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Cyclical sex.

While Grace and I are not planning on having sex it’s perfectly clear that she intends to continue to flirt and talk sex and play games in such a way. 103 more words


Infidelity Side Effects

I see the Counselor today and it can’t come soon enough.

The last few days have been filled with disturbing thoughts. I know there are flashbacks and a path in your mind of recreating what you think happened between your spouse and the other woman in between the ugly details of what you were told. 154 more words

The Single Chronicles 7: Wedding Bells

In case you missed the previous check it out here

“We should get married”

She’ll say. She’ll be looking at you from across the table, looking over an opened bottle of wine, her eyes lazy, her fingers with red painted nails daintily wrapped around her fourth, maybe fifth glass of wine and a wry smile on her face.

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Progress not perfection

I just want to feel like I’m moving forward, but there’s always something that holds me back.

I went on a date yesterday. It went well. 556 more words

Donald Trump formally invites you to congratulate him for all the times he wasn’t racist or sexist

It’s no secret that US presidential candidate Donald Trump engages in misogyny and racism on the regular. But during the presidential debate on Sept. 26, he revealed that his behavior could be even worse. 448 more words

I want to forgive you

I have never had a blog before, or even had much interest in starting one if I’m honest. I’m not even sure that anyone will ever read this, but I’ve found writing down my feelings so therapeutic since this whole shitstorm hit my life, that I thought it might prove a good outlet. 1,992 more words

Time hop

I try to not post things that will remind me of how shitty I feel in the future. But instead what I’m seeing on my Facebook memories is lots of photos of me out with my friends having fun when he didnt join. 14 more words