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Emptiness and Autopilot

Here I sit on the day my nephew will be born and all I can feel is emptiness. I should be so excited. I am as excited as I can be. 253 more words

Where do we go from here??

Hey guys,

I haven’t posted much lately but I was waiting to talk to my RE and all my labs and such to come back before posting. 479 more words

January 18, 2018

Someone posted the picture on the left from a birthday party I attended in January of 2017. 130 pounds lost.

The dress I was wearing was a 4x which is like a size 26 or 28. 219 more words


Supporting a Friend with Infertility

Struggling with infertility is one of the hardest things that someone has to go through. Its stressful, frustrating, infuriating, upsetting and so much more. I’ve been so lucky to have amazing love and support from family and friends and I truly don’t think I could get through this without them. 603 more words


Eulogy for the Sunday Grumpmonster

It didn’t make sense.

I was glad to worship God and was thirsty to learn more and meet with Him… so why did I want to run back to my car and drive out of that parking lot every time I walked up to the familiar church doors? 595 more words


The Best Smile I've Seen in a While...

Good news for me the clomid does appear to be working.  I was worried because I was feeling nothing until two days ago.  That is actually a good thing because my last round of clomid was terrible.  104 more words


Why you haven't heard from me...

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted – there’s been a couple reasons for that.

As you may or may not know, I recently undergone IVF to try for a baby.  180 more words