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Should You Enforce All Policies and Procedures?

Some managers consistently enforce policies and procedures; some frequently make exceptions.  Which is more effective?


Do You Implement Policy or Make Exceptions? 

Employee A (talking to friends at coffee):  … 285 more words

New Leader


Nothing impure will ever enter it , …. but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.             Revelation 21:27

The title of this reflection comes from my 11 year old grandson, Luke, who put this on his soccer jersey.  521 more words


Stories of Impact—Food Pantry

“Be careful, then, how you listen; because those who have something will be given more, but whoever has nothing will have taken away from them even the little they think they have.” … 224 more words

A VERY LOVELY STORY- The reciprocity of love.

A very poor man lived with his wife whose
hair was so long it touched the waist. One day the wife asked her
husband to buy her a comb for her long hair so that it can continue to… 169 more words


What Are You Thinking? It Has Never Been Done Before

Arnold’s 4th rule of success: Don’t Listen To The Naysayers

Political correctness in success

Several people along my career have told me that I needed to be more politically correct in order to succeed. 433 more words


How to Get Your Partner into a Healthy Lifestyle

They say that you become the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. So shouldn’t it make sense that the one closest to you embodies your values, lifestyle and have similar fitness goals? 793 more words

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