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To: My former love, with the 6 & 9

From: His former love, with the 6 & 9

Our sixes and our nines  . . .   12 more words


Divorce negotiations 

Tomorrow is the first day of my divorce negotiations. We have engaged with a mediator as opposed to taking the adversarial approach. We’ve already discussed much of the detail, and have come to some broad agreements as to what we both see as reasonable. 437 more words



Do you speak those words to yourself?  Stand in front of your mirror and say them out loud over and over.  My gosh, I hope you believe them.   579 more words


My Story, part 2

Our first child was born seventeen months after we got married, though perhaps we should have waited until we had our bearings as a couple. When our son was nine months old, I quit my job to be a stay-at-home parent. 964 more words



She’s been standing here for the last twenty one minutes, yes she was keeping track, because that’s all she can do. Just stand there looking at the clock frozen as time and the noise seemed to continue on. 654 more words

Creative Writing

Infidelity is...

Abuse. Cruel. Traumatic. Crushing. A deal breaker. The end.

What it’s not:  glamorous, romantic, “meant to be”, a mistake, the betrayed spouse’s fault. It’s also not ever justifiable. 206 more words


Bill's Diliemma: A B&B Fanfic

Devastated by Brooke going back to Ridge, Bill decides to go after Brooke by finding out Ridge’s secret. But he gets more than he bargained for when he witnesses a romantic interlude between Ridge and Quinn. 787 more words