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07.06.15: Universal Essequibo

Maduro is acurrently giving a speech in the National Assembly in which he promised to reveal the details of all the “aggressions, intrigue, conspiracies” which he claims Venezuela is victim to, specifically when it comes to its dispute with Guyana over the Essequibo region. 539 more words


#India #ConsumerPriceIndex Update Upto May 2015

#India #ConsumerPriceIndex Update Upto May 2015

Data released by Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation.

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#BCVleaks: Central Bank employees air the dirty laundry

Nelson Merentes, the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela (“BCV”), seems to have a bit of a soft mutiny in the ranks.

A group from the bank’s technical staff has been leaking information to the media on the mismanagement of the institution, including the craziest bit of news this week: the one about the… 333 more words


Breaking the bank

From the department of so-funny-it’s-tragic: La Patilla is quoting anonymous sources inside the Central Bank who claim the government’s printing press is working overtime, so much so that they are having to import the bills just to keep up with demand. 223 more words


Hyperinflation or just high inflation?

Is Venezuela headed towards hyperinflation?

A few days ago, Quico dismissed allegations of runaway hyperinflation in the country. He used a report put out by Francisco Rodriguez and his team at BofA using over five thousand regressions to estimate the annualised inflation rate of Venezuela based on the few economic indicators we have. 564 more words


Ex-Minister of Finance on The Effects of Quantitative Easing

We were very lucky to interview a Dutch ex-Minister of Finance. Unfortunately, his identity will not be disclosed, but we can assure you that his insight is extremely valuable. 747 more words