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In my reading tonight, starting on page 258, I encountered the E.T.A. kids playing tennis and (p. 270) a view of a morning at Ennet House. 412 more words

Madame Psychosis (Again)

On page 215, we learn that the hallucinogenic drug that Pemulis has gone pretty far out of his way to acquire is called Madam Psychosis, which name we’re familiar with by now as the name of a radio personality whose show captivates many in the area. 471 more words

Things We Shouldn't Say

A lot of Wallace’s work confronts the sorts of things we shouldn’t think or say but do anyway. Most of us are pretty good about editing ourselves. 467 more words

Winter B.S. 1960

There are so many passages in Infinite Jest that I’m tempted to rank among my favorites, to the point that the notion of favorites almost begins to become meaningless. 349 more words

Infinite Jest : First Impressions

I buy a lot of long books. Short books don’t give me that warm feeling when I finish them. The last four books that I read are “The corrections”, “Cryptonomicon”, “White teeth”, and “The truth about the Harry Quebert Affair”. 455 more words



A whole lot of small things unfold after the Marathe/Steeply section ending on page 109. I’ll gloss them quickly.

We first see a cross section of ways in which older athletes at E.T.A act as buddies to the little guys, with some pretty interesting stuff about uniting against a common enemy even when you’re actually competing against one another (sort of a nod to some of the lessons about belonging to something bigger that Marathe and Schtitt offer). 1,074 more words

Marathe and Steeply

During my first read of Infinite Jest, I did not love or fully grok the sections (the first one starting on p. 87) in which Steeply and Marathe meet. 797 more words