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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains the geopolitical facts of life

This video featuring Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a “must view.” Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan, explains very clearly how Greece was lured into its present predicament and made a “colony of the EU.” 152 more words


India's Inflation and Industrial Production Index

#IndiaInflationRate #WPI Wholesale Price Index and #CPI Consumer Price Index Review for the month of November 2016
India’s Index of Industrial Production #IIP for the month of October 2016… 9 more words


We're in an inflationary depression, with serious trouble ahead

The statistics offered by the government and the FED are not to be trusted. We’ve long known that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is manipulated in ways that are intended to mask the increases in the true cost of living for the average American. 262 more words

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Hyperinflation: Are the Austrians Wrong?

Ever since the Housing Bubble of 2008 imploded, many Austrian economists, authors, and spokesmen have come out to announce that hyperinflation was just around the corner. 1,645 more words


Wholesale Price Index Of India For The Month Of July 2016

‪#‎IndiaInflationRate‬ ‪#‎WPI‬ Wholesale Price Index Review for the month of JULY 2016.
#WPI stood at 3.55% for the month of July 2016 , as compared to 1.62% for the previous month… 9 more words