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2 July 2014: Should I Marry My 18 Year Old Girlfriend?

DEAR ADAM: My girlfriend and I have been together since we were 14. I am now 19 and she just turned 18. Now that she can legally get married, she is really pushing me to do so. 838 more words

Growing up in the late 90's!

As winter starts to fade, my friends and I have planned a girl’s road trip to let loose and get out of town for a while! 608 more words

inflatable outdoor furnishings

Are you among the masses who wonder where the heck you’re supposed to store your outdoor furniture during the off-season?  How about inflatable furniture?  Before you groan audibly and wonder, “What could she possibly be thinking?” take a look. 207 more words

Mecc Interiors

Middle School Awful

So, I’m not dead. But, I obviously have not updated in a long time.  In order to make up for the lack of entries, I decided to dig deep into my humiliation pile and summon a gem (or some costume jewelry at best).  719 more words

Eclosion sofa from Olivier Gregoire

Inflatable furniture for grown ups, that’s all I can think of when I see this piece of home awesomeness from Olivier Gregoire. So called the Eclosion, the act of emerging from the pupal case as in an insect, I would think this is fairly aptly named. 327 more words


Inflatable Furniture - Be sure that Know

inflatable couch may be a good time. Simply because it really is at ease, an easy task to maintain, reasonably economical, and different. This is the furniture decision obtained in college or university dormitories and undergraduate flats throughout the world. 624 more words

Inflatable Bed