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Affairs: What do they mean for a marriage?

Publically, we all believe affairs are bad for a marriage…until we have one ourselves it seems….  An insightful book I’ve just read (Esther Perel, ‘The State of Affairs’) casts new light on the varied meanings and impacts of affairs on marriages (or long term ‘relationships’) and gives a very different perspective on how marriage is and should evolve to account for this common critical event, based on her professional practice. 738 more words

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The Porn Addict's Wife Wears Lingerie (or tries to)

I was innocently walking through the mall last week. Christmas shopping. Making my list and checking it twice. When in front of me appeared the store that cleverly beckons me. 1,075 more words

Infidelity And A Baby...Could You Forgive?

So my sisters and I was coming home from a concert last weekend and on the drive back we were discussing infidelity.  One of the questions that was asked was if we could forgive our spouse if he cheated and had a baby with the chick he was having the affair with.  296 more words


Sights and Sounds of Christmas 2017

Last year at this time I was on the brink of discovering that my husband was living a double-life. D-Day and its aftermath was the most painful experience I’ve ever encountered in my life. 556 more words


The World According to My Daughter...

To say my daughter doesn’t like my husband is an understatement.  He was good to her, but they were never super close. He tried to guide her, but as a lot of young adults do, she chose her own path, which he took personally, a rejection of his guidance. 927 more words

Jesus: Redeemer of Infidels

While God has been so loving and gracious, we have returned infidelity in response to his fidelity.  While we were in a state of rejecting God, he sent his son to earth. 469 more words

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