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Worst thing to say to someone with infertility....

I really wish more was understood about PCOS, and infertility. Everybody things it’s something so simple, medicine and then your fixed! When in reality that is so far from what we live with on a daily basis! 417 more words

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The struggles of my PCOS. Who can relate?!

How many of you ladies out there relate? I can’t be the only one!

Between my Italian background, and my PCOS, I literally had no chance with my upper lip hair! 297 more words

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Constantly... Waiting. 

“Patience is key”

Isn’t that easier said than done? Nobody every warns you about the mental damage done with all the constant waiting that comes along with infertility. 372 more words

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National Infertility Awareness Week

Sharing my story; embarrassed & ashamed

I have an Instagram page, for personal use. And I actually just posted this picture. But it only stayed up for maybe 8 seconds before I deleted it. 367 more words

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Essential Oils, and Other Holistic Treatments

Have any of you readers out there every tried using essential oils to help with PCOS, or other infertility and hormone related problems?

I decided to give it a try, and God bless a friend of mine who “lent” me a very hard to come by oil. 387 more words

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I've Had Enough Rain

This morning I went for a jog at the gym, and during my jogs I let my mind wander. Today was no different, but instead of thinking about all the wrongs in life, and the rain storm I feel I’ve been stuck in, I’ve decided to think about the rainbow that’s to come. 293 more words

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Explaining Infertility To Those Who've Never Felt

Explaining Your Feelings
Have any of you struggling with miscarriages, or infertility tried to explain to those around you how it feels? I can never find words that go into the depth of the pain that I feel every morning. 490 more words

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