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Examining Joyce's Dubliners, In Preparation For Ulysses

Okay, let’s get back at this, shall we? My apologies, to those who have been keeping up with the blog (hi Mom!), for my delay in posting fresh material. 2,254 more words

Infinite Jest

Books I Haven't Read

You’re probably thinking, “what kind of blog post is this?”, and that’s a very valid question. I recognize that it’s a bit odd, but as part of a general goal of self-improvement I’ve been working on time management skills recently, and have fully embraced the “work smarter, not harder” lifestyle. 490 more words


certain sincerely devout

“That certain sincerely devout and spiritually advanced people believe that the God of their understanding helps them find parking places and gives them advice on Mass. 7 more words


this asexual contingent

“Troeltsch’s never come close to even dating anybody. Some guys here never do. It’s the same at all the academies, this asexual contingent. Some junior players don’t have the emotional juice left over after tennis to face what dating requires. 46 more words


Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris 2007

The quasi-existential title’s enough to put you off, so by the time the end came I wasn’t disappointed it was so disappointing. This isn’t a book, despite its office content and cast of thousands, whose writer has had the courage to stare into the abyss until the abyss gives back. 443 more words

Big Book Tag

I spent a good portion of my weekend sick in bed, so—surprise, surprise—I watched a lot of YouTube. One of the fun tags I spent some time following was the Big Book Tag, created by… 512 more words

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