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If You Read This After I'm Gone

It was just supposed to be a mammogram. A few weeks earlier I had gone to my doctor to inquire about an unusual hardness behind my left nipple. 908 more words


Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps....

I had the treatment of group B of these women. Looks like I might be lucky….That said, trial was for regular breast cancer, early diagnosis and I was late and this was not trialled for my rarer form of inflammatory breast cancer… 260 more words

The Little Things

Honestly, I’ve been struggling this past month or so.

It often seems like the days just drift by, with those around me bustling to work and fulfilling goals and stressing about life in general. 329 more words

Valentine's Day, the "C" Word and ENORMOUS knockers

“O-M-G sweetheart, your tits look ENORMOUS!”. These words are screeched across the photography studio floor as the make-up artist approaches me to touch up my brows and attempt to “frou-frou” my less than mane-like locks. 606 more words

The words which saved my life

Sitting in my GP’s office hearing the looming words “your thyroid is enlarged”. As a nurse I new exactly what that meant, that most enlarged thyroids were benign, though a large airway risk and I would probably need to have it removed. 624 more words

The beginning

It’s still so clear to me to remember how all of this started. How what happened over the next two weeks would change my life forever.   254 more words

My InflammaStory: Diagnosis

My Journey to Cancerland

Not long ago I thought myself quite healthy and rarely spent time in any medical setting (beyond regular visits with my midwife). 1,013 more words