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Influenced Pt 1 - Influenced by Media

We are all influenced. This is a hard truth to deal with as I want to believe that I am my own person. I want to believe that the only influence I have in my life is God. 361 more words


How Your Brain Reacts To Emotional Information Is Influenced By Your Genes

Your genes may influence how sensitive you are to emotional information, according to new research by a neuroscientist. The study found that carriers of a certain genetic variation perceived positive and negative images more vividly, and had heightened activity in certain brain regions. 9 more words

Digital Marketing Influenced by Smartphone Activity

digital marketing strategy affected by mobile internet usage   Mobile has become a huge connector of consumers and business in the past two years. Today many people have the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the internet and even make enquiries regarding products. 41 more words

Some Songs Starting With 'Y'


There is something unique when members from death/extreme metal bands end up crafting retro sounding rock albums.

Sweden’s “The Night Flight Orchestra” featuring members of Soilwork and Arch Enemy are one such band. 898 more words


A Song for My Father

I never really “liked” my father; I’m not his baby boy. However, he’s changed his role recently due to the illness of my sister, his step daughter. 28 more words


Best Wishes

That’s a friend
Good advice
Thank you
For that advice
Keep that blessing
Close to heart
Enjoy that blessing
GOD work in mysterious ways
Wish for others what you wish for self… 78 more words



Men of Faith

By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house… 266 more words