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Humidifiers...Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sooo I guess I’m thinking a lot about nasal congestion this week? (Check out my recent post on the snot sucker). I live in desert where if you value the comfort of your nose and throat, you sleep with a humidifier. 299 more words


Your Saving Grace... The Snot Sucker

Okay so just hear me out. If you are thinking you’d rather do just about anything else than suck the snot from your newborn’s nose let me start by saying, … 441 more words


Practice, practice, practice

I’ve been between reading, youtube videos and just snapping away photos. Slowly but surely building my portfolio. My main subjects are my boys and my niece. 19 more words




Well, actually a tooth. That is what reared it’s sharp little crown through my three and a half month old’s gums yesterday. I figured with the crankiness, sleep issues, biting {aka chewing on errrything}, and the buckets of drool that Willow was teething, but honestly, I didn’t expect teeth this early!   78 more words


A New Friend

I made a new friend! She is a girl, like me, and her name is Emily. She has dark eyes and curly orange hair that she wears tucked up under a hat. 309 more words