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Incomplete Infinities? ∞

And maybe, there are incomplete infinities.

Like their love.

Part 1- Blithe and bliss                          

He smiled at me, his dimples as perfect as they could be. 358 more words

Strange Thoughts

Proof there are as many numbers between 0 and 1 as there are 1 and infinity: Part 2

If a is a whole number equal or greater than 1 and b is a whole number equal are than 1, than a/b shall always greater or equal to one, and a/b shall have a multipitive inverse less than or equal to one! 14 more words

Photographer: Kate Chan

“Why do we measure from 1 to 100 when we should be reaching the infinities?” 77 more words

Hello. How are you doing? Well, I hope.

I’m sleepless. Like always. It’s 11.34 PM of April 17. Trust me, it is relevant to the topic I wanna write about.

1,183 more words

Snippet #20

All the words ever spoken and all the words left,
In the distance between those infinities, the feelings remained bereft.



It is this restless sleep that keeps us awake 

In two beds, two homes, two cities, two ways

A tiredness that can’t put us to sleep  88 more words



Maybe we are never supposed to know;
some infinities are remained to be unsolved.
Love will be always one of them.
-Abirami Pillai