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THE STAR - INFINITE's Nam Woohyun for June Issue

THE STAR teamed up with INFINITE‘s Nam Woohyun for a lovely boyfriend pictorial. June is going to be better than March because of this! 37 more words


The desire to be puzzled

A prominent professor in the philosophy of mathematics once told me that the key to writing an attractive philosophy paper is to present the reader with a puzzle. 1,126 more words

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Here is a very interesting post on possible alternatives to Cantor's Transfinite Numbers Theory! Was Cantor's notion of infinite really "unavoidable"? The topic is particularly interesting when considered within the general framework of mathematical development. How does mathematics evolve? What "forces" mathematics to take some roads instead of other roads? And how do these choices influence the way in which we model and understand the natural world?

[Chapter-17] Living With Mafia

Living With Mafia

Chapt. 17


Park Jiyeon and Kim Myungsoo

Support Cast.

Oh Sehun, Kim Joonmyun, Jung Daehyun, Kim Jongdae

Lee Howon, Sulli, Lee Sungyeol, Lee Sungjong, etc… 4,423 more words


Start 09 - [ ... for My Rachel ]


~ IX ~

Author : RaniaCL

Main Cast : Choi Minho, Krystal Jung.

Genre : Friendship, Romance, Sad, Family

Leght : Series 2,257 more words


The Ruby Reel (K-Music Recs) :: Record #3

Ready for another round of great music? So am I! I’m Ren, and I’m here with six great tracks released this month. I hope you give these tracks a listen, because they all deserve some love! 749 more words


160509 우현 Write.. Promotion

160509 솔로 쇼케이스 브이앱 생중계 – Google Drive / Youtube  / VLive

160512 Mnet M!Countdown – 끄덕끄덕  

160513 KBS Music Bank – Interview끄덕끄덕 104 more words


STATION the Series #4 : Borders

STATION the Series

#4: Borders


L (Infinite) as Kim Myungsoo

Naeun (Apink) as Son Naeun

Angst, sad, life, school-life, AU || Ficlet-series || PG-13… 1,358 more words