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Flame Of Belief

Always a flicker of light, or flame of belief

keeping the passion of faith, soul relief

Day, night again, another day will glow

Whatever our daily lives, Holy Spirit in control… 10 more words

Child Of God, Person, Both Good And Bad, Never Know Which Is Next

Follow Your True Self

Have you ever wondered what that little voice is inside you that says, “That’s not a good idea” or “You should totally take this chance”?  Depending on how in tune with that voice you are, it might be so loud that you’re unable to ignore it or so soft that it’s a mere whisper that’s easy to ignore. 424 more words


Practical Influences ~ Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio brings a dark and mysterious energy which may seem a little scary to others. You will feel guarded and secretive about your emotions during this alignment and although your are committed and loyal in your dealings there will always be an element of mystery surrounding you where you won’t want to give everything away. 397 more words


The Whole Picture

I know a great deal is happening in the world today.  Attitudes are changing, some good, some not so good.

In this mash of over stimulation and feeding of opinion, from every form of media and friends, how do we get the whole picture?   717 more words

On Negative Societal Influences

I am still not sure why some members of society think that it is okay to sell out their souls and promote negative values to impressionable minds. 428 more words

The Magical Wonderful You That You Are!

Have you ever thought of yourself as magical? Go ahead, take a few minutes to do so.  You don’t know how? That’s okay, no worries.  I’ll show you. 449 more words


Influences On My Life: My Mother

Growing up my mother would always force me to see from other people, or things, perspectives. “How do you think that chair feels?” she would say whenever I kicked a chair. 167 more words