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Ripping yarns or winning yawns

So far this year I have read two prize-winning ‘novels’ – The Sell Out by Paul Beatty (Man Booker) and The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen ( 165 more words


Hang on to Your Hats, Kids. We're About to Discuss Philosophy.

This past Tuesday, I found myself discussing existentialism in our American Literature class.  I was disappointed that the groups we broke off into did not have very much time to discuss our views or how it corresponds with the literature we were reading.   1,030 more words

Infinite Jest: Read & Reviewed.

Ever screamed at the wind and life to take back the ache that plagues ones mind?

I have read many books in my time and though none have been as tough and completely mind altering as this one, many of Kafka’s or Dostoveysky’s works have in the past floored me and made me think hard, yet nothing had me running for the cover of my bedsheet like this 1000 page homage to a life that we have come to live and love at the moment. 323 more words


a post about infinite jest

So, I really love David Foster Wallace, I really love Infinite Jest, it’s hard for me to have a conversation without bringing up Dave in some way, and right now I’m reading Infinite Jest again, so it’s coming up more often than usual. 1,468 more words

David Foster Wallace

David Foster Wallace: Where an Obsession Begins

I tell people to check out David Foster Wallace but always qualify it with “but be careful where you start,” which isn’t very specific, so I’m listing his books in a recommended reverse order. 1,668 more words


This Book Will End When I Say It Will End

I’m reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace and I’m on page 311 of just under 1100 pages. Before I pick up the book to continue reading I need a moment to regroup. 659 more words


Infinite Jest – Week Seventeen (pages 475-508)

Hi all. Next Tuesday we’ll be crossing the 500-page mark! We’ll discuss pp.475-508. These pages include one of my favourite sections in the whole book, with a man and his broom. 430 more words

Infinite Jest Readthrough