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Through the Process

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but we’ve been anything but quiet!  Over the past few months, we’ve been going through the process of a domestic infant adoption, and today was our home visit!   32 more words


Home Study Time!

After getting all the paperwork completed and sent into the agency, only one thing is left for our “Home Study” process…the in-house visit!  Our personal goal was to have everything turned in, and get the in-home visit scheduled, prior to leaving for our vacation.   216 more words


Paperwork, Complete!

In a previous post, I mentioned how much paperwork was involved in the home study.  And, I’ll tell you…it’s a lot!  In fact, apparently it’s enough to crash the agency’s email if you try to send it all in one email, as I did yesterday.  253 more words


Oh the paperwork...

J and I are in the middle of our home study paperwork, and oh boy is it a lot!  We have state background checks, DCS background checks, county background checks, and even a background check from the Netherlands (where we lived from 2010-2013).  271 more words


First Comes Love . . .

We all know the rhyme.

Amanda & Derek sitting in a tree
First comes love . . .
then comes marriage . . .

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My Adoption

I remember when I started talking to friends about our infertility struggles, and worrying whether we’d ever have a child.  After talking for a while, my friends would eventually touch on the subject of adoption.   721 more words


Orientation session, and a hiccup...

Yesterday, I received an email from our agency giving us options to schedule our orientation session to kick off the home study.  There were plenty of options, and luckily we were available next week to go in (since it’s during the work day, it requires a little bit of shuffling with our schedules).  585 more words