time, worried we’ll never be picked.   88 more words


The Wait...Month Four

We’re a little over four months in our wait for a match.  I feel like time has been flying, but that’s probably because we’ve been trying to keep busy this summer.  108 more words


Adoption Profile Book

An adoption profile book is used to show expectant mothers what their child’s life would be like if she chooses you to parent her child.  I spent several weeks working on our profile book and looked at many examples online so I wanted to add another example to the internet for those of you working on your profile book.   127 more words