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Should have posted an update long ago but feel I really need to let everyone know how I am now.

I have recently had a stay in hospital again for a few days. 269 more words

Brian's Dirty Pickles

My memory continues to be poor only this time it shocks even me. The oncologist is going on holiday. Normally, he tells us, he takes action holidays (and he does say action rather than activity, creating a picture of a mild-mannered James Bond with a shock of black hair which must have been the bane of his mother’s life), but this time, they are going to Greece for a week. 1,972 more words

Tangling With Cancer

A Little Prick

I have no children but I do watch “One Born Every Minute” and “Call the Midwife” so I know that puffing a lot is a sure fire way to deal with pain and discomfort. 1,085 more words

Lark's Diary X

I’ve been poorly. My mum took me to see Dr Bum and they were all very friendly and patted me and tickled me which was nice. 1,053 more words

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

To Reconstruct or Not to Reconstruct

I am in a strange room, all around are strange women. I say strange, I really mean unknown to me. I suspect for the most part they are all perfectly normal. 886 more words

Bitter-sweet symphony

The last few days are a real mixture of emotion – contentment, excitment, fear and sadness, all rolled into one big knotted ball of wool. I think I have finally settled into this house. 1,605 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Giving Pink the Finger

Imagine if you will a world where 1 in 8 of us are stricken by a terrible disease of the hand. A disease that can kill, involves filling your body with toxins and steals your looks. 538 more words