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What Are The 7 Anti-inflammatory Herbs That You Must Add to Your Daily Diet?

Apart from these, there are anti-inflammatory herbs that you may want to add to your diet. The beauty of these herbs is that you only need a small amount of these due to their potency. 17 more words

Cheese and Adenomyosis 

Cheese + Adenomyosis = PAIN

Yes, that’s the correct result for this math problem!

As we know, cheese and other dairy products are considered inflammatory for our body. 248 more words


5 Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients That You Cant Afford to Miss

Whas it actually inflammation? Inflammation is often the cause of great number of diseases, including fever, arthritis, etc. Unfortunately, our lifestyle choices make it even worse.There is no need to worry, as we have the answer to all your doubts and questions. 32 more words

Here's my best guess!

GI day!

The appointment I’d been dreading for weeks. I was up early today, mainly because I didn’t sleep well at all, and started the day off with my usual cup of tea and a couple of bloody poops! 554 more words


Who are you?

The subject is a rhetorical question as I neither need, nor expect, any answers. It does however pose some interesting thoughts that are rather unique to blogging in that, what I know about you is totally dependent on what information you provide. 613 more words

Just Thinking

Why Inflammatory (and Fake) News Is Such a Big Deal

Note: Please watch the first 12.5 minutes of this video before reading this post.

As the video says, fake and inflammatory (also known as “clickbait”) news has been a hot topic issue in the last few months. 671 more words


The Results

Sedatives. Lots of sedatives. I remembered almost nothing from my procedure. What I remembered was, they sprayed a lot of sedatives at my throat, and my oh my, does that thing burn. 227 more words