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The Thanksgiving Effect

Is giving thanks easy for you, or are you more inclined to grumble and complain?

Did you know that both giving thanks and complaining are contagious? 294 more words

Exchanged Life Truths

Belly laughs all around

Babies, man, babies.

This is the kind of thing that, 6 years ago, probably wouldn’t have had that much of an effect on me. As it is, if you can watch this without at least smiling, seek help immediately.


I am surprised to find that I am not myself: this sodden soul is blowing herself to bits, has driven her nostrils red and crusty, and now owns a deep, sexy voice…except when she’s coughing – though is not yet fit to bust. 205 more words


Stuck in my Head: It's Only [feat. Zyra] by ODESZA

Only when you hear the song more than twice, can you hear the pain in the cheer of the music.

What a song this one!! How Kaydee stumbled on this one is through a wonderful video on a beautiful dog called ‘Denali’ and his human friend, ‘Ben Moon’; one of the many usually shared videos on Facebook.

304 more words


I shared a growing smile with a stranger.

As we walked toward each other the social smiles came automatically. I was grateful for that simple smile. 82 more words

Jenn McKay Blog

Stuck in my Head: Aaja [ft. Avneet Khurmi & Guri Gangsta] by NUCLEYA

This is a melodious number coming from Nucleya’s stable of amazing Desi EDM tracks.
What struck me first about this song is the amazing guitar strumming at the beginning of the track followed by the gibberish scratching till 00:30 secs which sounded stupid at first, but actually fits very well. 192 more words