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The Sunday Spotlight: In Memoriam, Writer Christy Bailey

The featured Writer: Christy Bailey

The featured writing: “El Pañuelo,” published at Hunger Mountain

Today, May 1, is Christy Bailey’s birthday. She was born in Houston in 1967 to Margaret and David Bailey, elder sister to Melanie, and aunt to Lindsey and Grace. 2,247 more words


Back in my virtual world

Just over 5 days without an internet connection has proved challenging, irritating, expensive and a reminder of how life was, not that long ago. But, as my invidious disease, former “friends” and ex-husband have taught me…there is no looking back. 223 more words

The Boogeyman’s Back….(a poem)

The boogeyman lives under my bed –

Sometimes he tries to sneak into my head

I plug my ears and stomp and shout

Trying to tearfully block him out. 181 more words


My Tit(s) in The Sun

The Huffington Post UK recently published my “Keeping it Casual – Dating after Breast Cancer” post. I decided to take the plunge and put my Uni-boob out there in the name of highlighting some of the myths, untruths and frustrations around reconstruction, cancer symptoms and other cancer related shit with a wider audience than might be reached by my own blog. 57 more words

#WeCanICan on #WorldCancerDay

Today is World Cancer Day, a global event designed to raise awareness and education about a disease that continues to affect a growing segment of the population. 628 more words

“There, there” and “keep your chin up” don’t quite cut it these days

One of our Cancer, Older People and Advocacy programme volunteer coordinators recently wrote the following post:

As a volunteer co-ordinator for one of the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy projects I would like to share a personal story with you today. 1,153 more words

Project Partners

Don't do drugs, kids

Sometimes it takes me ages to write the next blog. It is usually because life gets in the way in some guise or another and, in this case, it’s because I’m feeling unwell in various ways. 1,381 more words

Tangling With Cancer