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A Client Asks: What's the Benefit of Inflation?

One of our retired clients sent us a question recently.

“I can’t understand the FED condoning and promoting any inflation rate. To me inflation means that the value of money is simply depreciating at the inflation rate.

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October 9, 2015

Stocks opened higher this morning (Dow +32 pts; SPX +.19%). The SPX has now retraced more than half of the correction that ended last month. Healthcare, industrials and tech are leading the charge. 363 more words

Week End Blog - Rebounds!

Bad news is good news, right? The IMF delivered its semi-annual World Economic Outlook, and like the ones before, the content was mostly negative. GDP growth expectations were adjusted downward across the board. 804 more words


Candy Bars and Magic Tricks

It’s only a candy bar.

Let’s assume you want to buy a candy bar, so you head to the corner store with two dollars in your pocket. 334 more words


What is the Nature, Purpose, and Impact of Monetary Policy?

The ECB’s headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

In this essay I shall discuss the nature, purpose and impact of monetary policy using the example of the European Central Bank (ECB), whose central objective as the core of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), and the Eurosystem, is laid down in Article 127 (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU): «The primary objective […] shall be to maintain price stability» (O.J. 2,549 more words

The European Union

Whip Inflation Now: As Stupid Then as It Was When It Was Written

Found this on EPJ today. It’s Gerald Ford, blathering about literally nothing, using as many words as possible to convey the least amount of information he can manage. 227 more words

The Jewish Libertarian Blog

Why Raghuram Rajan is now a party to inflating the asset price bubble

From firstpost.com, by Shanmuganathan Nagasundaram,  Oct 2015

In what has been hailed near unanimously as a positive move, the much awaited Raghuram Rajan rate cut was delivered in a double dose of 50 basis points on 29 September. 415 more words