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Why Inflammatory (and Fake) News Is Such a Big Deal

Note: Please watch the first 12.5 minutes of this video before reading this post.

As the video says, fake and inflammatory (also known as “clickbait”) news has been a hot topic issue in the last few months. 671 more words


The Results

Sedatives. Lots of sedatives. I remembered almost nothing from my procedure. What I remembered was, they sprayed a lot of sedatives at my throat, and my oh my, does that thing burn. 227 more words


The Preparation

Damn oh damn! Preparation. If you were wondering what this chapter entails, heads up, it’s a poop-fest.

Since I went to the hospital quite late, my check in procedure was done at about 2 PM, where lunch has already been served. 456 more words


The Diagnosis

Insurance! Just get one! Thankfully, I did. This would be a very different story if I didn’t have one. The free public healthcare here in Malaysia is great, save for the slug-like pace of the whole thing. 198 more words


Botty Cam Time

After Moviprep Madness follows the Colonoscopy Caper, a wonderful experience involving far too many inquisitive eyes around my tightly clamped orifice :)

I reported early to the reception in the endoscopy unit and got checked in by a rather unfriendly pen pushing jobsworth! 804 more words


Moviprep Madness

December 28th, time for another delightful, anal probing at the colonoscopy unit, which meant that December 27th was Moviprep day :(

I know ‘Moviprep’ sounds like you’re getting ready for an entertaining day out at the cinema, but it ain’t quite that pleasant, although it is entertaining…. 764 more words


24 Years?

24 years is almost half of my lifetime!

So what, why is that significant?

Well, the other day I called the surgery for a repeat prescription of Pentasa and they set me up with the ability to order them online using a service in the UK called systmonline. 556 more words