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Let Him Sleep...

Recently the state of Texas mandated new safe sleep standards for daycare facilities. These new standards include no longer swaddling infants and prohibiting infants less than 12 months of life from sleeping on their tummies even if they are able to roll over independently. 302 more words

Infant Sleep

What is normal for infant & toddler sleep?

My baby is 13 months and currently has 4 teeth coming in.  Which means constant whining and fussing unless I am holding or nursing him.  Fast forward to bedtime and he’s up every 1-2 hours wanting to be held and nursed….I am one tired mama! 372 more words


Ten Tips to Help your Baby Sleep.

Before Olivia was born, I did all kinds of research about how to properly care for a baby. I had no idea how much sleep babies needed, how often they needed to be fed, etc. 1,628 more words


If I read one more post about a mum breaking down I’ll cry.

originally posted on midwif this

I am a member of a lot of mum’s groups on Facebook. Some offer information, some support others a sense of community. 1,044 more words


How to make your infant sleep at night in 5 easy steps?

Hello, dear friends!

We all know this is one of the most debated issues over the centuries to put a baby to sleep during the night. 691 more words

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Safe Bed Sharing and How I Failed

Maybe “failed” is too harsh of a word. How I was “uninformed,” or, “ignorant of the risks,” or, “was clueless” would be more fitting. I have a two year old that still sleeps with me on a nightly basis, so I guess I didn’t “fail” at bed sharing, but I sure didn’t know how to do it safely when my little one was born. 1,471 more words

Interview: Brooke Hohenadal certified sleep consultant

It’s common knowledge that babies just don’t sleep, right? Well what if I told you it doesn’t always have to be that way?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Brooke Hohenadal, a certified sleep consultant and owner of… 1,215 more words