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This week we had a major scare.  Late Tuesday night I began passing lots of bright red blood.  We visited the maternity hospital, however by the time we arrived I’d stopped bleeding and after a speculum examination the doctor was unable to determine the reason for the bleed.   1,098 more words

Nothing and Everything

So it was nothing. It was just a fault in the test strip, and it meant nothing. I don’t know why I let my hopes get so up. 409 more words


Me, selfish?

I don’t really go on Facebook very much anymore, it’s not really my thing, I prefer Instagram but every now and then I go on for a little nosey. 673 more words

Sunday Off Topic Thread

Use this thread to share anything not necessarily related to infertility. Rant or rave, bitch, moan, share something funny, anything goes!

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White Flag

Last night started out awesome. DH and I played some video games after long days at work and when I went to the bathroom later, I noticed a piece of uterine lining when I wiped. 230 more words

Baby Stuff

4. Truth

Do you want the truth about my infertility and how I’m doing with it? Do you wonder whats going on with ‘us’? Do you think about how I feel about all the pregnancies around me? 566 more words


Where You go, I'll go

“So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 704 more words