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An Open Letter to Molotov Mitchell - and anyone else considering suicide

“It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really talking to themselves in the past.” – Mark Epstein

Note: This letter is in response to Molotov’s facebook post and subsequent suicide attempt, referenced here:

4,715 more words

I saw her.

Yesterday I went with my friend to pick his son up from school. Neds girlfriend works there and we came face to face with one another. 566 more words


9 Couples On What They Learned About Love When Sh*t Hit The Fan In Their Lives

1. Cancer diagnosis

“When Alli and I were in the doctor’s office and the word ‘tumor’ came out of the doctor’s mouth, everything turned black around us. 1,152 more words

The Spotless Mind

i thought you were worth it
i so
so so
thought you were
worth it
the trouble
the grief
the dirty socks on the floor… 243 more words


Haiku - Lover's betrayal

Husband home

Lover’s delight

Sheet hits the fan


William the Conquerer

This is a piece I wrote today in ELA class as a personal response essay, so excuse the dark content!

In the beginning there was hope and romance and joy – yes joy – all to which I cannot conceive now to have ever been true; the champagne of the wedding night must have made it all a dream. 1,142 more words

Short Story