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Andrew Corbett challenges…

From a young age we are conditioned to look to someone for approval. 1,194 more words


How To Develop Supernatural Patience - (Video/Text)

Patience is not just the ability to wait.
It’s a fruit of the Spirit, engulfed in love, able to wait without a negative response, knowing God is good, in control, and means to make all things work for the good. 342 more words


How To Turn a Spark Into a Bonfire

One of the greatest challenges in any creative field is starting the work. You face a blank canvas or an empty sequencer, intimidated by negative space. 1,043 more words


I am interested in people...

A friend once said to me, ‘you need to take an interest in people’, which is a curious thing to say especially as I make my… 259 more words


Four Steps to Speaking with Purpose and Influence

Or, Four Steps of Using Wisdom in Your Speech

The four steps are, Message, Audience, Effect, and Timing.


Before speaking, be it to an individual, a room of people, or the world, ask yourself, … 174 more words


That battle against our own selves.

When we feel that something is achievable and possible to accomplish but as we attempt to acquire it and fail , we think of  somethings while analyzing it and tell our selves the following things. 409 more words



Your mirror’s image

Says you look like you

But I’m not fooled

‘Cause I know you’ve split in two.

And as I release you back to the demons…

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