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The End of the Tour - A Review

September 12, 2008. The Earth lost one of the most gifted wordsmiths it had ever seen. I imagine that if David Foster Wallace had lived on my planet, which we are calling Venus but is exactly much, much further away, and spoke one of the many many complex languages from there he would have been just as gifted. 439 more words

Movie Review

An informal / un-thought-out critique of David Foster Wallace, and suicide employment in a world with the iPhone, by Kyle H. Scott.

“It was my Jewish friend David who’d first recommended I read that purple, ugly book with –pretentious name and –green -balloon -cover, always crowding the ‘W’ area, -sectioned- off, – of shelf at whichever Barnes & Noble I’d happened -ever -to wander into. 1,481 more words


What Should My Novel's Cover Look Like?

Book covers are the first thing any potential reader sees. A book shouldn’t be judged by it’s cover, but first impressions are really important. I’m writing this to explore my ideas about how to decide what should be on a book cover. 261 more words


The Mask of Social Media

An Analysis of David Foster Wallace – Infinite Jest

Social media is a facade designed to embellish reality. This phenomenon was discussed in Infinite Jest, a critically acclaimed novel released in 1996. 1,377 more words

Reading Update: The Pain Behind Dark Comedy

Hello and good evening! I hope you’re having a good night and enjoying it in the loving company of either yourself or those closest to you. 890 more words


Reactions to "Infinite Jest"

A few weeks ago the bag I use to lug my laptop to and from work lost half its weight over night. For the first time in half a year it did not also contain my copy of the 20-year anniversary edition of David Foster Wallace’s… 3,961 more words


Who, or what, is Madame Psychosis?

One of the most common questions the band is asked is who, or what, is Madame Psychosis? Though there was some early speculation that Madame Psychosis was either… 279 more words