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Fear, Grief, and Changes

Fair Warning:

This is not so much an analysis of the famous work, A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis, but more of a considering of two turning points in my life. 868 more words


Over the years, I’ve encountered people who apparently are rarely sick and have never taken a single prescription medication. For me, it has been akin to finding a unicorn. 383 more words

One Does Not Simply...

Warning: Totally Honest Cancer Post Ahead.

During this latest go-around with cancer, I’ve encountered quite a few people with some misguided notions as to what it’s like to go through chemo. 190 more words

Fellow Cancer Patients, Let's Build Each Other Up

I had hoped that my next post would be about the “brotherhood” of cancer patients, that we all have so much in common and can support each other. 284 more words

Fear and Gratitude

Some days you just want to step away from your life and say, “Enough.” Today was another visit with my oncologist, and it was one of those days. 340 more words

Through a Child's Eyes: Cheryl Gordon

Written by Robin Warshaw, Contributing Writer

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and have young children may worry more about how the experience will affect their kids than themselves. 1,073 more words

Breast Cancer

When Smalls become BIG

I credit Julie Walters with making me love matching underwear. Watching her on a zip wire in “She’ll be wearing Pink Pyjamas” once convinced me to book myself on a women-only Outward Bound course. 926 more words