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Fear, Medicine, and the Future

Pain unrelenting. Doctors dismiss my pleas, ushering me quickly out of the office. I struggle into the hallway and call my husband. Other brush past me, looking on curiously. 93 more words


Faster than a speeding…nope, she’s not fast, she really just wants to nap all the time…

Stronger than a…nope, not strong at all, but she refuses to de defeated… 27 more words

Cancer Battle

Venturing Out

I went to church on Sunday. This was my first real outing since my surgery and of course, radiation.

Everything was wonderful except for the pain. 252 more words

The uneasy dance of life and death - my fifth cancerversary

I am so often struck by the stark contrasts of this world, and particularly how sorrow and joy seem to be able to move together in a sort of uncomfortable dance, each one rising and receding in turn. 751 more words

The Best Laid Plans

Releasing my own expectations and plans has been a difficult part of my own cancer journey. I had worked hard to build up my reputation with my employer, and I was proud of my accomplishments. 633 more words

Grey's Anatomy 13x18: "Be Still, My Soul" Recap

Maggie’s mom’s condition worsens in an episode directed by Ellen Pompeo.

The voice-over of the episode reminisces about when Meredith’s mom, Ellis, died. Meredith found a note that said “Important: tell Meredith not to” but the note was never finished, and Meredith never got to hear the rest of her mother’s advice. 2,282 more words