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What is a normal sleeping pattern?

Before supporting parents with sleep issues, it is important for health visitors to have the confidence to understand what sleep is and to recognise normal sleeping patterns in young children.  420 more words

Infant Sleep

Surving the 4-Month Sleep Regression

Hey there, Mama. If you’re reading this you are most likely tired. Exhausted. At the end of your rope. You’ve hit the dreaded 4-month sleep regression. 685 more words


"I Will Not Leave You Comfortless"

My babies have never been exceptionally good sleepers. I have never been able to lay them down and have them go to sleep on their own (not consistently, anyway). 963 more words


The well rested baby

Anyone who has had a baby and been within sniffing distance of a mainstream baby sleep book or received advice from a mainstream care provider would have no doubt been told that quality sleep is paramount to their baby’s growth and development and that in order to be well rested, their baby needs a certain amount of sleep for their age and to sleep in nice big chunks of time. 1,645 more words

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Safety First! AAP's New Sleeping Recommendations

It’s a fact: the more time passes, the more we learn and the safer we become as a society. This certainly holds true to all that we learn regarding infant and childhood safety. 321 more words


AAP Has New Safe Infant Sleep Recommendations

New parents are very tired and the option of a partner or other help may not be available. Knowing the safest options for safe infant sleep and what to avoid is important. 66 more words

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