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Undergraduate degrees are a stamp of participation

Here’s an article I wrote for my college newspaper ( = designed for a different audience). I’m mostly interested in the direction college “worthwhileness” is going alongside more opportunities for starting small businesses, entrepreneurship, etc. 63 more words


The Big Picture on America’s Fiscal Crisis II. How Urgent?

My last post, “The Big Picture on America’s Fiscal Crisis” explains, according to the political scientist James Piereson, why three very difficult contemporary problems: 336 more words

Jack Heidel

Lectures on Economics 8

Lectures following Rüdiger Dornbusch’ works (8)



It seems clear that the government, by its actions, has the potential to affect major macroeconomic variables such as unemployment and inflation. 1,725 more words


Summary of Shadow Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recommendations

Archive of shadow Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recommendations

The table below sets out the latest and all previous “shadow” MPC recommendations.

This is intended to make it easier for the reader to compare differences between Bank of England MPC decisions and “shadow” MPC recommendations, and the subsequent inflation outturns against target. 165 more words


Conspiracy Theory: Donald Trump, the Puppetmaster

Months and months ago, while Steven and I were in the kitchen we started to have a heated discussion about Donald Trump. This was around the time he first announced he was running for President (again). 376 more words