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The NEW formula!!

I’ve been holding back until now to talk about the new formula that we’ve started for River. It’s been a completely amazing discovery for us. But first I have to go back a little bit to explain. 974 more words

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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Today I’d like to share with you all a little video I made of River’s physical therapy session this week. I have found a whole new way to share information and I’m very excited about it! 167 more words


Big kid food

This week was a very busy one for such a little person! Monday: treatment for granulation tissue, a unique form of scar tissue that can grow out of control on the stoma (the site of the tube). 207 more words

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The New Mic-Key

Yesterday, 1/11/11, was a very long but very good day at the doctor’s! River had two big appointments. First was a short sweet visit with Dr. 72 more words

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Visit with Dr. Pickens

Today was River’s follow up at the GI clinic. She saw Dr. Michael Pickens and her dietician Judy. The picture here is of Dr. Pickens treating the granulation tissue that is beginning to form on her wound site of the tube. 519 more words

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Surgery follow-up

On Friday River had a truly busy day for a baby. We saw Dr. Escobar, her general pediatric surgeon, who has now done two procedures on her. 333 more words

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River's weekly therapies

River’s week was a busy one considering she just had surgery! But she bounces back so quickly! And after all her laying around and venting all the time she really does seem to enjoy car rides and seeing different sites. 252 more words

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