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His Mystery

His Mystery
It was not cheating,

Since he was discreet

And kept his affair

Secret and seperate.

His wife never felt

Even an inclination… 134 more words


The Confrontation

He would never admit that he was wrong and if by chance he decided to admit that he was wrong he would blame me for his behavior.  971 more words

The problem with being empathetic

Empathetic is a person, me. But what is empathy? It’s the ability to step into the shoes of another person, aiming to understand their feelings and perspectives, and to use that understanding to guide our actions. 418 more words


Deep roots

Where we live, violent storms are a norm. During the course of a year, we may have multiple violent storms with winds and wind gusts exceeding 30-40 mph. 616 more words



Things are moving along!  Our house has sold in record time, and I have an accepted offer placed on another property.

This independence feels great.  It’s scary but satisfying.   118 more words


Finally, some sun shining through the clouds 

You may remember earlier this year, what with the D-Days and the no sleep and the stress, I was having trouble focusing on my job… 433 more words


Dream-fidelity (July 18th, 2016)

Sometimes, when you wake up from a dream involving a loved one, you have feelings of joy, happiness, and warmth. Other times, you’re left feeling almost bad for yourself, because you did something to them you would never do in your waking life – something you know would crush them. 370 more words