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Cycle 1: week 3

Again this weeks not involved much.

Went to see about a wig fitting though and it did feel better than expected. But whether I wear it much when I get it remains to be seen. 272 more words

Single breasted

A year and a day of only one breast…and I haven’t missed it at all…in fact it is much easier without it…but I do sometimes wonder where it is


Chemo was today. This was meant to post before! Internet problems. It went fine, quicker than I thought so now on the road home :) 1,494 more words

Everything you wanted to know about lime mortar but were afraid to ask

OK, so it’s a subject you may never have discussed at a dinner party or over the post office counter but I really feel more informed now on the topic of lime mortar than I ever have before. 1,287 more words

Tangling With Cancer

One in a million

Never updated about last week purely because I had an appointment Tuesday this week to meet with my Dr and discuss test results and get some answers, or so I though! 1,131 more words

Lumps & Bumps

I have now had my 2nd herceptin injection, or treatment 11 or cycle 25 depending on who is counting what. Each time I am asked if that number is correct…but I am well past the counting stage and am “happy” to trust the record books (which, I assume is what they are for…). ¬† 227 more words

Why Dr Google is the Worst Kind of Doctor

The waiting. The W-A-I-T-I-N-G. It is such a killer. It starts from test one and from what I gather it does not ever really stop. 307 more words