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My first proper haircut in four and a half years!

I don’t have many cancer milestones or hurdles these days and for that I am very grateful. But the one area that was still hanging around that I couldn’t quite bring myself to deal with was my hair. 855 more words

On Being Rare

Believe me, I’ve become used to doctors being unsure about what’s going on with me. Whether it is an overly large tumor or simply not recovering from an infection, doctors of all backgrounds have often been confused when facing me on an examination table. 547 more words

Cancer...Yada, Yada

If everything goes well, this week should be a finale of sorts for me. Tomorrow will be my sixth chemo treatment in this series, the final one (hopefully). 317 more words

Keeping Calm, Sort Of

Well, thanks to Xanax, Bible reading, and creative outlets like this blog, I have been maintaining a certain amount of calmness in my life.

My latest visit with the oncologist was fairly neutral. 548 more words

Fear, Grief, and Changes

Fair Warning:

This is not so much an analysis of the famous work, A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis, but more of a considering of two turning points in my life. 868 more words


Over the years, I’ve encountered people who apparently are rarely sick and have never taken a single prescription medication. For me, it has been akin to finding a unicorn. 383 more words

One Does Not Simply...

Warning: Totally Honest Cancer Post Ahead.

During this latest go-around with cancer, I’ve encountered quite a few people with some misguided notions as to what it’s like to go through chemo. 190 more words