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New edition avaliable

Hi there!

I have been working on making a new edition for inflorescence and it is finally available.

It’s a little smaller and cheaper <3… 19 more words



After my post about the Snake’s Head Fritillary, I thought I might show you another flower that changes a fair bit once it is done flowering. 178 more words



The arrangement of flower on floral axis is called inflorescence.

Racemose – In this type of inflorescence the main axis continues to grow and does not terminate in a flower and give off flower laterally in acropetal manner where old flowers are arranged toward base and young flowers are at tip. 848 more words


my children <3

my children💕 i learned a lot about the publishing process through inflorescence and because of that, i made sure my next project might-bloomer was perfect🌸 inflorescence is a timeline of my life- memories and stories that needed be told as a cathartic process, night-bloomer is an uncensored peak into my present conciliatory and the trails i deal with regularly. 149 more words


Palm sheave

Palm sheave. Photo of palm inflorescence, Finca Cantaros, San Vito, Costa Rica.

If viewing this in an email, click on the image to open it at higher resolution in your browser. 73 more words