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My name is ChrisNotChris - Part IV

They say karma is a bitch but on this occasion, she was my friend and ally. The morning after Terrible Tuesday, I rang in sick to work. 1,355 more words


Fundraising for Fertility

Infertility effects 1 in 8 couples and treatments are financially out of reach for a lot of those struggling. Not all insurance providers cover fertility costs so a lot of couples find themselves paying 100% out of pocket for treatments. 649 more words


The pendulum has left the building.

The buzz of Sundance has filled the streets of Park City with excitement, artistry and an all black uniform occasionally sprinkled with fur coats and eccentric outfits.  899 more words

This is where our story began.

Infertility is a word I’ve avoided for a long time. When I finally embraced it, I obsessed over it. I googled everything related to it. If I heard the words “fertility” or “infertility” I would immediately tune into the source. 1,615 more words


What To Expect HSG Test & Slow Fill Tube.

Hysterosalpingography – a long fancy word for fallopian tube x-ray. This procedure is used to help determine if the fallopian tubes are open or blocked. An iodine based dye is pushed into the uterus through a thin catheter that is inserted into the cervix. 1,290 more words


Sunday Afternoon Off Topic Thread

Use this thread to share anything not necessarily related to infertility. Rant or rave, bitch, moan, share something funny, anything goes!

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The journey to Baby V

I always love this time of year. There is excitement in the air. The new year brings forward new possibilities, adventures. But, if Josh and I are honest, a new year also brings a slew of other emotions. 1,210 more words