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Thoughts on Infinite Jest

Anyone who has even a remotely passing interest in books has most likely heard the title ‘Infinite Jest’ being bandied about, usually followed by something like ‘it’s very long,’ or ‘it’s so complicated.’ Well, honestly, both of those things are true. 540 more words

"I am seated in an office, surrounded by heads and bodies."

***Note: This post was originally written and edited a couple weeks prior to its posting.

I’m at a weird point in my reading and in my life. 2,000 more words

Moth Smoke: An Absorbing and Disturbing Tale

I’m in the middle (near the middle of) Thomas Pynchon’s gargantuan Against the Day. Much like when I read Infinite Jest, the novel is so long and complex that I must make myself take breaks from reading it; as it is simply exhausting. 973 more words

Sharks, Tennis & Infinite Jest

I found a dead shark on the beach and I played loads of tennis. 415 more words


R is for Revisiting

  • Once every two or three years I read Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace; it can’t be any more often than that, it takes a couple of years to wear off in between.
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Things you Missed at Infinite Jest Last Week

If you didn’t go to Infinite Jest last Monday then you missed more than just great acts, you missed a lot of things you won’t ever be seeing at other comedy nights around Perth. 374 more words


bludgeon to death

“Pat M. encourages newer Staff to think of residents they’d like to bludgeon to death as valuable teachers of patience, tolerance, self-discipline, restraint.”

— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest