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U.S. Consumer Spending Yet to Overheat: Fed to Pause

According to the CME Fed Watch, the chance of a Fed rate hike this Wednesday is virtually zero. The reasons for the Fed to “stand pat” have been well recited but here they are again: 1) ongoing, elevated global systemic/slowdown risks due to the recent decline in global financial stocks, a Chinese economic slowdown, and chronically low oil prices resulting in fears of higher corporate defaults, 2) despite a recent pick-up in the… 348 more words


A Life Story:A 1937 Chevrolet and $750

We once knew a man who bought a brand new 1937 Chevrolet coupe from his local dealer for $750. That was the going price then. If he had wanted to spend say, $7,500 he could have acquired ten of them. 497 more words


February inflation round-up

Myanmar and Surinam join the high-inflation nations this month, following devaluations of their respective currencies. Indeed, most of the countries appearing in either the first table or on the watch-list at the bottom of the post, do so largely because of depreciated exchange rates. 355 more words

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150+ years of inflation-adjusted oil prices.

The average is about $47 in real terms.

What does this tell us? Well, not much, except it’s the $100-ish prices that were more of an anomaly than the recent price situation. 7 more words


01.17.16: 1000%

Minister of the Economy Luis Salas has announced that a long-rumoured increase to gas prices in the country is imminent, saying that “the time has come” 604 more words

Daily Update

Our 2016 Outlook on U.S. Treasuries: 2.5% on the 10-Year

In our June 28 global macro newsletter (please email me for a copy), I upgraded our outlook on U.S. Treasuries when the 10-year Treasury yield closed at 2.49%.  423 more words


November inflation round-up

Several commodity prices have fallen again recently, including oil and copper, but food indices are beginning to rise and are expected to advance strongly… 310 more words

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