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Wide Awake

All of you have heard me complain about how tired I’ve been lately… So why is it 3:45 am and I’m awake while everyone else is sound asleep? 155 more words

New Baby

The way we do it: Sleep

The moment you announce your pregnancy, people start in with that sadistic line about enjoying sleep while you can, because you can kiss it goodbye once the baby comes (never mind that many women don’t sleep well toward the end of pregnancy, either). 760 more words


Why I Used a Sleep Trainer

It seems an accepted truth that if you have a baby you won’t ever sleep well again. Except that it wasn’t a truth I knew could happen in my life. 425 more words


Co-sleeping: the case for cuddling

In my years working in childcare, I took part in all sorts of training courses through the local community college online, after work at night with groups from other centers, and would even sign up for weekend conferences with special speakers. 869 more words

The Soft Spot

They said I shouldn't rock you

They said I shouldn’t rock you

Shouldn’t nurse to sleep

They said I shouldn’t hold you

Nor sing you off to sleep

They said I’d create a rod… 319 more words

Baby Sleep

An unapologetic confession: I bed share

You would think we give birth to aliens judging by how complex our society reacts to infant sleep. We approach it as this foreign concept that requires books, strict training regimens and varying coaching methods… 1,098 more words

Pregnancy And Parenthood

The Worst Night Ever

We’ve now had our worst night ever with our son.  Or so I’m told….I slept through most of it.

You see, we are now alternating nights/mornings with Baby MPB.  582 more words