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5/26/18 - IUI 1

If you are following us on Instagram, you probably already saw that we were approved! On Wednesday, the day before our IUI was scheduled, I decided to dedicate the day to calling our insurance company. 433 more words


Saturday Discussion Thread

Use this thread to share anything not necessarily related to infertility. Rant or rave, bitch, moan, share something funny, anything goes!

Submitted May 26, 2018 at 07:35PM by AutoModerator… 6 more words


The cloud with the golden lining.

Ovulation Induction.

Ten days of medication. A period. Five days of medication. Sex. Baby. Simple. Exciting.


Period day one. Welcome back anxiety. All the thoughts come creeping back in. 25 more words


I decided that all of this infertility experience and knowledge and pain had to be good for something, so in March/April I took up two new challenges: 160 more words


You want me to put that where!?

I had a new experience today. Have you ever seen one of these?

It’s a pill and it goes in your VAGINA!!!


OMG! Who knew these things existed!? 18 more words

Let's Make A Baby - Round 2

If our likelihood of conceiving in our first IUI was 10%, surely the chances of conceiving on the second IUI would be higher…right? Regardless of the facts, this is the truth I kept telling myself. 758 more words


Excerpt from Manuscript; Kaye #3

A woman who is the black sheep of the family discusses her troubled relationship with her estranged brother.– 981 more words