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Find Your Husband's Mistress on Social Media

Every woman has felt it at some point in their life. The gut feeling their husband has turned outside the marriage.

You’re not quite sure if he has actually cheated yet, but you know something’s up. 667 more words


Dear 13 Year Old Self...

There are many things I’d like to tell you, 34 years later, however today I want to go over one thing in particular.

That sun tan. 308 more words


My Vows My Responsibility

The issue of adultery damages usually opens up unruly debates which are never conclusive. Married women in most instances pull out daggers protecting their marriages while men are not amused by such stances when their wives sue the ‘other woman’. 1,536 more words

P is for Patience

It’s amazing how fast things change in our world. One minute everything’s great and wonderful and the next it collapses and crumbles in front of you. 509 more words


Red Tuesday: Tuesday Before V-Day Is the Most Popular Day of the Year to Dump Someone!

Make sure to hold on to the receipts for those expensive Valentine’s Day gifts because on 9th February, there’s a good chance you’re getting dumped. That’s according to  498 more words


You Aren't That Special

So…are you the “other” person in a relationship? Was your love once forbidden and now your life together seems like it was destiny? Well, trust me, you aren’t that special! 734 more words

I See You

I see you.

Yes, you’re sitting there across from me.  That shyness, that prim and proper air about you.  I find it so alluring, so sexy.  790 more words