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Is UK inflation rising or falling?

Today brings UK inflation data in to focus but before we get there we have received almost a message from the past from Nigeria. What I mean by that is that the inflation rate of 15.37% it has just reported for December is a reminder of past problems in the UK. 1,403 more words

General Economics

Farmers selling cheap, so why do fruits and veggies cost you a bomb?

Foodgrain production in 2016-17 is estimated at 276 million tonnes and in 2017-18 it is targeted at 275 million tonnes

As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley gets down to finalise his… 287 more words


GRAPH: Venezuela Price Inflation Hits A Staggering 5,067%

The people in Venezuela are suffering and the practice of money printing via socialism is to blame. 7 more words


Cautions When Using PPI Inputs to Construction!

The Producer Price Index (PPI) for material inputs to construction gives us an indication whether costs for material inputs are going up or down. The PPI tracks producers’ cost to produce the product and supply finished products to retailers or contractors. 725 more words

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How to invest when inflation picks up

I recently got back from an industry conference and my main takeaway was that 2018 could be the year of inflation. What does that mean and how should we position our portfolios? 959 more words

Market Analysis

Venezuela: A country in meltdown

Venezuela’s inflation rate is already the highest in the world but is set for a new record. Even in the capital, people are struggling to afford basic goods and services on incomes once regarded as more than adequate. 1,015 more words

Nicolas Maduro

Real interest rates: Is your money losing value?

You can’t go wrong with keeping your cash with a bank, right? Keep your money going in the bank and you know its safe, you may even earn some interest, but will your money be worth as much this time next year? 586 more words