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The Sum Of An Empty Life

I praise the master, David Foster Wallace.

Walking in through the industrial-designed door, passing over the id scanning arch, reaching up to my forehead for a quick itch when something forgotten returns. 1,819 more words


One for the Road

Today, I watched a biographical movie of sorts about my favorite writer. At the end, at the scene wherein the writer was dancing to a Brian Eno song, I couldn’t keep it anymore and I allowed myself to tear up a little. 1,188 more words


Reading Assignment I

I mean how could you get them all to stay still?

-Billy Collins, “Cosmology”

Remember Bertrand Russell and his infinite stack of turtles? So does Billy Collins, whose poem…

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A Fond Farewell

Where to start? How to end?

I decided to write this the morning of because I just couldn’t think of where to begin last night, and last night I was exhausted. 1,920 more words


Hello, Goodbye

Hello, dear readers, and happy Thursday from me to you!

Why that particular Beatles gif, you ask?

Well, first off, I personally think it’s exquisite; everything from their outfits to their awkward faux-strip-tease dancing brings me immense joy every time I see it. 1,882 more words


High Five!

We did it. We’ve made it to the end. Maybe some of you are still a bit behind, but that’s okay. High fives for everyone. The thump of me closing the book was super satisfying this time around, and not only did I close it but I let it drop to the floor just let the whole house echo with this book being done. 723 more words


On reading (and finishing) Infinite Jest

It began about 5 years ago, when the librarians at my work (I work in a university) were discussing famously un-finish-able books.  Always one to rise to a challenge, I decided to attempt one of them.   1,690 more words