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DARK SECRET is a short story about what happens when everyone wants what they want.  But, no one considers the consequences.  DARK SECRET is in the realm of my books in The Ripple Series—suspense and intrigue.  1,443 more words

Joss Whedon and the Feminist Pedestal: A Reading List

I don’t remember when Joss Whedon went from being a garden-variety household name to being someone I refer to on a first-name basis. I quote Joss, I verb Joss, I adjective Joss. 1,951 more words


The end of the story

I don’t even know how to start this post. I wasn’t going to blog about it, because I am still processing, and the pain is very fresh again. 2,404 more words


Love You Better

I am wondering why we still have not told the youngest children. Is it because you are having doubts about the separation? Maybe you are just avoiding the conversation because you are hoping one of the older children will let it slip. 357 more words


The other woman

Well this is different. Usually I find myself entwined in my own mess, mainly of my own making. Certainly never the person who is like an extra in a film, I’m always at least supporting actress. 340 more words

Why Your Girl CHEATS!!!

So I’m about to give a long speech about my past relationship as an intro but let me spare you the boredom. The kitchen is getting real hot with this relationship cooking and all that. 520 more words


Come, let's discuss!

Hello all,

I am sure all of you readers would agree that in our everyday lives there are happy moments as well as sad ones. When we share our happy moments with others, the joy is doubled. 83 more words