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A World We Should All Strive To Live In

I wrote this post the other day after seeing comments on a news article about breastfeeding…

Needless to say, it pissed me off.


If you are a person that is uncomfortable around a woman breastfeeding, you are not alone. 355 more words

Hearing & Language

Hearing is fully developed at birth.   Babies use their ears to figure out the world around them.   Different sounds help them learn language.

How your baby responds to noise can depend upon their temperament and also what your baby heard in the womb.    188 more words


The transition

September is a busy month for the three of us. The toddler is moving from a small Childminders group to a school nursery with 25 other toddlers! 278 more words


My English School - Talk to your infant or toddler to boost literacy skills

#literacy #singapore An article from The Economist describes how researchers have found a disparity in the size of the vocabularies of children that were spoken to often and children that were spoken to less often as infants and toddlers. 24 more words

Safari Party

My husband, son and I are going to my hometown for the weekend to celebrate our son’s 1st birthday so I am in a party mood! 120 more words


Baby Gear Part 1 - Newborn Essentials and Modern Conveniences

Veteran moms know what newborn babies really need. But for a first time expectant mother, it’s easy to get carried away when furnishing and stocking a nursery. 3,343 more words


Technology in Action

Bulan, Sorsogon | August 2013

The octogenarian meets the newborn connected by 21st Century tech.