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A week and a half ago, I had my hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and chromopertubation. It wasn’t too bad but definitely a lot more involved than just being knocked out for egg retrieval. 303 more words

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A Number's Game

Conceiving a baby is not easy. IVF is not guaranteed. Before simply suggesting that people “just freeze your eggs” or “just do IVF”, take a look at this example. 72 more words

Retrieval #2

So today was the big day, again. Scheduling-wise it was perfect because it falls right in the middle of my 2 weeks off of work, so I have extra time to recover if needed. 209 more words


As we continue our journey TTC with ART, I’m nearing the end of my TWW after an FET with a PGS-tested mosaic embryo. Technically I’m PUPO, but I’ve decided not to POAS and instead wait for the beta to see if I get a BFP or a BFN. 1,069 more words


Foresight 20/20

I’ve always had perfect vision. Coming from a family that has many members in need of glasses, I really figured as I aged my vision would begin to deteriorate and I’d be visiting an eye doctor myself. 942 more words


Mafe’s Infertility and Miscarriage Journey

Two years ago I began the hardest, most painful, challenging journey of my life. My husband and I decided that after one year of marriage, it would be the perfect time to start trying for a baby. 252 more words



It’s no secret that going through infertility is one of the loneliest roads you can walk through as a woman. Even though one of four women struggle with infertility, it’s often unknown to those around us. 2,060 more words

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