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The Bernie Sanders Media Network is Doing Well

An encouraging sign that issues of real importance are gaining more attention, especially considering the outsized influence corporate mass media still has in promoting nonsensical trivialities. 550 more words


My Cup!

My cup is full, but yet so empty; how could that even be? My heart is open, pour within; fill my cup. Fill it up, let my heart overflow. 310 more words



Investigate a life, and you will find

the fingerprints of friends.


Tired of being the leader?

How do we lead when we don’t feel like it?  Do we have to be ready to lead, all the time?  Can’t I take a break? 533 more words


Pulled Over for a DUI

Many moons ago, I was pulled over for driving under the influence. It was the wee hours of the morning, I was returning from an early morning shift, my car was weaving the lanes on 75, the W, and a police car was quick to flag me down (kudos on their prompt response). 554 more words

Christian Life

Thought Flash

I had a ‘thought flash’ the other day which got me thinking about my youth and possible influences I was exposed to without really searching them out. 374 more words

Ponderings : Back And Forth

By Faith!

By faith walls will fall, seas will part. By faith mountains will move, giants will be slain. All you need is just a little, let your faith rise; from the inside! 88 more words