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I’ve got a lot of time for Volbeat. For any aspiring artist who believes all they need to do is write a song and everyone will love it, read no further. 720 more words


Writing A Riff Is A Combination Of What We Have Heard Before

Have a drink for creativity.

Even if we think our favourites are original, trust me, they are not. For an artist to create music, they need to hear music. 465 more words


Spotify's New Metal Tracks

I thought I would try out Spotify’s “New Metal Tracks” discovery feature as I was in the mood to sample something different as I was getting the shits with Spotify’s recommendations algorithm. 453 more words


Dee's word to go by

Don’t change for people to like you, be yourself so that the right people will look for you.
Perception may not be dictated but influenced. 8 more words

The Whole Damn Thing Has Turned To Dust

Tremonti windowed the release of “Dust” and kept it from Spotify for 4 weeks. This windowing process denies Spotify Premium fans a chance to listen to it. 1,350 more words


Unique creation

Our Lord, how wonderful He is. He continually blesses us with all that we need.

How unfortunate it is, that the world continually attempts to warp the word of God such that it serves our selfish, fleshly selves, instead of us serving God in all the glory due to Him. 402 more words

Machine Head - Is Anybody Out There?

It blows me away the amount of negativity towards Machine Head.

Just reading a comments thread to anything Machine Head related and you get the usual comments like; 860 more words