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Everything you wanted to know about lime mortar but were afraid to ask

OK, so it’s a subject you may never have discussed at a dinner party or over the post office counter but I really feel more informed now on the topic of lime mortar than I ever have before. 1,287 more words

Tangling With Cancer

One in a million

Never updated about last week purely because I had an appointment Tuesday this week to meet with my Dr and discuss test results and get some answers, or so I though! 1,131 more words


Lumps & Bumps

I have now had my 2nd herceptin injection, or treatment 11 or cycle 25 depending on who is counting what. Each time I am asked if that number is correct…but I am well past the counting stage and am “happy” to trust the record books (which, I assume is what they are for…). ¬† 227 more words

Why Dr Google is the Worst Kind of Doctor

The waiting. The W-A-I-T-I-N-G. It is such a killer. It starts from test one and from what I gather it does not ever really stop. 307 more words


"It's Bad News I'm Afraid"

It’s all so¬†surreal.

This time last week I was in London on a date with a pretty great guy. I drank my first martini, went exploring around the weird and wonderful world that is Soho, and was loving the feeling of spring finally creeping into the cold London air. 309 more words


A special case

Three weeks have slipped by again and I await the call from “my” nurse about Monday’s herceptin dose…Hopefully it will be a short, sharp shock (aka injection) rather than being infused (which makes it sound rather more of an “active” pursuit than it is!). 231 more words

Fizzy and fuzzy

OK…I have been persuaded it is time to “see someone” to try and uncover why I am collapsing left, right and centre. “Someone” is the GP and today’s the day. 150 more words