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#WeCanICan on #WorldCancerDay

Today is World Cancer Day, a global event designed to raise awareness and education about a disease that continues to affect a growing segment of the population. 628 more words

“There, there” and “keep your chin up” don’t quite cut it these days

One of our Cancer, Older People and Advocacy programme volunteer coordinators recently wrote the following post:

As a volunteer co-ordinator for one of the Cancer, Older People and Advocacy projects I would like to share a personal story with you today. 1,153 more words

Project Partners

Don't do drugs, kids

Sometimes it takes me ages to write the next blog. It is usually because life gets in the way in some guise or another and, in this case, it’s because I’m feeling unwell in various ways. 1,381 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Facing a Breast Cancer Few Know About: Patrice Starks

Written By Robin Warshaw, Contributing Writer
Reviewed By Minetta C. Liu, MD

On the day she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, also known as IBC, Patrice Starks, of Royal Palm Beach, Florida, had never heard of the disease. 914 more words

Breast Cancer

Keeping it Casual

Don’t tell my Mum but I have had casual sex, not recently but I have done it. And don’t get me wrong (for any potential suitors out there) I have put my all into these encounters, there was nothing casual in terms of effort. 892 more words


Should have posted an update long ago but feel I really need to let everyone know how I am now.

I have recently had a stay in hospital again for a few days. 269 more words

Brian's Dirty Pickles

My memory continues to be poor only this time it shocks even me. The oncologist is going on holiday. Normally, he tells us, he takes action holidays (and he does say action rather than activity, creating a picture of a mild-mannered James Bond with a shock of black hair which must have been the bane of his mother’s life), but this time, they are going to Greece for a week. 1,972 more words

Tangling With Cancer