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Pre-Date Ramblings

The date has been confirmed.  He called early this afternoon.  He’s getting his chore with his friend out of the way early, and then calling me to let me know when we are setting out.  239 more words

#SoCS - Your Mistake

Your first mistake was thinking I’d care if you committed a small felony. Shoplifting is nothing – I know you did it for the kids. 119 more words

Flash Fiction

Marrying The Woman You Had Your Affair With?... (G-uno)

Missing lunch with the girls is the adult version of being in time out for me. Simply being with them as they talk the things that occur in their daily lives is better than binge watching something you love on Netflix. 375 more words

dick pic

Last weekend, before taking our little D/s hiatus, I gave J an assignment while he was on the road.  You can read the post, but the general idea was that he had to send me three “dick pics” (of his own dick lol) while he was away. 162 more words

Never had I ever

The first person who ever said this to me. . .

Is now saying it to someone else.



My father in law passed away late  last week and this week we had his funeral and burial. It’s been a crazy month. It’s been one of the most difficult months since Dday- and because I use Dday as a defining event in my life, I quickly realized that my father in law’s burial took place exactly 19 months after D- day. 457 more words