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Who says kill all the infidels, Allah swt or Islamophobics?

Alslamu Alikum..

  1. When it comes to innocent people in general Allah swt says clearly in chapter 5: {( 32 ) ….. whoever kills a soul…
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This album means so much to me...

The album “Infidels” by Bob Dylan means so much to me because:-

Back when I was living and working in Zurich, I relented and gave into temptation and bought myself  a ‘Walkman’ personal stereo, which to me at the time,  was a revelation and a major outlay for someone who was primarily spending everything he earnt on booze. 256 more words


Bangladesh: Shafi calls Ahmadiyyas infidels, urges followers to boycott them

Source: Dhaka Tribune

By Monjur Hossain, Madaripur

The Hefazat leader demands once again that the government declare the community as non-Muslim

Leader of the fundamentalist group Hefazat-e-Islam Shah Ahmed Shafi has urged his followers to socially boycott the Ahmadiyya religious community, calling them kafir – infidels. 235 more words


Free (Blind) Willie (McTell) ! Or, an introduction to Dylanology

So, you’re a fan of the wee man from Minnesota, and  you’re thinking of getting the December issue of Uncut for the free CD of Dylan tracks from his bootleg series… 1,265 more words

Protestor injured officer while trying to break through police lines as rival demonstrations took place in Sunderland

A protester used his head as a weapon to charge at and injure a policeman battling to keep rivals apart during a mass demonstration in Sunderland city centre, a court heard. 512 more words

Hard-man jailed after Newcastle nightclub shooting

A WELL-known hard man has been jailed after being convicted of an offence relating to the ride-by shooting of a nightclub bouncer.

John Henry Sayers was given a three-and-a-half-year sentence at the Old Bailey on Friday after being convicted of perverting the course of justice, a court official said. 272 more words