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Holding My Breath

I was never particularly good at sports. In school, if it came to two classmates picking teams I would generally be the last selected. I was basically lazy and so that, coupled with my poor hand to eye coordination, put me at the bottom of any team selection list. 512 more words

The Best Tits in College

I’m in the waiting room for my pre-op assessment. Looking around me I recognise a number of faces from recent trips to the breast clinic. In a few days’ time a man is going to lop off one of my tits. 496 more words

Do You Like Me?

Some time ago I met a friend for drinks in town. She arrived enthusiastically brandishing her new tablet. Now I quite like a new bit of tech. 499 more words

There's a hole in my bucket list

My keys have gone missing. We are quite relaxed with keys, Mr Mason being unable to find his on a regular basis, so when he can’t find his, I give him mine and then he forgets he has my keys, despite the fact they have a distinctive key ring from San Marco in Venice. 960 more words

Tangling With Cancer

Symptoms of Breast Cancer.

Breast cancer affects both men and women. However, breast cancer has been the most common cancer in the UK since 1997, but is rare in men. 1,002 more words


So this is a low blood count

End of June…..It’s been quite a week.  Monday, I went for IV fluids, after spending most of last weekend asleep on the couch.  It really helped me perk back up, and I made it through the rest of the work day on our busiest day in the past year feeling fairly functional.   238 more words

Breast Cancer

“I didn’t have to watch anymore. I could walk.” – A Guest Post

For Susan G. Komen 3-Day® walker Carly M., walking has become a powerful tool for healing. She shares her story with us.

“From the time I was 13, cancer was a common term in my house. 776 more words