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Seoul; Day 4 - Coex Mall

Welcome to day 4 of my Korea adventure!

On this day we went to the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, The Coex Mall. Located near Samseong Station, this mall literally has everything, even an aquarium! 488 more words


The sacred circle creates a space that is safe and shielding for those who choose to engage. With the circle, the possibilities are infinite. The circle is endless in nature, and its energy waltzes along the rhythm of time. 325 more words

Bioshock (2 & Burial at Sea): Ruins, Ruined, Will Ruin!

For those of you who have never played Bioshock: what are you waiting for? Stop reading this post right now, go buy Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite and play them now. 3,524 more words


[OTHER INSTAGRAMS] 161025~26 Photos of Junsu backstage with friends and cast member

Nam Woo-hyun (Infinite’s Woohyun)’s Instagram Update:

 오랜만에 친구들과 문화생활
뮤지컬 도리안그레이 최고!!
#도리안그레이 #소름 #준수형

Cultured life with friends after a long time
Musical Dorian Gray is the best!! 41 more words


~Consuming Love~

loves embrace

Be not hidden

Sounds burst


Heart skip’s

Butterfly’s below

Vivid face

Contours and hands

My mind can’t erase

Lingering, wanting…

Own me… 22 more words

Bipolar Disorder

INFINITE Berbagi Cerita Tentang Kekompakan Mereka di Majalah "STAR"

Para anggota INFINITE berbagi rahasia mereka untuk mengatasi kutukan tujuh tahun yang banyak di alami grup idola di majalah “Star”. 127 more words

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