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Thrash Musics Three M's. Metal, Metallica, Mustaine!!

According to “The Guardian”, Metallica is seen as a band that revolutionized the metal genre. According to “The Rolling Stone”, Metallica are kings at everything they do. 666 more words


Walk Wisely

I’ve had a pleasant hour browsing through the blogs that arrived in my inbox today, catching up with the ones I didn’t read over the weekend cos of the busyness and a wander around some other places. 414 more words


What If Led Zeppelin Decided To Start Taking Bands To Court for Copying Them?

The “Stairway To Heaven” case is the tip of the iceberg for cases like this.

Mark my words, Metallica (or the corporations who will own the Metallica copyrights in the years ahead) will be sued for plagiarism by the corporations and heirs of artists from the NWOBHM movement that Metallica used on their first three albums, and the California skate-punk band they ripped off for “Enter Sandman”. 778 more words


Motorhead - 1916

Hot Metal February 1991….

The below review of “1916” from Motorhead is by Darryl Mason who gave it Five Skulls out of Five Skulls.  It appeared in the Hot Metal February 1991 issue. 1,345 more words


How To Save On Your Household Budget

The household budget is generally influenced by a lot of things in just living. Things like vehicle problems, car dies on the side of theroute, health care information and treatment, senior care official situations, planning retirement, how to invest in property and other things, tips on how to buy a car or even property for your situation

Lonely or influenced? :-

I’m out of the red flag battlefield.

Yet ever since last weekend, this feeling is lingering. I don’t know. I feel like I need time alone. 613 more words

A Little Bit More Of A Little Ain't Enough

A Little Ain’t Enough is the third studio album by David Lee Roth, released in January 1991 through Warner Music Group.

It was certified gold on April 11, 1991 and by 1996, it was out of print. 1,129 more words