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The Trouble With Babies

I have never really understood why anyone would want their babies to stay as babies. Right now it is 3:36am and I am feeding my baby. 1,297 more words

Night Risers Anonymous

Hi. My name is Nicole and my four month old does not sleep through the night.

Sleeping through the night. The holy grail of parenthood. 422 more words


The 4-month Sleep Regression

Okay, I admit it, I was full of infant-sleep hubris. See, here’s the thing, Isobel has been a champion sleeper. I mean a champion sleeper. Starting at two months old she slept from 9-4 straight. 467 more words


Must Have Baby Item: The Woombie

I’ll never forget the phone call I got from a fellow newborn care provider around 10:00 pm one night wondering if I had any Woombies on hand. 398 more words

That Girl

Number One Baby Sleep Tip!

Most of us want our babies to learn to sleep without needing our help. But sometimes it really seems like the ONLY way they will sleep is if we rock or nurse them! 424 more words

5 Ways Your Baby is Trying to Ruin Your Life

1. Your baby is on a mission to make you late for everything, ever.

You need to leave by 9:15am sharp, so you start packing her into her car seat at 9. 471 more words


Breastfeeding article posted on MSU bioethics blog

In Murphy’s Breast: Lactation Law and Advocacy in 2014, I discuss four instances in which breastfeeding parents found themselves affected by law and advocacy efforts last year. 416 more words

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