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A Reality Show President Was Inevitable.

Alex Ross had a piece at The New Yorker yesterday about Donald Trump as the ultimate vindication of the Frankfurt School’s social critics:

As Stuart Jeffries points out in his recent book “Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School,” the ongoing international crisis of capitalism and liberal democracy has prompted a resurgence of interest in the body of work known as critical theory.

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A Pilgrim in Narnia ... in Italian (Friday Feature)

I had a gentleman from Italy contact me to see if he could translate a blog post I did back in the Spring, when this sort of thing was still kind of a joke. 109 more words


Inkling Book Review: Infinite Jest

Good grief, I’m not entirely sure where to even start when the thought of being asked to describe this novel enters the fray. Infinite Jest… 854 more words

Inkling Book Reviews

Infinite Jest - Week Five (pages 105-128)

“Hello all. Next week we’re going to discuss pp.105-128. In these pages we’ll finish the Marathe-Steeply chapter with their discussion of love, we have a long section with the Big Buddies teaching their tiny students, a romantic scene with Mario, another with Marathe and Steeply, and finally the introduction of Lyle (who is, in a word, unique…).” 292 more words

Infinite Jest Readthrough

When Your Heart Stops Beating

19 NOVEMBER – 2016 A.D.

Today is Shinsude like as in I am going to see Shinsuke¹ Nakamura wrestle tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, North America. 8,566 more words

A U.S.A. that would die for the so-called perfect Entertainment (Infinite Jest)

The sky of U.S.A.’s desert was clotted with blue stars. Now it was deep at night. Only above the U.S.A. city was the sky blank of stars; its color was pearly and blank.

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Infinite Jest - Vocabulary II.

I had so much fun going through some of the vocabulary words I learned from the first chapter of DFW’s Infinite Jest (almost two months ago), that I thought I’d continue to share some of the more interesting words and sentences here. 418 more words

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