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#IIP India’s Industrial Production Update till June 2015

#IIP India’s Industrial Production Update till June 2015

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08.13.15: Baduel

El Nacional highlighted the plight of Venezuelan workers today in an article on cestatickets, the stipend some Venezuelans receive in addition to their income in order to help them buy food.  795 more words

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08.07.15: A Clean Campaign

Maduro made a number of comments last night regarding the situation in Venezuela and the electoral campaign leading up to the December 6 elections.

On the election, Maduro said that he was confident that the people would elect the National Assembly representatives that will… 764 more words


#India #ConsumerPriceIndex Update till June 2015

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Why Brazil is still a sorry underachiever

David Samuels – Star Tribune, 7/31/2015

Brazilians have a self-deprecating sense of national pride. They sheepishly accept Brazil’s inability to join the club of rich and powerful nations with the oft-heard joke that “Brazil is the country of the future … and always will be!” 174 more words

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Brazil's Caixa to further limit mortgage loans amid funding dry-up

Guillermo Parra-Bernal and Aluísio Alves – Reuters, 8/5/2015

Aug 5 State-controlled Caixa Econômica Federal, Brazil’s largest mortgage lender, plans to further limit disbursements of home loans amid a severe reduction in outstanding savings deposits in Latin America’s largest economy. 89 more words

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Brazil Central Bank reiterates it is ready to keep current interest rate

Paulo Trevisani – The Wall Street Journal, 8/6/2015

Brazil’s central bank’s strategy to slow price increases is working, and the bank is ready to leave its benchmark interest rate at 14.25% while the inflation rate declines, according to the minutes from last week’s monetary policy meeting. 83 more words

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