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We are born infinite, a blank slate full of possibilities in a universe that is vaster than we can ever imagine and yet somehow smaller than what is contained in ourselves, because we looked at the endlessness of space and we said “not big enough” and we took some of the infinities within ourselves and we put them out there into the open and we called them Inventions, we called them Stories, we called them Art, Language, Philosophy, Science. 468 more words

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Is there any need for space to dilate itself? This kind of dilation is not self but dependent on mediums that space creates. But why we cannot achieve its verges even through its medium? 277 more words

Mathematicians Measure Infinities and Find They’re Equal

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According to Quanta Magazine

In a breakthrough that disproves decades of conventional wisdom, two mathematicians have shown that two different variants of infinity are actually the same size.

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It was a relationship so beautiful.

She asked me how can I fall in love with her in just seven days , Little did she know I fell in love in the seventh second . 161 more words

Livres de lecture gratuits Star Wars - Infinities T02 : L'Empire contre-attaque en ligne

Infinities présente des versions alternatives des épisodes de la trilogie Star Wars : l’histoire est la même, à un détail près… Sur la planète Hoth, les Rebelles, prisonniers des glaces, résistent tant bien que mal aux assauts répétés de l’Empire. 101 more words


Incomplete Infinities? ∞

And maybe, there are incomplete infinities.

Like their love.

Part 1- Blithe and bliss                          

He smiled at me, his dimples as perfect as they could be. 358 more words

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