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Friday Five: Literary Songs

I just finished teaching Hamlet in AP Literature, and I was reminded of how many other texts reference the play, which made me think of David Foster Wallace’s… 276 more words

Friday Five

A Fan on David Foster Wallace

Inherent in David Foster Wallace’s transcendent writing ability was his immense range. He is known for everything he did, spanning from his creative fiction to his keen journalistic talents. 861 more words

David Foster Wallace

Fun With Word Counts

This blog post is 133 words.

The average article I write for my day job is around 600 words.

The estimated word count on the book I’m pitching to agents is 50,000 words. 109 more words


Playing tennis with the net down

Robert Frost once famously said “writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.”

Although this has been the dominant form of poetry for — um — like a hundred years now, I’ve always been more inclined to playing with the net up. 347 more words

Poem: 'Time in the shadow of the wing of the thing too big to see, rising.'

When the wastebasket in my room
began overflowing with empty cans of malt liquor
and Chinese food trays and hardened wads of
tissue, that’s when I knew it was coming back. 170 more words


Now that we're "done"

Over the course of reading the book I saved some helpful infographics that might help everyone understand exactly what just happened over the course of 1079 pages. 98 more words

Infinite Jest

creepy when it came to dope

“Also he considered himself creepy when it came to dope, and he was afraid that others would see that he was creepy about it as well.”

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest