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Chemoland, part 1

Chemotherapy and baby sister, the beginning of treatment

My hair started falling out in clumps just over 2 weeks after my first chemo infusion. These photos were taken just before it became noticeable and the first of many transitional haircuts. 2,138 more words

Bye-Bye Booby!

*From 4/23/16, a week before my mastectomy and a month out from completing chemo. 

I have a lot swirling around in my head. I have discomfort in my body. 1,157 more words

Not So Crunchy Lately...

I have a confession to make.

It’s been difficult for me to even think about being frugal lately. Having been diagnosed with both Stage 3 Inflammatory Breast Cancer and Cowden Syndrome, I don’t seem to be able to care about pinching pennies. 107 more words

A New Year

A new year will soon be upon us.

To be honest, I’m hesitant to say, “Happy New Year!” It doesn’t seem appropriate at the moment. Celebrating during cancer? 323 more words

Scars, Pain, and Numbness

Shifting, I punch the pillow in an attempt to get comfortable. Pain and the sense of the unknown have stabbed me into wakefulness. The swelling underneath my arm still remains. 94 more words

You are enough

So the promised advent post didn’t happen (sorry!) and now it’s almost Christmas. I blinked and my baby turned one yesterday and a new year is rapidly approaching. 924 more words


Hope (When Times Are Tough)

Hope. It can be so elusive during dark times.

I had considered beginning this post with a pithy and yet inspirational quote regarding surgery. Reviewing the first few pages of the… 295 more words