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A Thousand Tiny Infinities

“I just want to stay right here,” he breathes, his stubble brushing against the soft skin between my collarbone and neck. We’re curled in blankets, the Saturday morning sunrise peeking through the window. 413 more words



What, then, if it is true.

What, then, if it is true that we live in this world.

What then, if it is true that we live in this world and this world is the best of all possible worlds. 444 more words


To infinities and endless possibilities

I have always loved the idea of a multiverse. I’d like to believe that somewhere, there’s another version of us who are happier. Maybe in that world, we laugh a little more or perhaps in another life, we are stronger in fighting our battles. 322 more words

2018 Musings

What's your favourite thing about Earth?

What’s your favourite thing about Earth?

If a stranger came up to you and asked you this question, what would your answer be? Would it be a person or a place you love? 430 more words


Cantor and Infinities

Georg Cantor was a German mathematician who, amongst many other things, is well-known for his work with infinities and the philosophical aspects of his findings. 1,049 more words



We are born infinite, a blank slate full of possibilities in a universe that is vaster than we can ever imagine and yet somehow smaller than what is contained in ourselves, because we looked at the endlessness of space and we said “not big enough” and we took some of the infinities within ourselves and we put them out there into the open and we called them Inventions, we called them Stories, we called them Art, Language, Philosophy, Science. 468 more words

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