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Why do Women Incite Others to Emote?

Women are naturally drawn to create emotional responses in others. Will they choose to use this skill for the good of their relationships, or for their own destructive, egotistical self-centeredness? 1,888 more words

Models Of Success

How Influential Was Twin Peaks?

“Because let’s be clear: Without Twin Peaks, and its big-bang expansion of the possibilities of television, half your favorite shows wouldn’t exist.”

Twin Peaks is the Ghengis Khan of television. 233 more words

Twin Peaks


“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.” – Sophia Bush

I don’t know how many times I’ve read about how you should feel comfortable in your own body, how you should appreciate your flaws and embrace them, how we’re all not perfect and we don’t need to be. 707 more words

Being Real

Look No Further!

Are you looking at me? I know sometimes you’re just looking for a shoulder to lean on. Don’t ever be scared, forever lean on me. Maybe you’re just looking for me to display true strength, of character, and not just to be a character; can I still be your hero? 342 more words


Greater Things

We don’t always realize the impact we have on others. Sometimes our impact is good, sometimes bad, but there can’t really exist a neutral, or else it wouldn’t be impact. 367 more words


The Classroom Management Secret: Strategy 18

Strategy 18 – Why You Need to Draw a Line in the Sand With Difficult Students

Book Review

If you want....

If you want to be the best leader you can possibly be, no matter how much or how little natural leadership talent you possess, you need to become a serving leader

– John C. Maxwell