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Why the Affair is NOT Your Fault

I love someone, he loves me.  That should be the end of it!  Nothing more to be said.

It’s not.  It’s complicated.  I also like someone else and he likes me.   1,069 more words


An Almost Perfect Scenario

On an island located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, there is a castle. The castle belongs to a very wealthy, dark-haired, overweight woman named Tracey Blerp. 388 more words


Chapter 19: Free Will and Throwing Ink Pots

Divorce is hell.

There. I said it. And I probably just made a whole bunch of people feel really uncomfortable. But it’s true. And if you can’t say “hell” in hell, when can you say it? 2,319 more words

My Flower Drawer: Day 8 Drawer, Ode, Apostrophe

My Flower Drawer has a variety
Different colors
Different styles
Different textures
My flower drawer is full of spice
Different flavors and some with strings… 66 more words


What Will Never Be | Scott & Zelda | Tiny Victories

Yesterday I had a crappy day. I was in a cruddy mood from the start and it never really improved from there. My sour mood had nothing to do with all of this (the affair) but somehow by the end of the day it was all I could focus on. 623 more words


Under The Knife

At this very moment, I am lying in a hospital bed, having had abdominal surgery late yesterday.
I am happy to be alive.
Before I went into surgery, I was given the gown, compression socks, hospital undies, and foot socks to get changed into. 299 more words

Hung up.

My moods shift so frequently throughout the day I can’t keep up. I’ll start the day with a really warm and loving embrace from my husband and plenty of I love yous. 454 more words

Emotional Affair