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MS read this blog today.  In particular, this post.  In particular particulars, this comment:

If he knows what he wants it should not be about you, or being pushed or whatever. 903 more words

Strike Two

So I already have a six year old step son in my eight year long relationship with my husband, not that hard to do the math. 225 more words


Thump, Thump, Thump

I saw J again last week. He was uncharacteristically accommodating, replied to my emails and texts, made plans 48 hours in advance and confirmed 12 hours in advance. 625 more words



Were you afraid to lose your liberty,

Or did you merely crave variety?

You wanted your freedom,

And pleasure is cheap.

But somewhere along you met me, 37 more words

Peek behind the mask

I like that talking to Inamorata is getting easier, the barriers I’ve put up around my heart are doing their job and shielding me from the worst of it, but it’s still a lie. 189 more words

Come On In Guys, The Water's Fine

No Lifeguard On Duty

Can you really control what thoughts randomly pop into your mind? This is an argument often debated concerning lust and sexual fantasy. 999 more words


AGAIN | Raw Poetic Response & Reflection (a repost)

Pure fire.

AGAIN Cheat on me again Ignore me again Choose her over me again Disrespect me again Yell at me again Don’t buy me anything again Don’t introduce me again Choose them over me again Lie to me again Don’t call when you say you will again Don’t come when you say you will again Copy […]

9 more words