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A One Breasted Woman - My Real Full Monty

Mid way through chemo a man I had met through friends became attentive and kind. He took me out to dinner a couple of times and when my drug-addled taste buds and fatigue put paid to the pleasure of evening meals he met me for brunch. 1,136 more words

In Therapy

As I take my seat the woman smiles, leans forward and gently touches my knee and says: “Before we start I just want to tell you, I think you are a wonderful woman”. 941 more words

Loose Muse

I’m rather pleased to have been invited to read from and talk about my blog at the next meeting of Loose Muse on Wednesday 10 January. 221 more words

Why I'm Glad that I Had Cancer, or Lessons Learned the Hardest Way

Honestly, this is a sentence that I never thought that I would read, let alone write. Who is glad that they had cancer?

Me. Me. I’m glad that I had cancer. 824 more words


Make Oct 3rd IBC Day! A Petition for the People.

Even if it takes years, we will fight until there is a National Day for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  Let’s proclaim October 3rd as National Inflammatory Breast Cancer Day.   1,348 more words

Letrozole and Life

I admit that it has been difficult to be thankful for Letrozole lately, even if it is keeping me free of cancer at the moment. 201 more words

‘I run my own Insta account — I don’t let anyone touch!’

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INSTA-FAMOUS fitness queen

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