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Funding Secure Retirement (With Government Promises)

The coming retirement crisis is aging news but even more real than workers seem to appreciate. It is of course, a creation of government. You are welcome to disagree on that, but be prepared with facts rather than fancies, please. 510 more words


Brazil on the border of being junk again

Kenneth Rapoza – Forbes, 7/24/2015

The hole in Brazil’s economy keeps getting bigger. This was not the base case scenario of any of the economists I speak with regularly here at FORBES, but the mood is shifting. 130 more words

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Brazil’s real closes at weakest level in 12 years

Jeffrey T. Lewis – The Wall Street Journal, 7/24/2015

The Brazilian real closed at its weakest level in 12 years against the dollar on Friday, extending a slide that began on Wednesday, as concern about the government’s inability to get its budget and debt problems under control continues. 101 more words

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Questions over budget surplus dim Brazil’s prospects

Joe Leahy – The Financial Times, 7/26/2015

Brazil’s economy may be in freefall but until recently its hard-pressed citizens could at least count on the unwavering commitment of their famously hawkish finance minister to limit the damage. 75 more words

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Brazil struggles with inflation, and expectations

Paulo Travisani – The Wall Street Journal, 7/26/2015

Brazil’s version of the Federal Reserve will almost certainly raise its benchmark Selic interest rate next week for the 16th time in just over two years in a bid to fight escalating inflation. 55 more words


Recession and graft: the growing rot in Brazil

Financial Times, 7/22/2015

Incompetence, arrogance and corruption have shattered Brazil’s magic spell. Combined with the end of the commodity boom, they have driven the world’s eighth biggest economy into a deepening recession. 176 more words

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