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Start your engines! On Bakunin!

Place ya bets folks!

A few days after heading out of the caravansery the team makes their way to the C3 Circular bound for Svalarheima. That isn’t their final destination though and the team makes their way from the circular to the ever flying Bakunin mothership, currently rocketing its way from C3 to C2 and from there to Varuna. 2,395 more words

Infinity RPG


It's vanity to think that I can offer anything
Of import or significance to the Source of everything
My praise, my efforts, and my prayers are made possible by my King. 324 more words

My Old School Playlist 

Hey guys,

So I decided to bring back some songs from over a decade ago.

My Playlist is a compilation of all the “hit songs” while I was a fresher on campus.As per the sister-girl that I am, most of the songs are gospel. 490 more words


MayaCast Episode 182: Limited Edition

In Episode 182 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip gab about the local Paradiso Campaign that just started up before talking about the Limited Insertion tournament extra for ITS. 421 more words


_meteorite (i)

this is the first installment: part 3

memories from my past

ten minutes later

i came to see you. today. i went to the beach. to the ocean. 393 more words