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In case you hadn’t gathered, I like to mother with heart. I like to follow my baby’s lead, I like to follow my instincts. I love the 3 Bs – Boobin, Bedsharing and Babywearing. 412 more words

The Middlemiss Study Tells Us Nothing About Sleep Training, Cry-It-Out, or Infant Stress

Last week, I wrote a post about sleep training and stress, in which I argued that everything we know about stress suggests that sleep training is not harmful. 1,576 more words


I Feel the Earth Move (sleep, no sleep)

Getting out of the shower this morning (while my child screamed in my husband’s milk-less chest), I felt the earth shift beneath me.

I live in Los Angeles, so I’m pretty much always on high alert for an earthquake, even more so since the quakes last week in Japan and Ecuador. 767 more words


Critics of Cry-It-Out Fundamentally Misunderstand How Stress Affects the Brain

Because whether or not to sleep train can be such a fraught decision for new parents, I wanted to share my sleep training story, and to explain why, given everything we know about stress, the argument that sleep training causes long-term harm doesn’t hold water. 1,823 more words


Common Infant Sleep Problems

As a health visitor who has undertaken additional training in child sleep disorders, I often work with sleep deprived parents who have sought support to manage their young child’s sleep problems.  319 more words

Behavioural Interventions

sweet dreams?

it’s been a few months since you brought your precious little babies home. every night has been virtually sleepless, with catnaps here and there during the day. 818 more words

Sleep training survival guide

If you’ve got a baby that falls asleep on their own,

Move right along.

If you’ve never had to Google ‘Sleep regression’ in the dead of the night with one eye open because of harsh screen glare, 372 more words