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let's harmonize

maybe if you loved
a little harder and i
loved a little smarter,
maybe we wouldn’t have
to sit down so seriously
and talk about such… 91 more words


city day

In an amazing mood today✨
What are you currently reading?📚 I’m going to splurge on some books this weekend–I would love some recommendations


not enough

i wrote you out of my
life because you were
a danger to my self-esteem,
my vibes, my energy, and
goddamn, even my teeth.
so many nights i bit down… 16 more words


Floral optimism

Floral optimism. Photo pokeweed flower inflorescence, Finca Cantaros, San Vito, Costa Rica.

If viewing this in an email, click on the image to open it at higher resolution in your browser. 73 more words

so lonely

do you ever feel so lonely
that even crying seems
pointless? why waste tears
for an audience of one? what’s
the point in wallowing in… 61 more words



forgotten; distilled air,
we flowers know despair
by another name,
another face,
another boy who
tends to a garden
of games. alcaldes
to the winner; does it… 80 more words


more coming soon

I am currently woking on my second poetry book. More is coming; look out for some poems coming this way.

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when i imagined you, i made you taller, broader, louder. 68 more words