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Her fingers rested on the keyboard, wondering where to start. She had started many times before, only to stop immediately through unbearable tears. Now she felt that uncontrollable urge to write again. 943 more words


".....and daughters are their mothers" 

I guess if sons are their fathers- then daughters must be their mothers.

I’ve never really gotten on with my mother. From a very young age I lived with a white British family, from maybe 2 months to school age at around 5. 784 more words


Can't see eye to eye

I almost feel a sense of saddened acceptance of late. My therapist thinks I’m not realising what the reality of life is if we split. He thinks im not at that place yet. 514 more words

This has to stop... but can I

It’s time. It has to stop now. You need to make a decision on what you want to do. I can not keep on living this way. 102 more words


Have sex everyday

I have a friend that’s been a believer not quite as as long as I have, yet unbelievably godly and mature.

While discussing God’s plan for marital intimacy one day, he said the failure to have frequent sex is one of the primary ways in which couples grow distant, and eventually become just roommates. 114 more words

Jesus Christ

47. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, October 17th, 2:00pm
Madigan and Missy

Missy: Mommy, what’s a “seatful prick”?

Madigan: That’s DEceitful, and you don’t say the word “prick.” It’s not nice. 161 more words