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Everything You Need to Know About the Yellow Fever Vaccine

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The Yellow Fever Virus

Yellow fever, a viral hemorrhagic disease caused by the yellow fever virus, affects roughly 200,000 people a year. 401 more words


Scientist/Infectious Disease Investigator Interview

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Can you tell us what you do? How did you end up in such an offbeat, unconvetional and uncommon career?

 I am a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, working on novel diagnostics strategies for infectious disease. 694 more words


New Studies Of HIV Infection. Part 2 of 2

New Studies Of HIV Infection – Part 2 of 2

Previous research has shown that the global spread of contrasting recombinants is increasing. Moreover, increasingly mixed and complex HIV strains are becoming more common in countries and regions with high levels of immigration, such as the United States and Europe. 134 more words


New Studies Of HIV Infection. Part 1 of 2

New Studies Of HIV Infection – Part 1 of 2

New Studies Of HIV Infection. A recently discovered, martial strain of HIV leads to faster development of AIDS than other HIV strains, according to a new study. 100 more words


Confidence is a Slow-burning Flame

Confidence is a slow-burning flame,

hot but unassuming,

it passes its heat by just being itself

and because it does, everyone ’round it is warmed



I’ve listened to this record several times since its release last month, and I’m still undecided as to whether I like it or passionately hate it. 158 more words

Album Reviews

WARNING: Shigella Bacteria

Shigella is a bacteria found in feces of animals and humans. If a human who has accidentally made contact with feces does not wash themselves properly, they have the ability to infect other humans with this bacteria. 40 more words