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Being Easily Influenced

If somebody asked me to describe myself, I feel completely blank. I tend to describe myself in terms of what I do – I m a mother, I go to work, I work on mental health issues, I don t socialise. 63 more words

Has Working with A Bad Carpeting Cleaner Truly Influenced Your Life? Repair It.

At some time in every house owner s life, they will certainly require their carpets cleaned. From taking spills, to gathering dirt over time, carpets will certainly end up being duller, darker, and dirtier. 142 more words

Chuck Close MCA Sydney | TRAVEL

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney is currently playing host to the largest collection of Chuck Close’s work ever shown in the Southern Hemisphere. 234 more words


What is You, is You

In the world that we live in today everyone has their own different language that they write and talk in and believe is “correct literacy.” It may come from their parents, schoolteacher’s or just hearing the way people in their hometown speak. 443 more words


Building Models

I love to build models and I am a member of a bunch of model building groups on Facebook. It’s a great hobby, usually very relaxing, but there are times were trying to get those tiny little pieces to fit together can be more than a little maddening. 20 more words


Keith Olsen

I been listening to a few albums from the Eighties/early Nineties lately and of course every time I looked at the credits, Keith Olsen was the producer. 1,049 more words



Anyone heard Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”. I know it’s not a rock or metal song, however since July last year, thousands of YouTube clips came up where YouTube users mashed up “Stay With Me” with Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” that was a co-write with Jeff Lynne from ELO and released back in 1989. 415 more words