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Nov 9, 1985

I follow Circus Magazine on Twitter. Every day they mention hard rock or metal albums that came out on the same day. And back on Nov 9, 1985, the following albums came out; 1,779 more words


It's 10 A.M. Do You Know How Many Bots Have Influenced You Today?

(Source: www.inc.com)

One day a few months ago, a “suggested friend” showed up on my Facebook news feed: my old college roommate, a good friend named Paul. 1,741 more words

Money Matters


This Is War – Audrey Horne

My favourite supergroup of extreme metallers (along with “The Night Flight Orchestra”) is back with a new album that brings back memories of the Seventies and Eighties. 858 more words


RD Friday

There is a saying “Just because you can make it, doesn’t mean anybody cares”. And with music these days, there are so many artists creating, how do they make people care. 916 more words


Diary Of A Madman

Back in the 80’s, I remember when songs of the 60’s and early 70’s used to come on the radio and I used to say, “really, play something more current.” 1,241 more words


Whitesnake 30th Anniversary 

I’ve been listening to the 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the 1987 self-titled album from Whitesnake since it hit Spotify on Friday.

The whole deluxe version is available for streaming, so kudos to David Coverdale for not punishing Whitesnake fans who prefer to stream. 1,155 more words


This post is all about what person, place, or thing that has influenced me positively or negatively in my life. It is hard to choose just one influence since every day I am influenced by the things surrounding me. 236 more words