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The best trip is the trip where only our mind goes and leaves the body behind, you feel that you can touch the sky, and you can feel the blood gushing through your veins, you can walk in the sixth dimension and reach places much deeper like an spiritual awakening, where the reality meets the real you, the true, fearless and free you, who is not bound by societal judgements or by self-made moral police created by the insecurities of a rational mind. 258 more words


Marvel Star Wars Solicitations for November 2015

Marvel has released their comic solicitations for November 2015. Here’s the Star Wars rundown.

Darth Vader #12

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist/Cover Artist: Salvador Larroca

Vader’s machinations have him painted into a corner…but no one puts Vader in a corner.  531 more words

Star Wars

A Game for Fools, Made by Fools

You passed a note to me during Biology

Asking me about black holes and infinities.

“Einstein predicted the existence of black holes,

While fools invented infinity.” 167 more words


sqrt(2) is rational?

logic is a funny thing. there’s syntax and there’s its meaning. totally independent.
it is quite frequent in maths that while syntax stays the same, meaning changes. 981 more words


 “Some infinities are bigger than other infinities”

On a chilling after noon, post a snowfall (I wish :p) looks a timid sun, its inadequate yet soothing warmth touching against your skin, while you are sipping hot sweet coffee with a couple of your buddies sitting on the bench beside the central park, probably discussing about a recent movie or how susceptible was the eye contact you had with that hot girl in the metro the other day, well I mean the discussion may not be very productive but the point is, does the topic even matter when a moment so momentous is being lived. 382 more words


Infinity: Paradoxes in logic, math, physics, and blog posts

I would like to be somewhat less than infinitely boring. So I have no intentions of referring to limits at infinity from calculus, or infinite divisibility of some unit of distance or time. 1,849 more words


Death and Angst: The Fault in Our Stars

I apologize now for a possible lack of cohesiveness and proper citation. The thought just came over after I watched the movie just a while ago on Star Movies. 1,424 more words