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Interview with Richard Benton from Loving Language

I wanted to let folks know that I was interviewed at the Krzysiek blog. I go into some of my background as a language learner, and I tell some of my favorite stories.


General Learning

RESEARCH - Influences - VOID

I had a lot of influences for VOID, however not all of them stuck.

My main one was Under the Skins soundtrack by Mica Levi, however there was a feature of Utopia’s soundtrack that I really liked, and that was the humming sound. 45 more words

Horror Influences

I have written about it before. I wrote a confession of my past, present, and future readings for Confessions of a Reviewer. I reviewed the… 587 more words


Have TV and movies shaped your image of God?

On this talk show:  Have movies and TV shaped your image of God?…plus, how to deal with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)…plus, what to do if you are easily distracted… 27 more words


The world of the starwalkers

In my novels, starwalker is the literal translation of the name the aliens call themselves. They are entirely space faring, and stop only long enough to strip a planet and move on.  362 more words


Friday's Thought - On Love, Light and Hope

(No quote today, just the video below.)

In my eyes, the most poignant expression of love, light and hope I’ve seen in the aftermath of the Paris attacks…


How I learned to influence people by eating vegetables.

Today, we have Emma to share with us how she has learnt to influence people via eating veggies. Now, a great deal of entrepreneurship is about making a difference to the world via seemingly small decisions in life. 681 more words