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"Disease-specific alterations in the enteric virome in inflammatory bowel disease" [Norman et al, 2015]

Is IBD going viral? Pursuant to last month’s journal club discussion on the importance of examining the fungal mycobiome, a closer look at the intestinal virome seemed like the logical next step. 330 more words


Sugar: It's Killing US!

Sugar: It’s Killing US!

Direct from the sugar people. Truth

Thai Government Heavily Subsidizes Its Sugar! https://t.co/5E7vExG7F5

— Judy Clayton Sanchez (@sugarcard2) June 18, 2015…

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Bioelectronic Device Could Revolutionize Care for Inflammatory Disease

An accidental discovery within a Long Island, N.Y., health system has led to the creation of a medical treatment that has the potential to replace billions of dollars of drugs with less expensive implantable devices. 78 more words

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Sugar Part 2 - Inflammation

Inflammation has been poorly understood by the scientific community but even science is proving that it’s the key to reducing and removing chronic diseases.

There’s a ton of information that needs to be understood about what inflammation and I don’t want to bore you with all of it so i’ll give you the necessary details and you’ll have to do some research of your own to get the full physiological effects. 1,050 more words


Understanding Chlamydia -- Diagnosis and Treatment

How Do I Know If I Have It?

If you suspect you have chlamydia, your doctor may want to test your cervical or penile discharge or urine using one of several available methods of testing. 182 more words


Stratford family raises awareness of disease that targets preemies

STRATFORD – Morgan Vaughan’s 4th birthday celebration was all about Lightning McQueen and family joy. “Morgan is a character,” smiles his grandmother, Mary Midolo of Naugatuck. 112 more words

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Biased Signalling and Proteinase-Activated Receptors (PARs): Targeting Inflammatory Disease

Biased Signalling and Proteinase-Activated Receptors (PARs): Targeting Inflammatory Disease

Hollenberg MD, Mihara K, Polley D, Suen JY, Han A, Fairlie DP, Ramachandran R

Br J Pharmacol 2014,  171, 1180-1194.