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on being small

I have a friend who’s having a hard time. I love her dearly, and she will be fine. That doesn’t stop me from worrying, and it doesn’t stop me from wishing I could help. 486 more words

Minor Editing Needed

Old Infinities..

10:23 pm

“Hello” I said to her through the phone.

“Hey! What you up to?” she asked.

“Listen, I have to tell you something…”

“Yeah. What?” 110 more words


Never Have we Ever...

Never have we ever,
realised that people forget what they’ve said.

Never have we ever,
realised that we too forget what we’ve said.

Never have we ever, 302 more words


How do you think is she going to survive?

Something in my soul clicked on to me tonight, and asked me to complete this one, for some unknown reason, amongst the numerous abandoned ones. 2,232 more words


Finite Infinities

Dear You,

Life comes with memories, with feelings.

With dreams, emotions and thoughts. With hopes and hurt and love and loss.

With dissatisfaction.

But most importantly, life comes with people. 450 more words


The Cactus

Pain made him as hard as a cactus stem. His tongue as sharp as it’s thorns. Life’s heat like that of the sun and roughness like that of the desert made his roots grow deeper and deeper. 762 more words



Now that her place was near completion and she was the architect, she knew that she could manipulate it to her requirements. and the moment the requirement was to find the Answer. 216 more words