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Free Post Thursday - Good Night!

It’s about 10.20pm and I’ve just got in from my writing group. It was a bit of an odd evening, but it was a good night. 149 more words

Influence and Impact-Avoiding Driving Yourself Nuts

Within the past week more than a couple of friends have voiced their frustrations, and that has always been worrisome to me. I’ve lost friends due to the ultimate acting out on frustration that had grown into hopelessness when nobody was looking, self included. 805 more words

The Greater Good

Our God Is …..

THE HOLY BIBLE – 25 To the faithful you show yourself faithful; to those with integrity you show integrity. 26 To the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd. 936 more words


five ways to get ahead with writing

  1. Collaborate with someone else. While writing with someone else you can see how your writing interacts with theirs, and what your writing lacks compared to theirs, which could give you insight on how to make your writing better.
  2. 298 more words

4 ways to navigate change in ministry

During the polar vortex 2 winters ago I realized (right before bed time) that I had to pull my car in the drive way so I didn’t get a ticket. 568 more words



“We are not called to reflect our culture; we are commissioned to transform it…Christians are not subservient to the world because God has assigned us the highest level of authority.”  From “Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle,” by Kris Vallotton, copyright 2007. 430 more words


Blue Moon, New Moon & Big Star

A little music and then off to bed.

Here’s Elliott Smith playing Thirteen, a Big Star cover, off his release New Moon:

A little crowd banter from one of his shows: 188 more words

Elliott Smith