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So this is a low blood count

End of June…..It’s been quite a week.  Monday, I went for IV fluids, after spending most of last weekend asleep on the couch.  It really helped me perk back up, and I made it through the rest of the work day on our busiest day in the past year feeling fairly functional.   238 more words

Breast Cancer

“I didn’t have to watch anymore. I could walk.” – A Guest Post

For Susan G. Komen 3-Day® walker Carly M., walking has become a powerful tool for healing. She shares her story with us.

“From the time I was 13, cancer was a common term in my house. 776 more words


Hospital Stay

From the title you can assume I’ve had a stay in hospital this week. Made it all the way through chemo without being admitted and then I am! 726 more words

Breast Cancer

Separation Issues

First to arrive was a small dog. A little rusty ball of fur, his claws scrabbled along my hallway as he scampered through my home. He was followed by a film crew, a make-up artist, stylist and a very nice lady clutching a large lasagne. 477 more words

MRI inbound

So, I had a flare-up of mastitis (or whatever it is that keeps turning my breast red) on Saturday evening. No fever, amazingly! This is both good and bad — more on this in a bit. 451 more words


Cycle 5: week 3

I don’t want anyone to take this personally because it’s not aimed at anyone in particular. I’ve wrote a list of mostly what not to say or do to someone suffering from cancer. 856 more words

The 411 on Inflammatory Breast Cancer

LBBC’s Christina Meehan shares information and resources about inflammatory breast cancer and writes about attending Jefferson University Hospitals’ Inflammatory Breast Cancer Conference for the Community. 1,231 more words

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