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Developed Country Demographics are Inflationary, not Deflationary

I’m a relatively simple guy. I like simple models. I get suspicious with models that seem overly complicated. In my experience, the more components you add to a model the more likely it is that one of them ceases having explanatory power and messes up your model’s value. 502 more words

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WPI hits 54-month high, jumps to 5.77% in June

Source: The Hindu Business Line, Jul 16, 2018

New Delhi: The producer’s inflation zoomed to a 54-month high in June, Government data revealed on Monday. This inflation, popularly known as Wholesale Price Index (WPI), stood at 5.77 per cent in June as against 4.43 per cent for… 376 more words

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I’m doing something today I don’t usually. I’m complaining. Yes, you’re right, I have expressed displeasure from time to time but this is different. This is head shaking, head scratching, “what did you expect” vent-age. 592 more words



In 1981, America stood at a genuine crossroads of the Postwar era. It seemed as though everything had been floundering for nearly a decade. Watergate, oil price shocks, and inflation were eating away at the faith and the paychecks of American workers. 621 more words


Venezuela’s Socialist Hyperinflation Turned People Back To Barter System

By Mac Slavo – Re-Blogged From Freedom Outpost

In the wake of socialist Venezuela’s massive hyperinflation, citizens have returned to the original monetary system in order to survive.  408 more words

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Problems With Fiscal Stimulus -Inflation

Problems With Fiscal Stimulus -Inflation

(This is the Second Segment in a Three Part Series)

The United States has the ability to create and spend far more money than it collects in tax revenue by financing the deficit with Treasury Bonds. 2,216 more words