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Just Once More...

I love being pregnant. Some people think that is weird, and I’m ok with it. I don’t love the nausea, aches and pains, or interrupted sleep, but there is just something incredibly special and sweet that words cannot quite describe. 1,276 more words


The One Question About My Baby I Can't Stand...

Once you have a baby, all sorts of people talk to you about the experience. Stories, advice, and questions come from friends, family, and perfect strangers. 749 more words


Make Praise Meaningful!

As parents, we want our babies to grow up knowing they are loved no matter what.  You likely praise your baby several times a day.  When your baby smiles at you or finally touches that toy he’s been trying to reach, you tend to respond with enthusiasm.  168 more words


The view from Georgetown University

When your husbands in grad school and needs to hit the library for a paper what do you do?  You go of course and bring the baby along for a stroll!   260 more words



          આપણે લાઈફમાં શા માટે કોઈ રૂલ્સ એન્ડ રેગુલેશન કે પછી કોઈ ટેકનીક ફોલો કરવી પડે છે, ઇવન ક્રિએટીવ ફિલ્ડમાં પણ?

           જયારે હું લોકોને કહેતો કે મારે રાઈટર બનવું છે ત્યારે લોકોના મોમાં એકજ વાક્ય રહેતું, ”તારે ઘણું વાંચવું પડશે….”


Travel: Car + Infant

Prepping for a 9+ hour car ride was enough of a mental whirlwind for me when I only had to worry about myself and a puppy, so not that we’ve added a baby to the mix, the game has completely changed. 504 more words