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Infectious Doppleganger FanFiction sites on the rise!

Infectious Doppleganger sites are mirroring fanfiction.net. They are stealing author’s profiles and their stories as well! Click here for more details.

Source: Updates 2-10-16

All For What?

We waited several hours that night.  The half-empty waiting room was filled with lined-up black chairs, no colour on the walls to lighten the mood, and very little advancement in calling patients to see the doctor – if there even was one at that ungodly hour.  308 more words

New Strain of Infectious Cancer Found in Sarcophilus harrisii

By Karis Tutuska

Cancer is a scary word, but what is even more frightening is the concept of a contagious cancer. Sarcophilus harrisii, commonly known as Tasmanian devils, are large carnivorous marsupials, savage screechers, and voracious eaters. 244 more words

Stony Brook University


Ogólna ocena:

Gatunek: Dance Indie

Londyński zespół, po wymianie połowy składu, wydał piąty album w karierze.
Muzyka łącząca dance i indie.
Proste, przeciętne kompozycje.
Wokal i instrumenty nie wyróżniają się. 54 more words


GI Studies for Utah's Children

Does your child or anyone you know have functional constipation

or C. difficile diarrhea?

There are active patient-centered studies enrolling new subjects at University of Utah.
259 more words
C. Difficile

In His Shadow – “Verse 3: Deliverance from the Noisome Pestilence"

“Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.” Ps 91:3 (KJV) Emphasis mine.

I sincerely believe it’s not a coincidence that today we are considering the third verse of Psalms 91 with particular focus on… 363 more words

Meditations From Psalms 91

Ash – Orpheus

2004. Infectious Records: Ash01

Speaking of being worth millions, this 7” is NUMBERED! Woo-hoo. That must mean it’s really limited edition and probably worth a fortune, right? 293 more words