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6-Week Stride

The first few weeks of new mommy- and daddyhood are quite intense. You’re riding a roller coaster of emotions (yes, daddies too), getting to know your new little one, and paid visits by many family and friends who bring assistance in many forms; from meals to snacks left on the doorstep or company on a Friday night. 889 more words


How to Get a Baby to Nap When She Hasn't Napped All Week

I haven’t been present here lately. Normally I wouldn’t post on a Sunday, but when your schedule clearly isn’t working, sometimes it does good to do away with the schedule and just do what works for now until you can figure out something more reasonable. 871 more words


Get rid of your baby monitor!

Oftentimes parents who are struggling to teach their children self-soothing techniques will have a baby monitor.  They admit that they can “hear them anyway”  but they insist that the monitor helps reduce overnight anxiety.   222 more words

Parenting Myth

Dangers of sleep deprivation for kids

I just finished reading this article from the May 2015 issue of the Walrus Magazine about the prevalence of sleep deprivation among children. This article cited research that has shown that ” deprivation early in life can affect later cognitive performance and neuro-developmental functioning” and also have negative social and behavioural consequences. 46 more words


RIP Rock n Play

For the first three months of his life Baby J slept in a rock n play and with me. I admit, I’m a bed-sharer — don’t judge. 457 more words

Medical Hubris

On our walk this evening, we stopped to visit with a first-time mom in the neighborhood. She asked a couple of questions about F’s bedtime and mentioned how she was trying to get her little one down a little earlier in the evening. 350 more words

New Moms

The Trouble With Babies

I have never really understood why anyone would want their babies to stay as babies. Right now it is 3:36am and I am feeding my baby. 1,297 more words