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I read Infinite Jest so you don't have to

Did you ever get past the first 50 pages?

Everyone said you should read it, so you bought it, and it weighed 20 pounds, and you scratched your head through pages 1-3, daydreamed through the next 47, went to a book club and made up an observation for the free wine, and then you put it back on your shelf and forgot about it for ten years. 219 more words

Misplaced or Lost?

I’m going to apologize right up front: I feel like I don’t have much to say about this week’s pages, not because I didn’t find any of the stuff interesting but because I’ve been too consumed with getting myself to feel better. 668 more words


33. Omon Ra, by Victor Pelevin

The dateline at the end of Omon Ra, by Victor Pelevin, reads “—Moscow, 1992” which is enough to make a person familiar with recent Russian history break out in full-body chills. 655 more words


On Starting Infinite Jest

I think Infinite Jest is one of The Big Books that every book lover wants to tackle one day, and guess what, friends? I’ve started it! 559 more words


Virginia Shay: Observation without Judgment

This week’s reading gave us one of my favourite passages from Infinite Jest, and Allie discussed it yesterday. Mario’s contemplations on being drawn to “stuff that was real” fascinated me, and I found myself astonished (as I do with a lot of passages in Infinite Jest) at the level of self-awareness Mario seems to have about what makes him different from other people. 1,119 more words


The Wind Beneath My Wings

Alright, unpopular opinion time…

I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with Infinite Jest.


I’m sorry. I really am. I know how much this book means to a lot of you out there and, believe me, I’m trying every week to remain open to all of the characters and the footnotes and the dialogue and the plot, but… I’m struggling. 1,114 more words


How to Read Infinite Jest

As you know if you follow my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages, I recently completed David Foster Wallace’s mammoth opus, Infinite Jest. Far and away the longest book I’ve ever read, I took just over a month(June 30-August 3) to finish… 978 more words