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A Life's Shadow Hangs

When is inspiration/influence just that and when is inspiration/influence copying?

“Hallowed Be Thy Name” has six lines similar to “Life’s Shadow” from Beckett.

Mark my words my soul lives on… 728 more words


Top 5 Books with non-western settings

Happy Hump Day! (whop whop) Today’s topic is books that aren’t set in or inspired by western influence. So nothing set in the US, nothing inspired by medieval Europe (so… a lot of fantasy with traditional monarchies, etc). 975 more words


How *Star Wars* Influenced Funk and Disco, in 7 Songs | Pitchfork

(Source: pitchfork.com)

In 1973, four years before the release of Stars Wars, Darth Vader met a droid. Or, to be precise, James Earl Jones met… 1,216 more words


Michael Poulsen

We all come from different bands, mainly death metal bands and punk bands. So we’ve been in the scene for many years since the ’90s. I released my first demo with my first death metal band in 1991 or something. 1,229 more words


5 Authors in 5 Days & How They've Inspired Me: #2 Lori Wick

 Lori Wick, was the romance author of my youth… I have to say that I actually hesitated to list Ms. Wick as an author I wanted to write about because I have such mixed feelings about her books today. 448 more words


Progress Is Derivative 3


Good artists copy, great artists steal is the saying. We can paraphrase it to “Good artists try to sound original by hiding their influences”, while “great artists let their influences show”. 735 more words


Progress Is Derivative - One Riff To Rule Them All

Spotify Playlist

Remember “Progress Is Derivative” means to take the best things of what has come before and merge it all together to come up with something new. 717 more words