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The Confronting Birth

“I’m pregnant,” my cousin told me over the phone.

Her voice was shaking a little and I immediately felt an immense rush of conflicting emotions. 4,275 more words

23 weeks

Another update!

The size/what features:  The midwife says this is a period of high growth, and the internet says this is the time that he has the most room to move around and oh boy is he showing it. 343 more words


Charting your way to a positive

As a teenager, despite my best efforts, I remained single and a virgin. Even so, I spent most of my high school years fearing what I believed to be the worst thing that could ever happen to me and my mom’s worst nightmare: pregnancy. 523 more words


Waiting on CD1

We had a phone consult with our doctor on Friday.  He was very impressed with our egg and blastocyst count.  His exact words were “hall of fame.” 633 more words

How Far I'll Go

Listening to a little bit of Disney, why not, it makes you smile :) Well Moana just came on; 308 more words


Every little step counts [ENG] / Passo dopo passo…[ITA]

Where should I start? Hi everyone, I am Italian, I live in London, I am in my early thirties, and I am in the middle of this tiring and heart-breaking journey called IVF (ICSI to be precise!). 917 more words


Where's my blood test?

I feel like writing in bullet points. So here goes.

  • Still pregnant. Hopefully I get to bring this baby into the world safely.
  • Got a positive on my official test day so I called the clinic and was told that they no longer routinely do blood tests.
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