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Alternate Arrangements

The counselor asked me at one point if I would consider alternate arrangements in our marriage. Like an open marriage. I definitely would consider such arrangements. 215 more words


Grateful for Grace (and a random preacher)

I’ve done some pretty despicable things in my life. If I allow myself to sit and ponder on some of the decisions I’ve made, it makes me weep with sadness. 524 more words


109: Time For My Back Story

Today’s post was going to be called ‘Defining Relationship’ on which I reflected about when I start thinking of MG as more than just a date, and also more in general about when you go from dating to official partners. 1,063 more words


My Fight to Reclaim Sexual Intimacy from Porn

Last week I prayed for God to take my hope away. I was walking down the street, chatting with Him when it happened. It wasn’t one of those times when my eyes were blinded by tears and I was in danger of walking into parked cars or falling into a ditch. 953 more words

Is Monogamy Outdated? Pt. 1

As society continues to evolve, is the idea of monogamous relationships outdated? Have we outgrown it or are we just selfish to the point that not only do we want to have our cake and eat it too, but we want to add ice cream to it as well? 396 more words

Fathers' Day

It was Fathers’ Day on Sunday, and whilst the kids didn’t particularly lament the lack of their Dad (in fact none of them noticed  – Youngest Son only remembered because I asked him if he’d wished his Dad a Happy Father’s Day), it did make me reflect upon E’s role as a ‘father figure’. 1,694 more words

I'm off again...

Just a quick update.

I was seen yesterday, and swabs, bloods run to start with. The thoughts are that there has been some internal damage done by the radiation, to healthy tissue, which of course is always a risk of radiation treatment. 748 more words