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Iain Sinclair: The House Of The Last London

Poets know that such power a they have is soon absorbed by the fetishised objects that surround them. Relics are the true autobiography.
Iain Sinclair, … 470 more words


Leaves of Dwindor.

A leaf stood and left all dead leaves, then it ran with the wind. . .

and sang,

lets do the north where the air bleeds, 50 more words


A path into of that.

In the clearing of that path,

winded down at last,

at my foot which i took

left to right

while i hummed a good tune by my side. 88 more words


Further Contemporary Colonial Painters

Looking at painters who lived during the 1600s-1900s who saw the expansion of the British (and European) colonies and our imperialist ambitions has been very interesting. 138 more words


V&A Museum Trip

As part of my exploration into Victoriana and colonialism, I headed off to the V&A museum in London, as I figured it still stands as a quintessential example of an institution¬†with history rich with imperialism, conquest and the idea of the ‘other’. 115 more words


Why I Write Fantasy: Honouring Influences Without Being a Slave to Them.

I think many writers spend some time forging their own writing identity: the what it is they want to write, and how they wish to present it to others. 800 more words


Inspiring Leadership

Last Saturday evening, we had a great time organizing a special event at our university. The audience loved everything about the event- the talk given by the special guest, the music, the delicious food, the way how everything was organized and the teamwork. 272 more words