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African Sleeping Sickness

The bite of an infected tsetse fly yields a regional difference in disease type — the uncommon but more fulminant Trypanosome rhodesiense of east Africa, to the far more common yet rather more indolent  873 more words

Why Is Micromanagement So Infectious?

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Part of the draw of self-managing organizations, like those we explore in our recent HBR article, is their promise to free us from the disease of micromanagement. 1,138 more words


The Days Of Joy.

My heart leaps up when I behold
Midway through their lunch
the children hear a roaring
and in a pied-piper rush
hurry pell-mell towards the rumble. 73 more words


MUST WATCH: Maine Mendoza is Infectious? WHY? See here:

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MUST WATCH: Maine Mendoza is Infectious? WHY? See here:
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Tachypnoea is the earliest indicator of a deteriorating patient. Look at the respiratory rate: measure it accurately, and watch for a change over time. Also consider the patient’s sensorium, CRT, HR, U/O, and BP. 447 more words


Dum Dum Fever

The mix of variable pathophysiology, geographic distinctiveness, inconstant clinical penetrance, and complex host-parasite interaction make for a smouldering ‘Neglected Tropical Disease’ affecting 12 million of the world’s poorest. 3,971 more words

Too unpleasant for most of the public to contemplate: The Political Stupidity of the 19th Century

The medical series, House, M.D. makes excellent television for many interested in the health field. As the foundation of the diagnostics department, Dr Greg House uses his exceptional knowledge of medicine, infectious and chronic diseases, and even aspects of psychology to unravel the causes of his patient’s illness. 623 more words