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Pizza and Pencil

I recently enjoyed a rather rushed and very hedonistic weekend in Milan that featured much celebrating to mark a dear friend’s birthday (perhaps a little too much celebrating some might say!). 152 more words


Influences: Spooky Goth

It was the realization of the date that spurred us back into blogging action after so long. May 22nd. A lot of things to a lot of people, but to us darkly inclined Brits, it will always be World Goth Day. 613 more words


Jeremy Paillers


I absolutely love these! So creative, they are seem like pieces that depict horror films until you inspect them further.

Jeremy Paillers website for those interested.


Success and Modesty

Today’s post comes from our regular contributor David Etim, who is writing from Lagos, Nigeria. David provides deep insights that show us that modesty and success do not have to be opposite in our lives. 301 more words


Because I Used to Dream of Working for Mad Magazine

Some of you might be wondering, is there nothing more to your muse than sexual frustration and puerile fantasy? Yes. Occasionally I delve into humor and critical music theory. 571 more words


The Lunatics Who Built The Asylum

By Jennie Jarvis

This month, we are looking back at the writers who inspired us, and I have to admit… I’m starting to think I might be just a little bit crazy. 880 more words


Influences - Tim Burton

A few years ago I found myself looking at some sketches that Tim Burton had done for The Nightmare Before Christmas. I found the style delightful. 322 more words