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Retro isn't just a fad

Naturally, as a history teacher I think that we sometimes need to look into the past in order to find what we need today…or at least to get us thinking in a new direction. 45 more words


A Writer's Library

A writer’s library is one of their most valuable tools. One of the best ways to learn to write well, is to read. Reading exercises your brain and allows your imagination to grow and develop. 292 more words


Sunday Snuggles #8

Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out. 

Starting this Sunday Snuggles right away with a special quote. You might have seen this quote before, …

456 more words
Anne De Leeuw

The Best Writers Are Onion Peelers by MICHAEL GROTHAUS


Author of: EPIPHANY JONES (2016)

On the web: www.michaelgrothaus.com

On Twitter: @michaelgrothaus

Epiphany Jones, I’ve been told, is hard to categorize. When I ask people who have read it what kind of book they think it is they’ve replied “psychological thriller”, “literary fiction”, “crime”, “social satire”, “dark comedy”, “transgressive fiction”, and “a redemption story”. 670 more words

Crime Fiction

When is The Lord of the Rings not The Lord of the Rings?

The short answer, of course, is when it’s not written by JRR Tolkien. Now I should make it clear that I am not talking about the movies in any way, we can all agree they are a perfectly valid adaptation of The Lord of the Rings’ books, Peter Jackson has the rights to prove it and everything. 962 more words


Practical Influences ~ Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio highlights the dark and scary places where a great deal of energy comes from. During this time you will feel very private, very secretive and will usually want to be alone, not doing well around others. 418 more words